navy spots

Moo: *looking for props*

Delirious: *laughs* He’s so dumb!

Mini: He’s so lost!

Vanoss: He’s not dumb! Don’t call him dumb! Don’t be mean!

Moo: I have feelings you know!

Vanoss: Don’t be mean! This is actually a good spot. Don’t be a dick! Don’t be a dick, okay?

up in the air - part 2

read part one here!

pairing: tom holland x reader, featuring harrison osterfield

requested?: no

word count: 1536

summary: tom’s travelling back home to london with harrison, and he just so happens to be on the same flight as you. sometimes, you find love when you’re least expecting it.

author’s note: you guys are so great, thank you for the feedback! this story will hopefully have multiple parts, depending on how much you enjoy it (i’m thinking ten chapters?) but each one will almost be a story in itself :-) enjoyyy xox


despite having ordered your BLT sandwich without the tomato, you could see the shiny red flesh oozing out from between the bread slices as you carried your food back to the table where the two boys – sorry, tom and his friend – were sitting. you debated whether it would be better to suffer and eat it or risk looking like a fusspot and taking it out completely, but eventually decided that you’d rather look like an idiot than have to eat tomato. both of the boys raised their eyebrows as you dissected your dinner and tom coughed, trying not to laugh when you used the sandwich toothpick to remove every single tomato seed from the meal.

“that’s some nice work there,” he nodded through a mouthful of chicken schnitzel and you shrugged.

“i’ve had lots of practice. tomato’s like, one of my greatest fears.”

“wait, really?” the blue-eyed friend poked his fork at the limp removed pieces strewn across your napkin and looked up at you with a cheeky grin. “what are your others? what could possibly be worse than tomato?”

you grinned.

“okay, okay. uhh, clowns. spiders.”

tom shuddered. outside the food court windows, a plane backed out of the boarding zone and onto the strip for take-off.

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Yes, olivine, peridotite, and ringwoodite are all three found in meteors and asteroids! olivine seems to be particularly common, since olivine just needs the super-high heat to form, rather than heat AND pressure like peridotite, ringwoodite, and diamond. those kinds of temperatures occur all over the place in outer space, like meteor collisions, protostar formation disks, and planetary tectonics. the protostar formation disks in particular are important, because that explains how olivine ends up in comet trails. basically, if you’ve got enough heat and pressure to form an iron-nickel meteorite, and you’ve got enough of the right elements, you’ve got enough heat and pressure to form olivine!

you get ringwoodite by shoving olivine and water beneath around 14 gigapascals of pressure and set it to 800 degrees Celsius, which doesn’t really happen on smaller scales except for shock metamorphosis in instances where two olivine and water-bearing asteroids hit each other head-on. The presence of ringwoodite in the earth’s mantle means that it’s likely that there’s a LOT of water beneath the crust- up to three times the total surface amount, including the ice caps!


It’s a different kind of danger
too fast for f r e e d o m
these chains never leave me
I keep d r a g g i n g them around

                                                             (what you and I had made me f r e e)

What if Jem found the picture in Magnus’s loft?

This is a short fic I wrote a while ago and I thought I would share it with you all…

Jem wasn’t sure how much the vase was worth, but given that it was in Magnus’s loft, it was probably ancient and priceless. This fact, however, didn’t stop a curious baby warlock from reaching up with his chubby blue hands and reducing the green Chinese masterpiece to a pile of broken glass. Max Lightwood-Bane was now facing the consequences of his actions, his small navy fist spotted with blood.  

“Ah, little one, you must be careful what you play with,” Jem reached down and scooped Max into his arms. The poor boy was shaking in fear, his cheeks wet with tears and his eyes shocked from the loud sound the break had produced. “Shh, little one, you’ll be alright.”

Jem wandered into the bathroom and produced an unopened package of sparkly bandages from the medicine cabinet. He supposed the family had no need for them, given Magus’s abilities, but, alas, the couple was in Paris, enjoying a quiet weekend to themselves.

Jem carefully adjusted Max, who had quieted down some, and was now sniffling and rubbing his nose all over his uncle’s white sweater. He set Max on the counter next to the sink and put the bandage over the newly cleaned wound. Kneeling, Jem tossed the wrapper aside and held Max’s injured hand in his, kissing it softly. Max giggled and shook making Jem wonder how on earth this child ever rid himself of all this energy. Fortunately for the two of them, the whole affair had been fairly traumatic for the baby, and his eyes were slowly drooping.

