navy hopsack


For Sale: Brand new without tags Eidos staple navy hopsack blazer, 54R/44US, fits 52R/42US


I got this on deep discount, but feel that my money would be better spent on something else. It would be my third navy blazer lol. I am selling it for the price I paid. If you are interested, message me and we can figure out a shipping quote, too. 100% wool. Tenero cut. 3-roll-2 front. Spalla camicia, natural shoulder with waterfall sleeve cap. 

Absolutely no alterations have been done to it; I’ve only removed the basting threads, tags, and attached one sleeve button to each sleeve. That’s it. Includes hanger. 


Shoulder: 18"
Chest P2P: 22"
Waist: 20.5"
Length BOC: 30"

Every other client that comes through our doors says he has enough blue ties - but guess what tie colour he ends up buying..?

We obviously approve, as blue is probably one of the most flattering and versatile choice of neckwear colours. As such, we try to stock a variety of textures and shades of blues to cater for every occasion and every season.

From left: Blue Donegal, Airforce Blue Chevron, Indigo Raw Silk, Blue Hopsack and Navy Grenadine (Piccolo)


Another day of unseasonably warm weather.  This was a bit too warm, but I love orange/brown as a fall color scheme.  I brought a scarf, but it was superfluous since the mercury had climbed to just shy of 65(!) degrees.

I thought of using gray/orange, but that usually makes me look a bit pallid because the lighter gray tone washes out in conjunction with the vibrant orange.  I think the richness of the brown is a better compliment.

B-Roll of with the scarf posted next, lemme know what you think.