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Shoreline - Chapter 1/4

Olicity Navy Seal AU - rated M, for violence and sexy times.

Can a wounded Navy Seal find his way back to the living?

A/N: This is dedicated to all our warriors.


Chapter 1

Zero Dark Thirty, 50 miles from Mogadishu Somalia, the Horn of Africa.

Beads of sweat trickled down the center of Chief Petty Officer, Oliver Queen’s back as he and five members of his covert special forces Seal team crept stealthily through the outskirts of the urban town.  Night vision goggles bathed his vision in a swath of distinctive green.  Their mission was to hike two clicks into the western corridor of the town, manned and owned by the terrorist group, Al Shabab – Al Qaeda’s third-largest affiliate, and rescue an American teacher kidnapped from a school in the coastal region.  The physical condition of the held female teacher was an unknown, but one that would only worsen as her captivity went on.

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Title: Unripe Peaches
Rating: Mature
Genre: fantasy/horror, period AU
Pairings: Navi, Kenbin, Lehyuk
Warnings: Major character death*
Summary: Prince Kim Wonshik chooses three concubines who aren’t what they seem
A/N: *the deaths are vague enough that if you don’t like it, you can pretend they’re still alive

Part 1 - Day

Long ago, there lay a small kingdom that sat by the sea and before a great mountain range. The main population resided on the coastline, among the lush, green jungles while the palace of ruling family rested nestled between boulders and crags, safely tucked away from intruders while able to watch over the city.

The mountains reached further up, further than anyone could see or reach by foot. The jungles that bore fruit and game also seemed to wind deeply into themselves. The sea stretched on for miles and remained only minimally explored by the people of the kingdom, sticking close for it was not known what laid past the horizon.

They could not possibly have known what laid just out of sight of their vision.

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Diagram of a Royal Navy 3rd rate ship of the line from the Cyclopaedia, Vol 2 (which was published in 1728). The Cyclopaedia was one of the very first encyclopedias to ever be published and was immensely popular throughout the 18th century–George Washington is known to have had an edition of it at Mt. Vernon for example.

(I’ve previously blogged about the Cyclopaedia here.)