navy song


Day 16 // a song that you used to love but now you hate : Navy Blue - The Story So Far

it’s not really hate, I love this song but I hate how it brings up some specific memories and how it always pop up on my playlists whenever the moment begs for it it’s like it’s there to make me suffer lol but still this is such a good song 


Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Band performing “We Are! / We Go!”

i don’t even know how i found this but it’s beautiful and i’m crying

Recap from the live tweets:

they opened the concert in cages above the stage and basically: Taek is a stripper, Hakyeon had hair extensions, Ravi is wearing a demon mask and doing his new song, Ken had blue umbrellas, Hyuk sang with a band and took off his jacket, Hakyeon said the new concept is Hongbin’s idea, the new song is navi moments filled, blackout has body rolls/thrusting and crotch grabbing, zelos era rose again, and they all cried their eyes out thanking starlights.

the worst thing is when you have a song stuck in your head but you only know one line