rainsoakednhappy  asked:

my boyfriends in a miltary academy right now. im seventeen and its alreadymhard. He literally has his whole life planned out and obviously im apart of it but its annoying to know that we cant be together now and its only going to get worse when hes goes to annapolis... everyone says they knoew what im going through but they really dont and sometims itust becomes to much for me and makes me really upset.. i dont know how to handle it.. can you help me?

Open discussion ladies, give her some advice :)

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my chest is tight, i have a huge lump in my throat, i have an overwhelming urge to tell him i hate him..

i hate him for putting himself through this..

me through this..

us through this..

i don’t ever  want that call.

And yet at the same time i am so insanely proud of him. I will continue to love and support him through everything.

I love him with everything i have.