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what's your favorite color? I like your blue tones in your living room.

My favorite color is pink, but I would never use pink as a color in my apartment. I love blue and white as a color combination, but as my Mom told me, if you literally use the same colors and print in every room, you get sick of blue and white. My Mom has been helping me decorate, as she has a background in interior design, and has more experience when it comes to decorating than I do.  I started off with the blue Ikat design chair and accumulated furniture and decorations from there. I have blue and white in every room, but in my living room, I have blues, silvers, beige, and white. In my bedroom, I have coral, royal blue, white, and silver accents. In my bathroom, I have aqua, navy, and silver decorations. 

Thanks for the compliment on the apartment. My Mom and I have worked really hard to get it so nice. I found more artwork today, which I’m excited to put up as I start framing more posters and pictures! I want a wall of black and white pictures in my living room, or the hallway. 

1. Spell your name in song
S- Sea of Love by Cat Power
H- Haruka Kanata by AKFG
E- El Serrucho by Mr. Black
R- Recognize by Partynextdoor
L- La Pistola y El Corazon by Los Lobos
Y- Yaphet Kotto by Childish Gambino
N- Novacane by Frank Ocean

2. Why did you choose your URL?
It’s a reference from scandal

3. Middle Name?

4. If you were a fictional being, what would you be?
Diane from Bojack Horseman

5. Favorite Color:

6. Favorite song:
Currently it’s hotline bling by Drake

7. Top 4 Fandoms

8. Why do you enjoy tumblr?
I like getting news here and I have friends here and also it boosts my confidence :)

9. Tag nine mutuals:
chilotero imissmarksloan moistbro lasso0ftruth lgnor grindbuster defamiliars ipickblue

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Why did you choose this URL?

Becuase my name means elf and I like to draw

What’s your middle name? Haugen

If you could own a fairytale pet, what would it be?

A pygmy dragon!

Favorite Color?

Aqua and navy blue

Fave song right now?


Top Three Fandoms?

Currently: MLP: FiM, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Gravity Falls

Why do you like tumblr?

Because I found many great friends there and I can ramble about cartoon and fictional characters with people. :3

List your ten of your favourite characters (one per fandom/series) and tag 10 people.

  • Ryou Bakura - Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Artemis Fowl II - Artemis Fowl
  • Nico Di Angelo - PJO/HOO
  • The tenth Doctor - Doctor Who
  • Mal - Total Drama
  • Discord - MLP: FiM
  • Bill Cipher - Gravity Falls
  • Garnet - Steven Universe
  • Russia - Hetalia
  • The Once-ler - The Lorax

I tag sorel-estia, candy-coated-monsters, joebob98, azteka-the-dragoness and popsicle-stick. 5 people is enough.

The unique design of the Jovani JVN31862 red halter cocktail dress commands attention. This jersey sweetheart sheath embraces a gorgeous jewel applique that rises to create a round halter neckline. The applique extends over the bodice to join the fabulously jeweled waistline. The fitted skirt finishes above the knee and needs no adornment. This dress is also available in navy and aqua.


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NICKNAME: Evelyn (girl name)

STAR SIGN: Cancer. Make a wish.

GENDER: Gender fluid/Female-ish/Androgynous-ish


HEIGHT: 5′6′‘

FAVOURITE COLOURS: Blue Grey, Sky Blue, Aqua/Turquoise, Navy


LAST THING I GOOGLED: How to spell Hamartia
FIRST THING TO COME TO MIND: impossibilities

HAPPY PLACE: By the sea

HOW MANY BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: No blankets, just sheets!

FAVOURITE BOOKS: The Sun Also Rises, Slaughter House Five, Catcher in the Rye.

FAVOURITE ARTISTS/BANDS: Vampire Weekend, of Montreal


DREAM JOB: novelist working quietly near the sea.