navy peep toe

high heels - 5sos imagine

I don’t know. This idea made me laugh so much!! I can see them infront of me. Hope you’re feeling the same. Keep on requesting. Love you guys xxx

Your POV – Shoes. Everyone loves to buy shoes cause it’s fun right? Well let me tell you that it’s even more funny if you go shoe shopping with the 5sos guys. Why? Let me tell you.

The boys asked me to go to the VMA’s with them. Of course I didn’t say no to that. Who would? I bought a very nice dress one week before. The only thing that was missing, were the high heels. I wasn’t sure about the color and the other stuff, so I asked the guys to come with me. Well….bad idea…or maybe best idea ever?

“Hey Y/N what do you think about these?“ I looked up from my feet and saw Luke standing there with red heels on and a sexy pose. I bursted out into laughter.

“Oh come on!! I look much better Y/N, don’t I??!!“ Ashton said and stood beside Luke with navy blue peep toes. It looked pretty painful though. I couldn’t believe they actually found their sizes.

“Hold on!!“ Michael yelled and jumped next to Ashton in green stilettos. He almost lost his balance. How was that even possible? I was crying tears of laughter.

“Woah guys Im sorry but I win.“ Calum posed in pink over knees. That gave me the rest. I laughed histerically at the sight of these four idiots. These guys are just too much.

“Fuck you Luke I look way much better then you and your stupid red heels!! I AM FUCKING ADORABLE!!!“ Michael shouted which made everyone turn their heads towards our direction. How embarrassing but yet veeeery funny.

“Schuuuusch!! Im the man!! I win right Y/N? You would go out with me like this, wouldn’t you?“ Calum smiled widely and shaked his hips in an awkward way. I looked over and saw Ashton and Luke fighting and pushing each other.

“Guys stop it!! One of your heels will break and one of you will land on his…..* My sentence wasn’t even done and Luke fell right on his butt. Luckily he just lost his balance. We were all laughing like hell until we got interrupted by an angry looking man.

“Excuse me lady and gentlemen, but would you please leave our store? We sell shoes, we’re not a playground. Thank you and have a nice day.“ His words sounded nice but his face showed how pissed he was. We took off the shoes quietly and walked out of the store. Just as we made one step out of the door, we started laughing again like idiots.

“Well thank you guys. I still have no high heels to wear with that dress.“ I punched Michael’s shoulder and he just giggled.

“Come on Y/N. You have tons of shoes at home. Im pretty sure you’ll find something.“ Calum said and threw his arm around my shoulders.

“I love you guys. Like seriously, you’re the best.“ The boys laughed again and pulled me into a group hug. Yes they are crazy but they are the bestest friends in the whole world. I wouldn’t change them for the anything else.