Making his way to the bedroom, Max’s head against his wet shoulder, Jem hummed a tune he would have rather played on his violin. Unfortunately, he didn’t have it with him. Also, it would’ve been difficult to play with a small child clinging to one’s shoulder. So, Jem sang the only song on his mind at the moment; one that had been stuck in his head since 1878.

“Demon pox, oh demon pox 

Just how is it acquired?

One must go down to the bad part of town

Until one is very tired.

Demon pox, oh demon pox, I had it all along—

Not the pox, you foolish blocks,I mean this very song—

For I was right, and you were wrong.”

Jem was surprised to find that the words came back so easily to him; and consequently brought an easy slumber upon young blueberry. Carefully, he set Max into his stuffed-animal adorned bed and made his way out into the living room. He figured this was his chance to explore the place. Jem carefully padded through the rooms, taking special care as not to wake the baby. When he approached the first room, he meant to only take a quick look inside - after all, he had never been the snooping type - but something glimmering caught his eye. He pushed open the door further and saw the edge of a wooden trunk with a metal inlay sticking ever-so-slightly out of what could only be Magnus and Alec’s closet. Jem smiled at the arrangement of the thing; 75% sparkle and high-end designers, 15% shadowhunter gear, and 10% awful sweaters.

However uncomfortable he felt being in a place where he certainly was not invited, Jem could not help feeling drawn to the wooden trunk. It was impossible to resist.

The closer he got to the box, the heavier his shoes felt; the faster his heart beat. He couldn’t explain the feeling, but it pulled him into almost a run until he had yanked the trunk completely from where it was hidden within the closet. Looking at it intensely, Jem wasted no time in unlatching the metal clasps from their place - they had obviously not been moved in quite some time and were stiff to the touch - and flipping the lid up to reveal the contents.

Jem couldn’t breath.

His shoulder burned with a phantom pain. He tried to maintain focus on details, to tear his eyes away from the image, but nothing could move him. Despite his best wishes, his insisting to himself that there was no reason to be upset, he could feel a burning behind his eyes.

Staring up at him from the trunk was his parabatai, Will Herondale.

Jem made a choked sound unconsciously and raised a fist to his mouth to keep from waking the baby. Still crouched on the floor, he lowered himself into a seated position and shakily removed the old photograph from the box. Though the image was in black and white, the faces peering back at him appeared in full color. His parabatai’s head was framed in a light halo, no doubt the result of his inability to stand still. Of course, Will was no angel. This paradox managed to turn Jem’s choked sobs into rough laughter. He traced the other faces with his thumb: Charlotte, who had always been like a mother to him; Henry, though he was absent minded, his father; Jessamine, ill-tempered as she was, his sister all the same; and, of course, himself, when he had been sick. Finally, Jem’s fingers landed on Will once more, as if trying to pull the boy from the photograph and fill the void that was left inside him. It was the first time he had seen Will’s face that way in such a long time; the first time he was able to see Will as he was when their bond was not severed by the Silent City.

And, despite his best wishes, James Carstairs, broke at the sight of what he had lost. No wonder, he thought, Magnus keeps these things locked away in a trunk.

Vaguely, Jem heard the sound of a lock opening the front door.

“Tessa?” Jem asked hoarsely. “Tessa, is that you?”

“No,” He heard Alec call from the living area. Jem briefly worried about what Alec would think of him, in their bedroom going through their closet. If only he could move. “Jem?”

Alec opened the door to the bedroom and watched Jem curiously. There was no anger in his eyes - only compassion. “I see you’ve found Magnus’s collection.”

“I thought you were in Paris,” Jem cleared his throat, keeping his eyes from meeting Alec’s.

“We were,” Alec sat down next to Jem and spread his long legs in front of him. “But I realized that I had accidentally taken this,” Alec held out a small, yellow square of cloth and chuckled lightly. “Max loves his blanket.”

When Jem remained silent, Alec moved to take the picture from Jem’s willing hand and sighed loudly, “Herondales.”

The corner of Jem’s mouth went up slightly. He had spoken to Alec before, but only briefly, and had never truly noticed the thing they had most in common.

“Herondales,” Jem agreed.

