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Flashback Friday

Usher’s Son, Navyid to Usher: “You Can’t Sing!”

As one of the celebrated male singers of his generation, Usher has entertained the world over with songs that range from tender ballads to anthemic club jams. However, there seems to be one person who isn’t impressed by Mr. Raymond’s classic R&B voice, his second son, Navyid. Yes, the then-three year old once told his father that his singing is not the business (3:36 mark). Usher then retorted by mentioning his Grammys (five of which are for best vocal performance) and other awards only to still be given the same comment by the little boy. Now granted, he wasn’t going to scold his son and school on him on his range, skill and technique but it was quite funny seeing him recount that um, ‘humbling’ experience he had with his son, lol.