navy sign

The signs as 'Legend of Zelda' characters.

Aries: Link

Taurus: Tingle

Gemini: Malo

Cancer: Navi

Leo: Ganondorf

Virgo: Zelda

Libra: Fi

Scorpio: Zant

Sagittarius: Malon

Capricorn: Skull kid

Aquarius: Midna

Pisces: Princess Ruto

To My Countrymen All Over The World

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one for the road

my last piece of writing was about tom saying he misses you, and this one is about tom saying goodbye to you at the airport when he goes away to film civil war. werid, I apologise. you can all blame ‘one for the road’ by the artic monkeys for this short and shitty drabble/blurb thingy. but it’s something I’ve finished, so I might aswell post it!! as always, I’ll proofread when I’m dead!💓

You squint, the blue and bright white lights of the departure screen stinging your eyes, which were low with exhaustion and sadness. Tom had shook you awake at four that morning, shoving his last random bits into his grey plastic suitcase as he encouraged you to open your shut eyelids. The last time you had been awake that hour was last summer, on a Holland family holiday to the south of France, where you both watched the pink sunrise emerge from the soft sand beach, sharing chaste kisses and jokes. Back then you didn’t realise what you had, spending days in pastry cafes and playing on rubber rings in the pool with Tom’s brothers. You assumed this summer would be something somewhat similar, you weren’t expecting Dom and Niki to whisk you of abroad again, but you were hoping for the same relaxed, happy feeling you had experienced the year before. Instead, your summer was beginning with waving goodbye to your boyfriend and your best friend in the shiny departure lounge of Heathrow airport.

You cross your arms tighter over your chest, titling your neck, your lopsided ponytail moving atop your head. You were rather quiet, your plump lips, still slightly swollen from the long kisses you and Tom had shared that morning, jutted out like a sulking toddler.

You hear the click of a camera and you avert your eyes to Tom, who was holding up his phone towards you, gripping the back of his sticker covered phone case with his left hand. “That’s one for the road.” He says, turning his phone around so you could get a glimpse of the picture, you spotting yourself behind his terribly smashed phone screen.

Harrison giggles, using his lanky fingers to zoom in your pouty face. Tom chuckled along with him, adjusting the straps to his maroon coloured backpack and them shoving his phone back in its place in his hoodie pocket.

“You’re not going on the road.” You remark, ignoring the smile that was threatening to appear on your lips, from hearing the sound of your best friends giggles. “You’re going to Georgia.” The three of you had researched it so many times that you felt like you had actually been there, knowing the streets around the filming studio like the creases on the palm of your hand.

Tom sighs sympathetically, brushing a fluffy curl from out of his eye line. “One for Georgia then, my love.” He pulls up his sleeve and checks the silver watch on his wrist, “we’re going to have to go soon.”

You huff, leaning your head back onto the white painted wall, your head resting just under a navy blue ‘departure’ sign. You couldn’t keep him here any longer, you could see someone waiting for him by security, clearly in a rush to lead them to their fancy plane seats, where they would be greeted with champagne and an infinite amount of fluffy pillows and leg room.

You sprung up from the uncomfortably cold metal chair you were perched on, and went to squeeze Harrison into a bear hug, making sure to run your fingers through his perfectly gelled quiff he had sculpted in the bathroom mirror that morning, with his tongue poked between his lips in deep concentration. “I’ll miss ya, haz.”

Grinning proudly, you flung your arms around Tom’s neck, holding him so tightly that if you gripped anymore you were certain your bones would collide. Never before had you properly thought about the pain behind a goodbye hug. You had seen them in the romantic films you used to watch as a pre-teen, sitting in semi-circles with your friends as they all commented on how positively dreamy the male lead was, but they never seemed ridiculously sad, more cheesy than anything. Now you realised how depressing the real-life situation was, maybe, just maybe, if you held him tight enough he would stay home with you.

He rests his forehead against yours, you could feel the tickle of this apple scented fringe and his cold minty breath against your lips. He shuts his eyelids, still smiling so widely the sides of eyes crinkled up immensely. Even though his eyes weren’t visible, you could still remember them of by heart, like the brownie promise you learnt in primary school. How they had tiny flecks of gold in them, like a sprinkling of yellow toned pixie dust, and how they would turn the same colour as honey in the bright midday summer sunlight.

