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Caption: Dramatic rescue Firefighters rescue a family from a car dangling over a bridge after a fiery crash, Jan. 12, on Highway 101 near Buellton, Calif. The accident claimed the life of a truck driver.

A team of Navy Seabees happened to be passing by the scene, and the fire crew used a Seabees heavy forklift to stabilize the dangling car. A mother and her two daughters were taken to the hospital.

Mike Eliason / Santa Barbara News

They used this

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“Red Horse”

SSgt Paul Dwyer grading an area to expand the tarmac at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force base. 1972

Red Horse is an acronym for Rapid Emergency Deployment, Heavy Operations and Repair Squadron of Engineers. It is the Air Force’s equivalent to the Navy’s Seabees.

An Amazing Resue - Another Power at Work

On January 14, a semi-truck rear ended a BMW on a Santa Barbara highway.  Inside the vehicle was a mother and her two daughters, ages 10 and 6 months.  The mangled vehicle, partially over a guard rail, teetered between safety on the bridge or death by falling 100 feet below.  The Navy Seabees “happened” to be driving on the highway with an unusual fork-lift type of equipment that could support the BMW while firefighters could use the jaws of life to rescue the trapped family.  Coincidence? Luck? Synchronicity?  Or another power at work?  You decide.

Please click the video to watch the story of this amazing rescue.

Please keep the semi-truck driver (may he rest in peace) and his family in your prayers.  May God always bless the Navy Seabees, firefighters, police and the other unsung heroes of our armed and protective services.    

“PATROL ACTION – Three Marines take cover during a patrol activity in the vicinity of Hoi-Dong-Xa beach, Viet Nam. The Marine in the foreground is armed with the M-79 grenade launcher. Marines made a landing at Chu Lai, 53 miles Southeast of Da Nang, on 6-7 May to secure the area and provide security for Navy Seabees building a SATS airfield at Chu Lai.” [1965]