“You know, I was really nervous about letting anyone babysit Max for an entire weekend, but when Magnus told me that you had volunteered… I couldn’t have been happier,” Alec returned the picture to Jem, who met Alec’s deep blue eyes, and was startled by the color for what felt like the millionth time.

“And why was that?” Jem supposed it couldn’t have been his experience. He had never had any of his own children.

“Because,” Alec tucked his knees into his chest, “You were parabatai to a Herondale; you know what it’s like to deal with someone who likes breaking things and has no impulse control.”

They laughed together and Jem felt a weight lift off his chest.

“I know why you’re really here,” Jem offered. Alec raised his eyebrows, then gestured to the yellow blanket.


“I remember the first time Will left baby James for a night out. He sent a distress call to the Silent City claiming that his ‘carriage was possessed by demons and could absolutely not be ridden in until it was investigated.’”

“And was it?” Alec smiled.

“No,” Jem laughed, recounting the pleasure on Will’s face when he ran into the institute and held his baby in his arms again. “He missed his son, that is all.”

Alec looked down at his hands. “It’s weird. I want to be with Magnus and all, but I feel… I don’t know, like Max couldn’t possibly get along without me and I need to be there with him all the time. Is that normal?”

Alec looked at Jem with imploring eyes. He was young, much younger than Jem, but much the same in the way he loved. “Of course it’s normal. Now, let’s go give your son his blanket.”

Jem reached down to put the picture back in the trunk when Alec stopped him. “Keep it.”

“Are you sure? ”

“Of course. I’m sure Magnus wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, everyone needs a family portrait in their house.”

-Ideas by Bridget and Ashley

anonymous asked:

Scenario (or headcanons if you prefer) where Kageyama's s/o is kidnapped by a rival group and how he gets her back? Thanks <3

With you he could see himself leading a life of normalcy, a stable job that didn’t force him to always check behind his back, a family pet, and perhaps a kid or two. Those were dreams, mindless fantasies that distracted him from the chaos in reality. The thought that it could all be stripped away from him was shoved into the farthest recesses of his mind until you were suddenly gone. He should have expected it, being involved with the mafia and acquiring enemies like he did. But the fact that it happened to him was an eye opener. 

When Daichi called him into his office that evening he knew there was something wrong; He never called him by his first name with such an expression of morbidity etched into it. He wasn’t even able to finish his sentence before Kageyama disappeared, door nearly hanging off its hinges from the force against it. He felt like he was suffocating, drowning in his own turmoil, never feeling more helpless and vulnerable until now. 

Days passed as Karasuno went into overdrive at Kageyama’s expense, searching high and low who could possible be responsible for taking his beloved. Most had suspected it was Aoba Johsai’s Oikawa Tooru considering that Kageyama had obtained his skills form the man only to betray him and join Karasuno. But upon closer inspection and interrogation of the lower ranks, he had nothing to do with it. In fact it wasn’t anyone of significance, just a scum looking to make money. 

Sugawara was excellent at his job as an informant, easily locating the shabby building where you were being held. Tanaka and Nishinoya’s squad had the area surrounded on the ground level while Tsukishima and himself took position on the rooftops. No matter what he saw or heard he had to stay calm unless the situation was to turn from bad to worse.

“Only shoot on my call, Kageyama. We don’t want that bastard to hurt ____ anymore than he already has.” Daichi’s authoritative voice called out over the ear piece, and the sniper felt his finger itch on the trigger at the mere thought of anyone putting their filthy hands on you. “Got it?”

“Yes sir.” He muttered through gritted teeth, peering through the scope. Nothing as of yet. He grew anxious at the wait, forcing Tsukishima to threaten to shoot his legs off. He would do it too.

It wasn’t until the sound of gunfire rang out from the ground did Kageyama snap at attention, body rigid as his eyes searched any sign of you. The doors to the building were blow open courtesy of Tanka before a haggard looking man limped from the building, a gunshot wound to the shoulder while he dragged a woman in front of him. It was you. His first instinct was to shoot the bastard, but Daichi’s orders resounded in his mind. Not yet.

The man was shouting something, a gun pointed at your temple as he held your body in front of him like a shield. “Fucking coward.” Kageyama growled, prepared to take the shot at a moments notice.

“Take it now!” 

