navy toms

A little while ago I asked you guys what TOMS I should get and majority said navy. So after much of a struggle to decide I did in fact get navy :) thanks for your help dearly beloved followers


In fact, I’m freakin’ pissed. I made these TOMS almost a year ago

I made them upon request for a friend. I was so extraordinarily proud of them because it was a moment of maturity and extreme self satisfaction in my art. Something I hadn’t felt often before. So needless to say, just the other day I saw this…

right here: 

She explains perfectly that she made these just a month and a half ago. So clearly she took my design. I hope this is a lesson to everyone that if you lie you will get caught. AND you should definitely not steal. I feel as if I’ve had a piece of my soul taken from me. Am I flattered that she liked my design? Yeah. But that is NO REASON to take it and call it your own. Other artists, I’m sure you can only imagine what I feel. Everyone else, I hope you can respect this and not steal from other people. It’s plain not cool. I would’ve been fine if she had explained where she got this idea. But she didn’t. She totally screwed up. And if you’re going to steal something  DO NOT put a Jesus fish on it. Don’t disgrace Jesus like that, He’s not cool with you stealing this either.

thinkin’ of navy TOMS instead of black or wine.  

little more neutral yet different from the slew of black sandals/flip flops and grey sneakers that I own

yes? no?