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Addicted Appreciation Week (Ailin’s Day 7)
↪ One Flashback: Coballoway First Kiss, Chapter 42, Some Kind Of Perfect

I took a heartier breath and strutted towards Connor. When college exams and the texts made me feel frazzled, my wardrobe flooded me with confidence. Black skirt, sheer tights, booties with five-inch heels, a blazer over a loose white blouse, topped with a sleek pony and a Chanel handbag—I was ready for battle.
As I neared, Connor stepped from the table, his wardrobe equally put-together: navy slacks, leather belt, expensive loafers, an Oxford collar button-down and tie beneath a gray sweater. He had always dressed better than most men, but I wouldn’t dare compliment him.
I spoke hurriedly and hushed. “Did you slip and fall and forget that your allegiances are to Penn, not Princeton?”
He almost laughed like I couldn’t see what was right in front of me.
“My allegiance is to you, Rose.”
What the hell is going on? my iron walls seemed to shriek. This was unlike me. Letting him stay. Letting him help. Letting him near.
I didn’t want to push him away. I wanted Connor right here next to me.
I found my pen. I placed it on the table, and his arm extended over the back of my chair. He started talking about the equation, but I couldn’t think straight.
I glanced at him, just slightly.
He studied me with noticeable affection behind his blue eyes.
“Continue,” I told him, my voice stilted.
My eyes flamed. “No?”
His hand encased my cheek and jaw, large and assured. My pulse beat my veins alive. His other hand rested on the outside of my thigh, climbing towards my ass.
I held onto his shoulder. Our lifetimes of combatting one another seemed to flip over like a spinning coin that fell to one side.
His lips an inch from mine, he whispered something, not a quote. Not in French. Connor Cobalt murmured, “What’s inside this feeling that screams at me?” His eyes spoke of battles and wins and years positioned right across from me. “Devotion.” He neared. “Fealty.”
His lips touched mine. Our very first kiss. My rigid body stayed erect, but I heated like a thousand burning stars. He deepened the kiss, in control so I wouldn’t have to think.
I was thinking.
I thought about how my mind sparked and blistered. I thought about how his hands commanded the moment as much as his lips. I thought about how he held me like I’d always been in his possession, as he’d always been in mine.

Red Lines - Chapter 6

Description: Ashton is an exotic male dancer. Skylar is a college student studying psychology and needs a subject to do her thesis on. She pays him for two weeks so she can study him. Things are bound to get interesting. 

Word Count: 10,937 words

A/N: So, in this chapter you’re all going to get to know more about Ashton’s past, and I will be introducing some new characters soon. Therefore I was thinking that it’d be cool if I had a contest where the winners gets a character named after themselves? Please tell me what you think in my ask box and give me feedback on the fic!  It motivates me to update more frequently. You can also start tracking the tag ‘redlines5sos’ to get a noticification each time I post a new chapter! Enjoy :)

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