Everything moved in a slow motion, finger putting pressure as he pulled the trigger, two shots making way to their target. One knocking the gun from his hand and the other making a hole in his chest. He watched with a saddened expression as you fell to the ground, terrified and shaking. He should have never involved himself with you, otherwise you wouldn’t have to deal with this. But he couldn’t focus on that, all he wanted was to take you into his arms and kiss the pain away.

You’d never felt more relieved than when you spotted familiar navy hues solely focused on you. If you weren’t in so much pain you’d have run into his open arms like a cliche in the movies. He was warm, your worries and fear melting away as his grip tightened, lips pressing into your forehead.

“I’m so sorry,” He whispered, hands threading through your hair. He was more upset with himself than anything. “This is all my fault. I promise to never let this happen to you again. Even if I have to distance myself I-”

You stopped his rambling by firmly taking his face into your hands, smiling through tears. “No, after all we’ve been through you’re not leaving me. This just means you’ll have to teach me self-defense after all.” Even now you somehow managed to make the situation light hearted.

Footsteps approached you, Kageyama glancing behind to meet Daichi’s stoned gaze. “The bastard is still alive. If you want, I’ll leave him to you for interrogation means.” There was something dangerous behind the boss’s eyes, one he was appreciative of.

The man was going to pay for everything he did to you, painfully slow. He would learn the true meaning of fear. If there was one thing to know, it was that Kageyama Tobio was not a force to be taken lightly. He’ll shoot you dead between the eyes before you comprehend that life is flashing before your eyes.


Items for Dirk Gently from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Yellow Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket x / Navy Blue Tie +White Spots x

White Button Down Shirt x / Dirk Pendant Necklace x

Possession and Pizza Cuff Bracelet x / Personalized Detective Keychain  x

For @queer-bot. I hope you like it! If you’d like anything changed just let us know!

~Mod Ernest

Twiheart- A Jasper Hale fic chapter 7

Chapter 7
When I woke up Jasper had already gone. I felt around my bed touching my sheets that were destroyed by the night of passion I had just endured. After a few minutes of re-living the events of last night I decided it was time to do my morning routine. I undressed and stepped into the shower having the hot water bead off of my body.

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Siren of the Seas // minxchester



Taylor Borelli had very humble, almost nonexistant, beginnings as an orphan from Italy who stowed away on a ship in hopes of somewhere to work. Because no one wanted to hire the small sickly girl from the village, thinking she would probably drop dead from the first sign of hard labor. When the captain of the ship found out, he was furious and was even prepared to throw her overboard to let her drown, but they were attacked and raided by pirates, who ended up saving the child from harm.

The captain of that crew, somehow, saw a lot of potential in her. There was a fire in her eyes that wouldn’t be tamed, and so he made it his mission to share his knowledge with her. He taught her how to cook and clean a ship, how to keep it properly maintained, how to keep a good relationship with the crew, how to scout for land and ships that promised valuable cargo. He taught her how to fire a canon, how to shoot a gun, how to fire a bow and arrow and how to duel with swords with the best of them. When she was fifteen, their crew had been overtaken by navy ships, and she was the only one to escape the officials aboard, thus avoiding her own death by hanging.

But that didn’t stop her. By the time she came back to the scene, she was twenty one and a pirate captain in her own right. She had her own ship and several fleets that were under her orders. Her crew were vastly talented in many things, wayward souls looking for a place to belong the way she had when she was younger, and they became a ragtag family. And she became a bit of a legend, known for taking over ships to steal valuables, but never sinking a ship unless she had no choice. She never spilled blood, she never took captives and she certainly didn’t leave the ones she stole from to starve on the seas, always leaving enough food and water for them to return to where they came from. And she sang songs, with a voice so lovely, that people who heard it compared it to sirens. Something otherworldly and beautiful.

One morning, just past dawn, she was wandering the deck checking over their supplies when her second in command called her over. Heading up the stairs, she reached the wheel, where Frank handed her the telescope and she peered through it to find what he had spotted; a navy ship, a good distance away, but easily recognizable and thus easy to overtake if the winds were on their sides.

“Should we give it a shot?” Frank asked. “It looks like it’s only been at sea about a week, if the sails are anything to go by.”

“And we do need more food,” his brother, Joe, said from the wheel, a little grin on his face.

Taylor through about it for a moment before she took the bright purple scarf from her neck and tied her hair back with it. “Give the orders,” she said. “And fly the Jolly Roger. We’re taking that ship.”

