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The signs as 'Legend of Zelda' characters.

Aries: Link

Taurus: Tingle

Gemini: Malo

Cancer: Navi

Leo: Ganondorf

Virgo: Zelda

Libra: Fi

Scorpio: Zant

Sagittarius: Malon

Capricorn: Skull kid

Aquarius: Midna

Pisces: Princess Ruto

Austria-Hungary Refuses to Break Diplomatic Relations with US

February 12 1917, Vienna–The resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare led to an almost-immediate break between the United States and Germany.  Ambassador Bernstorff in Washington was given his passports (and would ultimately leave on the 14th); Ambassador Gerard was effectively held prisoner in Berlin.  Americans working in relief agencies in Belgium and occupied France were told to leave immediately, their operations handed over to other neutral countries.  However, there was no similar break between Austria-Hungary and the United States.  Although the Austrian navy had eventually signed on to the decision, it changed little for them; the submarine campaign had never really stopped in the Mediterranean, unlike in the Atlantic.

On February 12, Emperor Charles explicitly refused to break off relations with the United States, despite being asked personally by Kaiser Wilhelm.  Charles still sought a negotiated peace, and knew that that would be exceedingly difficult without the United States.  At the same time, his brother-in-law, Prince Sixtus, was returning to Switzerland from meetings with French diplomats to discuss possible peace terms.

Simultaneously, some elements of the German Foreign Office were trying to mend the break with the United States, but they were told in no uncertain terms by Secretary Lansing on February 12 that the United States would not reestablish diplomatic relations until Germany ceased unrestricted submarine warfare.

Today in 1916: British Attack Near Kilimanjaro Repulsed
Today in 1915: Kitchener Shown “Clay-Kicking”

The Signs / Colors, & Some Words
  • Aries: Navy blue, you are the ocean that is drowning me but I can't notice because of all the beautiful things inside of you.
  • Taurus: Shinny Grey, you are warm, but there is only enough to keep one of us alive, and I'm not ready to die.
  • Gemini: Bruised Orange, your mask is starting to break and this skin is far too big for me, I thought you said we could hide forever?
  • Cancer: Pastel Pink, you are an abandoned home filled with ghost that some how followed me and are now haunting my daydreams.
  • Leo: Sea Foam Green, you are a car going 90 on a 30 street and I get motion sickness; there are stains in such awkward places.
  • Virgo: Burnt Gold, you are a car crash in slow motion, my love is in the passenger seat, you are always so cruel to me.
  • Libra: Suntan Brown, you are several miles away yet several miles far too close; I am half way out the door and you are watering the plants.
  • Scorpio: Brick Red, you are both the killer and the victim; I cannot help you clean up wounds that you refuse to let heal.
  • Sagittarius: Plum Purple, you are the darkness in a bedroom at 4 am and you are the silence the pillows listen to at 9 pm.
  • Capricorn: Liffey Taffy Yellow, we do not belong here and I understand that you are meant for greater things; I will not stop you, only let you grow away.
  • Aquarius: Snow White, there is innocence in your smile, but darkness in your touch; I am not fooled by your act of kindness. I know you will let my blood spill on your floor.
  • Pisces: Flat Black, you are a demon from my past, sone with bright eyes and a strong voice. I'm so sorry I never went to the funeral of our goodbye, you weren't meant for this.

shuu is a nice kid

Navy signs contract for 'Make in India' surface radar

New Delhi, Feb 17 (IANS) The Indian Navy on Friday signed a contract with Nova Integrated Systems Ltd. for procuring indigenously manufactured Surface Surveillance Radars (SSR), an official release said.

“This is the first contract concluded under the Buy and Make (Indian) Category, in line with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative,” a Defence Ministry statement said.

“This contract marks the entry of Indian private industry in production of hi-tech sensors for the Indian Navy,” it added.

Nova Integrated Systems Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Advanced System Ltd (TASL), would manufacture these radars in collaboration with Terma, Denmark.

As part of the Navy’s modernisation plan, these radars would also be installed on board the ships under construction.

The tender for the SSR was released by the Indian Navy in 2013 for 31 radars and one radar simulator for training purpose.

In the Buy and Make (Indian) category of defence procurement, the contractor is an Indian firm and the product should have 50 per cent of Indian content.

TASL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons, is the strategic aerospace and defence arm of the TATA Group with capabilities in missiles, drones, radars, aerospace and aero-structures.



Ensign Frank Andrew ‘Andy’ Jagger of Southampton, N.Y. describes a 'kill’ made over Rabaul, on the island of New Britain, to Lt. H.A. March of Washington, D.C. at Bougainville airstrip. The pilots are of VF-17 Squadron. February 1944.

(Nb. the VF-17 War Diary lists Jagger and March as making kills in January 1944 and nothing in February - (March x 2 Mitsubishi A6M Type 0 “Zekes” and Jagger x 1 'Zeke")

Mr, Jagger is the subject of this iconic World War II photograph depicting him, a Navy pilot and ensign at the time, recounting to fellow airmen his aerial combat victory over a Japanese pilot.
The 1944 photograph has been published in many major newspapers, magazines and history books, and it hangs in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. “By Navy estimates, this photo has been reprinted more often than any other photo of a Navy pilot,” a sign above the museum display reads.

He flew an F4U Corsair and became a member of the 'Jolly Rogers’ VF-17 squadron aboard the USS Bunker Hill aircraft carrier. The Jolly Rogers were later stationed in the Solomon Islands and became the top-scoring Navy fighter squadron at that time.
Andy Jagger was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and seven Air Medals.

In 1953 during the Korean War he served in Pensacola, Florida, where he once again trained Navy pilots.

He passed away at his home in Virginia Beach on December 26 2009 at the age of 91.

(Photo and caption: National Archives and Records Administration Still Pictures Unit. - 475024)