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Bidding on the Avengers pt. Vision

f!reader x Vision

A/n: sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this series! 😧 I started a couple of new things recently! Plus I’m trying to be original for each part! Anyways here’s Vision!

Summary: Tony is hosting a charity auction in which all the Avengers participate to be auctioned off as dates. This is Vision’s date! (I think it turned out pretty darn cute and fluffy 😊)

Part 1

Part Thor

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The Marble Machine

((Not a prompt, just something I felt like writing based off of this video. (Y/F/N) stand for Your Full Name. This also takes place in the GTA!AU. -Mod Kim))

The Marble Machine

Michael Jones only took one day off of work every year. He never requested time off for if he was sick or injured or extra vacation days. Every year he would request a single day off and every year Geoff said yes without thinking much of it. But after five years of Michael being in Geoff’s crew and asking for the same day off every year Geoff is bound to get curious so when Michael came up to Geoff with the customary “time-off” form filled out, Geoff asked about it.

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