The orders were given, the crew cheered and as the sails were set down so the winds could catch them, their Jolly Roger flag was raised, a lavender colored material with a black skull and crossbones in the middle, the official Jolly Roger of the Phoenix. The one ship that always seemed to survive the fire.

Baby, She's a Wild Thing: Chapter One.


The world was a little fuzzy and on it’s side when Lydia woke up. The street lights made her room glow peach, the sounds outside still thrumming lively with music coming from underneath the floorboards. The air was humid, sticking to her skin and it smelled like summer - with ocean air and candyfloss making it sweet and suntan lotion lingering on her pillow.

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dreamyuniversestuff  asked:

prompt: oliver, felicity and a case of mistaken identity.

“Miss! Hey you, Miss! Excuse me!”

Felicity Smoak hurried on, ignoring the voice, and weaving in and out of the crowd. She had just six minutes to get in and out of Delaney’s office before he was due to make his way back.

“Miss!” the voice sounded loudly in her ear as she felt a tap to her shoulder. It seemed she hadn’t moved fast enough.

“Get rid of him, Felicity,” she heard Oliver muttered into her comm. Habitually, her gaze flickered over to where he was standing at the bar, clad in his only remaining tuxedo after losing his fortune, efficaciously distracting Delaney, clapping a hand on his back and catching her eye over his shoulder, giving her a subtle nod.

Quickly, turned on the spot, her navy dress swishing a little.

“Can I help you?” she asked politely, meeting the tall, dark-haired man’s gaze, her head tilted as she felt the precious seconds tick by.

As the man drank in her in, a flicker of appreciation registered in his features, before he flashed her a large smile.

“Are you Ms. Laurel Lance?” he asked, waiting patiently as she gaped at him.

“Uh, no. I’m not,” she replied, her brow furrowed in confusion, wondering why and how the hell this guy could ever mistake her for Laurel, but not having the time to find out.

“Oh,” his eyebrows rose in surprise, his tone and face apologetic before he stuck out his hand, “I’m Richard Grayson, so sorry for the mix-up.”

Felicity stared at his hand for a moment, before reaching out and shaking it quickly.

“That’s alright. If you’ll excuse me—”

“I didn’t catch your name,” Grayson interrupted, his fingers tightening around hers ever so slightly, preventing her from pulling away.

Felicity’s brow furrowed in confusion, increasingly aware of precious time being wasted.

“Um, it’s Felicity Smoak. So sorry to be rude, but I really have to—”

“Break into Edgar Delaney’s office? Yeah, I know,” Grayson cut across her nonchalantly, as if they were discussing the weather and not the fact that he seemed to know she was trying to expose Delaney for the human-trafficker he was.


“I just thought you’d want to know that what you’re looking for isn’t in his home office. He has a secondary location,” he finished, a smaller smile gracing his face, apparently pleased with himself.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Felicity replied, pulling her hand from his, her eyes darting around, trying to catch a glimpse of Oliver or Digg.

“Oh, no need to be alarmed Ms. Smoak. I won’t hurt you. And I’m sure Oliver has his eyes well-trained on me by now,” Grayson murmured, his blue-green orbs twinkling under the dim light of the ball-room.

“You never did know when you weren’t wanted, Dick,” Oliver’s voice suddenly sounded to Felicity’s left, he stepping close to her and gently laying a hand on the small of her back in reassurance.

How did he manage to sneak up behind her? The man was a frickin’ ninja.

“I go by Rick now, actually,” the other man deadpanned, his eyes locked with Oliver’s for a moment, before he turned his attention back to Felicity.

“No offense to the stunning Ms. Smoak here, but I thought you would have had taken Laurel to a fancy function like this…she apparently being the love of your life, and all.”

Felicity felt Oliver tense, his fingers flexing against her back.

“It’s been a long time since we last saw each other, Grayson,” he said in lieu of a direct response to that statement, finally meeting Felicity’s confused gaze.

“And how is it that you two know each other?” she asked, trepidation rising in her chest.

It was Grayson who stepped forward, dazzling smile still present on his admittedly-handsome face.

“Oh me and Oliver here go way back. We even have a…friend in common…Amanda Waller. You know her?”

A/N: I’ve been thinking about writing a Dick Grayson/Nightwing story for a while now and this prompt just helped me get it off the ground. Thanks so much dreamyuniversestuff! I may continue this :)

I also changed Dick to Rick because I have the mental maturity of a twelve year old. 

