navy princess

I drew this today, i’ve been playing a lot BOTW lately, such an amazing game! / Dibujé ésto hoy, he estado jugando un montón BOTW ultimamente, qué juego más increíble!

Drawing honesty today 🤷🏻‍♂️✏️📒, man, i’m hungry 😱🌮, see you guys! / Dibujando honestidad, tengo mucha hambre 😫🍕, nos vemos! 🤓👋🏻

Golden Goddess Correspondences

This post was kind of a build off of something i sent to @hylianshrinemaiden

I decided to go and make a post for it! 

Din: the sun.  Celebrated on the Summer Solstice. Power, strength, fire

Nayru: the moon.  Called upon during Lunar Magick and rituals during the New, Full, Blue, or quarter moons. Wisdom, knowledge, divination, water

Farore: the Earth.  She represents the earthly power and energy in nature.  Can be celebrated on Earth day.  Good for grounding, spirit communication with the earth spirits such as the fae, nymphs, and animals.  Courage, peace, earth

Hylia: the Sky. She represents the air and weather magic. Good for energy work, spirit communication with the air spirits such as sylphs, and birds. (Credit: hylianshrinemaiden)