“Go. You’ve got to go.” Your eyes weren’t fully open, but if they were you were sure they would be greeted with the sight of the organiser tapping the face of his watch impatiently. “Go.” You whisper again, how much you wanted him to stay here with you, swaying side to side in a hug in this shiny lounge, you didn’t want him to get in trouble before he had even landed on United States soil.

He presses a last long kiss to your lips, “I love you. I love you. I love you.” He begins to walk away, his red trainers padding against the shiny floor, not letting go of your soft hand until only the ends of your fingertips were brushing together. “I’ll be back in no time.”

mattykinsel  asked:

So I'm Canadian n i wanna make sure I got this right: the civil war was about slavery but in a roundabout way both sides are correct but the anti confederate side is a bit more so.Because wasn't it about states rights, when the feds wanted to outlaw slavery and the state's were like like lol that's our job. So they fought over it but it was an awful hill to die on bc obvi slavery and rich folk who ran the state's (not everyone else) wanted to keep slavery. And nuance bc Lincoln was sketch too

Nah, it was pretty firmly about slavery and the expansion of it. The Confederate narrative about “state’s rights” is completely ahistorical. It only gained ground years after the war, when Jim Crow laws (laws specifically targeting black people) were getting passed all over the South. It’s part of a “lost cause” myth that was basically crafted from whole cloth to make neo-confederates feel better about themselves. Here’s a very basic rundown of what actually happened:

In the United States Constitution, slavery was explicitly protected and defended, but the slave trade was scheduled to be stopped in 1808. Some of the Constitution signers that were morally opposed to slavery thought it was a good enough compromise, and they figured that ending the slave trade would end slavery. The Southern plantation owners knew otherwise, since the slave population was large enough to replicate itself by that time (plus slave owners notoriously raped their own slaves and then enslaved their own children). So the Atlantic slave trade “officially” stopped in 1808, but slavery persisted, especially in the Southern States.

In 1820, the US congress passed a law called the “Missouri Compromise,” that basically said that for every new free state added to the Union, a slave state also had to be added. This persisted for a while, until you had a flood of new states and territories coming in after the (genocidal and expansionist) Mexican-American war, which ended in 1848.

Many northern white settlers wanted those new states and territories free of slavery, because they didn’t want to compete with plantation owners, and the abolitionist movement was gaining ground in the North. Southern states wanted the Missouri compromise to continue unabated. This resulted in the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854, which basically said that the people moving into the new territories get to decide whether or not those territories allow slavery. This resulted in bloody contests between free states and slave states sending people to the new territories in an attempt to vote them “free” or “slave,” resulting in events like what is called “Bleeding Kansas,” where tons of people killed each other over whether or not Kansas would be a free or slave state.

All of these events became marquee issues for the 1860 presidential election, which was ultimately won by Abraham Lincoln, who advocated for the entire newly acquired west to be free states and to stop the expansion of slavery entirely. He won the election without a single southern vote (in most cases, he didn’t even appear on the ballot in the south.) So after Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration, South Carolina seceded from the Union, followed by a bunch of other states, with the sole purpose of maintaining the expansion of slavery. (Remember - at this point, Abraham Lincoln only vowed to stop the expansion of slavery - he didn’t campaign on ending slavery all together. In his first inaugural address, he even says that the slave states are protected under the constitution and that slavery, where it exists, should be protected).

But Lincoln’s attempts to reunify by promising he’d protect slavery where it already existed weren’t good enough, because the Southern states didn’t think slavery could survive unless it expanded west. So that’s what started the Civil War. After 2 years of fighting ended in something of a stalemate, Lincoln realized that if he made the war about ENDING slavery all together, he would get a flood of newly freed slaves ready to fight for the Union. Many slaves had already done heroic and badass acts against the confederacy (like Robert Smalls, a slave that hijacked a confederate ship and sailed it behind Union lines and gave it to the Union navy), so Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 that said that any new state captured by the Union would become a free state automatically. This led to a bunch of new excitement on the ground for the Union, and tons of black people joined Union lines and fought for their own freedom. (the Emancipation Proclamation remains controversial, however, because there were still states loyal to the Union that maintained slavery (namely Maryland and West Viriginia), and the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free those slaves. It was a military strategy of Lincoln’s, not a moral statement, which makes it controversial).

