easy living wallpaper set

four different versions of the grungy striped wallpaper that came with city living.
there’s the basic wallpaper that has a white baseboard, another with the baseboard but also with a floral trim, a version with bricks, and last but not least some wainscoting from parenthood in both the ea white and navy (not pictured).

  • §4
  • base game compatible
  • 21 various eversims swatches


credit: eversims palettes and remisims: photoshop actions


So, after 10 months of planning, filming, and editing, I’m finally ready to unveil my documentary short film on Constructed Languages called “Conlangs”. I hope y'all enjoy it!

Including appearances and work by:
and many more!

valentine’s day

lentine’s day

ntine’s day

e’s day




D͢A͝W̫͕̰̩͔̩N̴̹̹͈ ̴̥̱̖̼O̳͎F͜ ͏͉͔̦͚̪̼T̠͖̹͇̱͡H͍̭͍̤͜E̶̬̫̻ ͔̬͠F͖͍̪̦̠Ḭ̜͓͔̬̞̱N̤A͉̙̞̰͕̟L͕̩̠̱͔͎͢ D͖̯̺A̮̪̠̱̙͠Y,̺͞ ̮̘̦̟͕̪͈_̪͟2̳͕̼͡4̻̬̣̙̻̹ͅ ͝H͎̱͕̟O̧Ṵ̵̹̪͎̗͎R̻̜̟̟̩̬ͅS̷̹̦̺͈ ̡͔R̺͚̻̙E̶M͉̼̤̬̫̲͕A̧͍Ḭ͇̬N̙͎̱̻̦


Hello everyone !!

Welcome to Matoya’s Cave.

This is some of the things that I have made for my Etsy shop. If you like what you see go and take a look around. If you want to see updates and new things I will add follow me on Instagram.



Yayyyy, now our simmies can protect their beautiful hair at night or even when they run errands and they know they shouldn’t be wearing their satin cap, but they don’t care lol.

This bonnet comes in 3 colors: purple, leopard print, and navy (all tested in game). In the download there are two types: 

One you can use hair with: I would not recommend any medium/long hair because it will stick out (this is an edited beanie). If you want to use hair, use a short one that has nice bangs or use baby hair (as seen in the picture above)

Or one that covers hair with no work from you: meaning you put the bonnet on your sim and when they shower or change clothes, etc .. they won’t be bald lol. 

I believe this is not base game compatible so you will need Get To Work and/or Spa Day (depending on which one you download).

Also here is an unedited in game shot .. so you know how it looks

I’m really happy with how it turned out .. I honestly lost count of the number of hats I tried to edit and mess around with and finally it worked. I hope you all enjoy!!


**note** you MIGHT have to adjust your sim’s ears