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Questions for Muns of Canon Muses

What is the biggest headcanon deviation from the canon material that you have incorporated into the way you write your muse? Why did you come up with it?

——This is a tough one because not a whole lot is known about Owen in terms of his backstory? All we know about him is that he’s an “American navyman”, the idea of him being a SEAL is based off of what is implied in canon and things that are mentioned in interviews, it’s never said outright that that is what he is. There’s a lot of wiggle room in terms of the character. 

The said, I guess I would have to say I’m not a big fan of the idea that he treats women as unequal or is overtly or purposefully sexist??? It doesn’t come up a whole lot in the film but the subtext is there. It’s not something I’m on board with and I try to play him as someone who treats everyone as an equally unless he knows them done something particularly heinous. 

He’s more likely to say things he doesn’t mean when he lets his anger get the better of him, such as when he makes remarks to Claire in the film about her choice of footwear and so on. When he offers to help her when they’re running from the Indominus in the old park, I chalk that up to his upbringing where his grandmother instilled some old fashioned ideals in him that often clash with the more feminist, single mother upbringing his mother gave him. 

Do you have any controversial headcanons that go against what is generally accepted by the fandom? Do you incorporate this into writing your muse or keep it to yourself?

——I don’t think so? I don’t know to be perfectly honest, the fandom’s too small nowadays to really say what would be considered “controversial”. I’ve got a couple of ones that might not be widely accepted though…? I guess…? Like…Owen hates being referred to as “daddy” by anyone other than his children, he doesn’t find that sexy or cute and “raptor daddy” just makes him cringe. That And I also headcannon, regardless of what the directors/screenwriters say, that Owen is the little shit who called raptors six foot turkeys because I like the continuity of it and that it gives him a connection to the original JP folks. 

I guess the only other thing would be the whole line about tequila…??? Fandoms have a habit of taking throw away or even ad libbed lines and blowing them out of proportion. Suddenly that’s the entire essence of the character or in this case, tequila must be Owen’s drink of choice and that’s all he drinks. I don’t buy that, I think it’s one of those things that was just a one of thing or was something to help him get through the date, it’s not his constant go to. 

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Have you ever heard of Jack Sparrow?

I’ve met a l-lot of Jacks, but no S-Sparrow that I know of. Am I to assume h-he’s a pirate? Doesn’t sound like any n-navyman to me. So… … Heavens, a-are you asking me about a c-criminal? I don’t know a t-thing!

As expected.

Today was basically what I expected to happen. I laid in bed all day missing him. I checked my FB messages and emails constantly. My phone never left my side, because I was scared I would miss a call, e-mail, message, or a text. This is going to sound so cliche, but my heart, body, and mind doesn’t feel the same without him. I feel weak without him. I just miss his presence. I miss having him by my side.

I just want/need him home, but I know that that won’t happen for awhile. And wanting/needing him home for good won’t happen for several more years.

Here’s to the wait and to my blog being the only thing thay will keep me sane.