An Aerial View of Anish Kapoor’s Reflective ‘Cloud Gate’ Sculpture

Photographer Gray Malin was recently in Chicago where he shot a number of amazing aerial photos around the city including beaches, Navy Pier, and spots around Millenium Park. For some reason, even though it’s been on view for nearly 8 years now, I’ve never seen a photo of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate taken from directly above like this. It looks almost exactly like a small lake filled with Chicago’s skyline. 

One day in an empty classroom [WMatsui OS Fanfic]

Presousenkyou wMatsui smut(ish)…That doesn’t really have anything to do with the sousenkyou…And I’m not even sure if this is smut ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

Rena POV ll Jurina POV


I don’t know when it started. The moment I felt her warmth, I can’t get her out of my system anymore.  Her touch, her voice, her incredible scent, the things she does to me makes my boring world exciting. Before I know it, the innocent and pure girl mask I’ve been wearing for so long started falling apart and it never felt so good.

I don’t know when it started. The moment I wanted to feel her warmth, I can’t get her out of my system anymore.  When I touch her, the voice she makes, her incredible scent, the things she does that makes my boring world exciting. Before I know it, the innocent and pure girl mask I’ve been wearing for so long started falling apart and it never felt so good.


I opened the sliding door of our empty classroom just after getting back from the teacher’s office after getting some class reports done. I step foot on that silent room and lazily searched for my bag. 

I saw her walking towards our empty classroom and instantly my heart raced. In my hand is her white handkerchief that I’ve been smelling for some time now. As perverted as it may sound, I’ve been wanting to do things together with her. The girl who shared the last name as me. Matsui Rena.

I panicked but felt excited. The thought of us being alone together in this empty room sounded so tempting but, the thought of having this one-sided love kinda hurts. I decided to hide inside the little locker where I could surprisingly fit in. I covered my mouth with both hands to avoid making a sound, but the scent of the handkerchief turns me on so bad.

I spotted my navy school bag and somehow I felt like something was not right. I looked inside my bag and saw something missing. 

‘Where’s my handkerchief?’

That handkerchief was made by my mom. So you can say it has a sentimental value to me. I searched the room. I bent and looked under tables and chairs when a certain seat right in the middle of the room piqued my interest. 

“This is where she sits. Where she laughs and makes jokes. Where she sleeps and make all those other cute actions.”

I giggled as I recalled her adorable sleeping face during our history class. The girl that makes going to school a lot more interesting. 


My fingers scanned the table as if imagining her being there. With a little bit of hesitation, I moved the chair and sat on it. I burried my blushing face and felt the cold table where her sweet cheeks also touches. 

“Ju…Jurina… I like you…I love you.”

I whispered with my eyes closed. Somehow it’s painful, not being able to tell it to her directly but with plain old me…it’s impossible.

I saw my angel looking for something…the handkerchief. 


I didn’t intend on keeping this handkerchief forever…okay it crossed my mind. But I really intend on giving it back after a few more minutes. 

She looks so adorable while looking for it and I had a hard time containing my giggles when she bends down and bumps her head lightly because of those darn tables. 


She stopped and danced her fingers at the table and pulled my chair. My heart is beating so loud I’m afraid she’ll hear it. What is she doing…

“Jurina..I love you…”

Her voice was barely audible. I think my ears were deceiving me at first but I when she spoke those words again, I know my prayer has been granted.


Jurina carefully opened the locker where she was and with light steps got nearer and nearer to Rena who was busy day dreaming to notice the presence behind her.

A soft cloth enveloped the older Matsui’s eyes. Rena slightly jumped from her sit and tried to remove the object covering her sight but stopped when a pair of soft hands caressed her skin.

“Who…who are you?!” She panicked

She felt a tight embrace that gave her an unimaginable warmth. Hot breath touched the nape of her milky neck and a loud thumping from someone’s chest pounded at her back.


Almost painful, Jurina’s hoarse and husky voice escaped her lips when she called her beloved’s name.


“Jurina…Please call me by my name Rena.”

The embraced suddenly got tighter when the younger Matsui kissed Rena’s tempting nape making the older one gasp. Jurina’s left hand locked itself on Rena’s waist, caressing it and feeling the girl’s perfect curve while her free hand travelled under the older one’s uniform, featherly touching her toned stomach.