In 1865, the Confederacy surrendered to the Union, and the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was passed, which finally outlawed chattel slavery in the United States (but noticeably not for prison labor, which is what makes this amendment so controversial today).  This started a period known as Reconstruction, where the North basically occupied the South militarily, and for the first time, black people could vote and run for political office. Many black people were elected into Congress during this time (including Robert Smalls). But the military occupation of the South turned a ton of white southerners off, and the KKK also started at this time as basically a militant anti-North rebellion force that terrorized black people and tried to get the US military out of the south. This came to a head in 1877, when Rutherford B. Hayes lost the popular vote in the presidential election, but neither candidate won enough electoral votes, and the opposing party, which didn’t have good enough representation in Congress, occupied the White House. This group promised Rutherford B. Hayes they would stand down and allow him to assume the office of the presidency if he promised to take the military out of the South, which he did, and that allowed for the KKK to basically take over the South.

During this time, tons of anti-black laws started getting passed all over the south, and a new myth about the Civil War started getting spread as well. The myth basically said that the war was actually about “state’s rights,” and that the south was trying to preserve their “heritage” from “northern aggression.” They avoided talking about slavery as much as possible. That myth still persists in the United States - but it’s total and complete bullshit. If you went back in time and asked a confederate general what he was fighting for, he’d say “the preservation of slavery” without blinking an eye. That’s just the historical facts.

Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Venus, Aquarius Mars, Libra Rising.

You are profound and complex by nature. You are emotional but keep your feelings hidden well, which leads you to being quiet, overthinking, and brooding. With Moon in Capricorn, you are serious and stable. You don’t let your emotions show or get out of control. You usually stay composed even if your feelings are boiling deep down which leads you to act in a cold or no-nonsense attitude. In love you are focused and intense. You are attracted to powerful, mysterious people and attract others to you like a magnet. You are passionate and transformative in relationships. You have a magnetic sex appeal bestowed upon you, it may be subtle, but it still resonates. With Mars in Aquarius, you seem to always be one step ahead of others. You bare a clever mind and good judge of character. Individuality and independence are very important to you. As a Libra rising, you come off as just, friendly, and harmonious. You believe in keeping the peace. Very attractive and popular.

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The Signs / Colors, & Some Words
  • Aries: Navy blue, you are the ocean that is drowning me but I can't notice because of all the beautiful things inside of you.
  • Taurus: Shinny Grey, you are warm, but there is only enough to keep one of us alive, and I'm not ready to die.
  • Gemini: Bruised Orange, your mask is starting to break and this skin is far too big for me, I thought you said we could hide forever?
  • Cancer: Pastel Pink, you are an abandoned home filled with ghost that some how followed me and are now haunting my daydreams.
  • Leo: Sea Foam Green, you are a car going 90 on a 30 street and I get motion sickness; there are stains in such awkward places.
  • Virgo: Burnt Gold, you are a car crash in slow motion, my love is in the passenger seat, you are always so cruel to me.
  • Libra: Suntan Brown, you are several miles away yet several miles far too close; I am half way out the door and you are watering the plants.
  • Scorpio: Brick Red, you are both the killer and the victim; I cannot help you clean up wounds that you refuse to let heal.
  • Sagittarius: Plum Purple, you are the darkness in a bedroom at 4 am and you are the silence the pillows listen to at 9 pm.
  • Capricorn: Liffey Taffy Yellow, we do not belong here and I understand that you are meant for greater things; I will not stop you, only let you grow away.
  • Aquarius: Snow White, there is innocence in your smile, but darkness in your touch; I am not fooled by your act of kindness. I know you will let my blood spill on your floor.
  • Pisces: Flat Black, you are a demon from my past, sone with bright eyes and a strong voice. I'm so sorry I never went to the funeral of our goodbye, you weren't meant for this.