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[Navi] Dreamers

A/N: Hi there, this is a prompt that @swag-daddy-ravi gave me a long time back and I finally finished it! It has implied sexy times so it’s probably more PG-13 than R, but it can be skipped if you like.

Has genderbent Hakyeon, so I used Cha Yeonnie instead. c:

Pairing: Cha Hakyeon/Kim Wonshik

Even before Cha Yeonnie bought the pregnancy test, she already knew she was pregnant. When she called Taekwoon with the news, her best friend sounded breathless.

“Are you busy with Hongbin? I can call back…”

Taekwoon had laughed and said softly, “he can’t talk right now but I’ll tell him you said hi.” There was a whine that sounded suspiciously Hongbin-like, deep and low in the background before Yeonnie hung up.

Oh well. She had warned Hongbin that her best friend was…a little kinky.

Hanging up the phone, Yeonnie snuggles deeper into the covers feeling warm and soft. After trying for so long, she and Wonshik could finally start having a family.

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