The combination of Jurina’s skillful hands and hot kisses made Rena produce moans, that she didn’t know she could make.

“I like you too Matsui Rena…Or rather, I love you.” Jurina whispered her confession wholeheartedly as she nibbled and licked Rena’s hot ears. The older girl’s hands found Jurina’s strong arms and caressed it lovingly.

“Jurina…I love you too.”

The honest answer from Rena, made something triggered inside the yearning Jurina as she bit Rena’s neck, hard enough to leave a mark, but soft enough to pleasure the older girl. 

For a moment, Jurina left Rena’s back, making the older one a little bit disappointed and confused with the sudden loss of warmth but to her surprise, a weight suddenly placed itself on her lap. 

Long fingers removed the cloth covering Rena’s vision and caressed her smooth face. The girl squinted as she adjusted her vision to the blinding light. Right after she was able to adjust, Rena blushed tomato red when she met the eyes of the girl saddling on top of her.


Jurina commented. A smirk appeared on her face.


The younger girl captured the older one’s lips before Rena could make a comment. Their velvet pairs escalated from sweet innocent ones to hot ones. Their tongues accidentally touched and with that they just went with it. Moaning and breathing rhythmically. 

Once again, Jurina’s hands were under Rena’s uniform cupping the developed mounds circling her palm on her hard numbs and pinching it once in a while. Rena’s lewd moans aroused Jurina more and more. The younger one pressed the puddle between Rena’s hot thighs making the older one gasp. 


“You…don’t like it?” The younger one asked with a cute pout on her face. 

“I-it’s not like that…I mean…Isn’t it too fast?” Rena retorted with a caring voice.

“I…I see. I guess you’re right…S-sorry.”

Jurina slowly retreated her hands and got up from Rena. The older girl’s heart ached when she saw the disappointed face made by the younger girl so she grabbed her hand and slammed her lips with hers, pushing Jurina towards the teacher’s table. Her slender fingers cupped the Jurina’s cheeks and her free hand supported the girl’s back in order not to fall.

When they reached the table, Rena started unbuttoning Jurina’s uniform, and lifted her bra, exposing Jurina’s round breasts. 

“Rena…I thought…Ah!”

“I want to make you feel good too.”

Rena licked and bit Jurina’s nipples as her hand massaged Jurina’s thighs.

Their make up session ended abruptly, when they heard footsteps approach the empty room. They looked at each other and decided to fix themselves from their not so appropriate position before that someone finds out about their love making.

The two left the empty class room still in the state of arousal. They locked their hands together and with all her might, Rena tried to break the silence.

“My parents won’t be home for two days.” Rena suggested, blushing as she avoided Jurina’s hot gaze.

“Is it not too fast? Or… Do you actually like it fast.” Jurina teased seductively while hugging her girlfriend from the back.

“Fast…I-I mean…If you like it…Mou!” Rena pouted.

“Hahaha.I’ll call my mom now.” Jurina giggled as she dialed her mom’s phone number. After a few second, Jurina gave an okay sign to Rena who was smiled shyly.

“I’m happy.” The younger one spoke.


“Finally being able to have you by my side…I love you Rena.”

“Me too. After such a long time, I can finally say…I love you Jurina.”



someone’s getting something tonight

(」゜ロ゜)」<(BEST OF LUCK 48G!)

Jonnor Headcannon

Where did Connor get the nail polish when he painted his own nails to show Jude he supported him?

Did his mom happen to have the same exact shade? Unlikely.

Did his dad buy it for him? Highly doubt it.

So I have this image in my mind that while Connor is out shopping with one of his parents, he spots navy blue nail polish, and he just can’t help but to formulate a plan. Maybe while his mom/dad isn’t looking, he grabs it and runs over to the cashier lane, pulls out all his spare change, quickly pays and shoves it in his pocket. And the morning after, he tries to hurriedly paint them before his family is awake. This is taking forever to dry oh god. Once it dries he has to hide his hands from his dad all through out the drive to school. And don’t get him started on the stupid remarks that Jeremy keeps making during English class. 

But once he sees Jude’s eyes light up when he sees Connor’s matching nails at lunch, and when Jude’s little smile causes little butterflies to flit around in his own stomach, he knows it was all worth it. Because Jude is worth it.