As expected.

Today was basically what I expected to happen. I laid in bed all day missing him. I checked my FB messages and emails constantly. My phone never left my side, because I was scared I would miss a call, e-mail, message, or a text. This is going to sound so cliche, but my heart, body, and mind doesn’t feel the same without him. I feel weak without him. I just miss his presence. I miss having him by my side.

I just want/need him home, but I know that that won’t happen for awhile. And wanting/needing him home for good won’t happen for several more years.

Here’s to the wait and to my blog being the only thing thay will keep me sane.

finally the prince finds his princess. the prince asks the princess for joining the ball. but she thinks she still wants to play around the garden (part 1). (i do love my prewedding photos, they make it comes true)