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A/N: Seeing Mashima’s art of Gruvia wearing cat ears today made me so happy, I just had to write something! Here’s a short drabble based on it ^.^

Words: 820

Based on Mashima’s Gruvia cat ears graffiti 

“Oi, Juvia! Where’d you go? We’re gonna be late to the dinner party!” Gray turned around to fix his tie in the mirror, looping it over and under before pulling the blue material through and straightening it.

It was Happy’s birthday today and the guild had decided to throw him a huge party, inviting very well half of Magnolia and other nearby guilds to join in on the occasion and make it special for him.

And despite having had the whole afternoon to get ready, he and Juvia were still going to be late.

“Juvia? Aren’t you done yet?” Gray called, hearing someone shuffle around in the hallway. “I said we’re gonna be late…”

In the mirror, he caught sight of a familiar blue shape, sneaking across the room before disappearing behind him, hidden asides from a few loose curls peeking out and giving her away entirely.

“Juvia,” he said flatly. “I know you’re there.”

Juvia said nothing, her weight pressed against his back as she raised her arms up to his head, the golden bangles on her wrists jingling softly in his ears along with her quiet giggles.

And when he saw white cat ears appear in the mirror, he was the one with no words, watching with a deadpan expression as she positioned them on top of his head before peering around his body to glance at the two of them in the mirror.

“What does Gray-sama think?” Juvia asked him, her hair hanging over one shoulder and a smile bright on her lips.

“Not a chance.”

“But Gray-sama looks so sweet!”


Juvia stepped forward, taking his arm in hers and pressing her cheek to his shoulder. “But we’re matching!”


He glanced at their reflections in the mirror.

He was wearing a dark suit, blue shirt, blue tie. She was wearing the same shade as him, her dress flowing elegantly over her figure, golden belt tied at the waist, glinting in the mirror.

They looked good together, the two of them — a contrast of black and blue.

Though, when Gray’s eyes travelled upwards to her hat, he realised that their clothes weren’t all that was matching about them.

He took one look at the navy-coloured cat ears fashioned onto her hat and before he could stop himself, his mouth twitched upwards and he was laughing, hard, a hand over his forehead as he shook his head at how utterly ridiculous they both looked.

“Hm.” Leaning down, Gray flicked one of her cat ears, grinning at her. “Gotta say, it looks better on you than it does on me.”

“Gray-sama looks cute too,” Juvia said, blushing lightly as she reached up to kiss his cheek. “And Happy will be so surprised to see us wearing these!”

So, this is what she’d been doing in secret over the past few days – hiding bundles of fabric behind her back every time he’d walk into the room, staying up late to finish ‘a project’, suddenly asking if the two of them could go pay a visit to Carla and Pantherlily out of the blue – she’d been making Exceed hats for Happy’s birthday.

Staring hard at her, he arched a brow. Never before in his life would he decide to go out into public like this with white cat ears sticking out of his head. Like hell would he even consider it.

But despite how ridiculous he looked and felt, he couldn’t help but smile at her antics.

Only Juvia would make matching cat ears for the two of them to wear to a friggin’ Exceed party.

Only her.

“Okay, fine,” he muttered, rolling his eyes. “But just this once and that’s it, got it? Don’t start getting more ideas.”

“Gray-sama!” Juvia squealed in delight, throwing herself into his arms to hug him tightly. “We’re going to have so much fun!”

He wasn’t sure ‘fun’ was the right word. Gray imagined his guild members’ faces when they’d see the two of them looking like a pair of cats. He sighed for all the trouble he knew was sure to come. The guys would never let him live this down…all he could do was hope that no one was bringing a camera along to the party.

“Yeah, well…” He wrapped his arms around her, drawing her closer. “I wouldn’t do this just for anyone, y’know?”

“Juvia knows,” she said, pulling back to smile at him.

Smirking back, he held her hands loosely in his own. “Alright then, let’s go. Otherwise we’ll be late and by the time we get there, that flame-brain will have eaten everything…”

“Yes,” she said, falling into step beside him as they grabbed their coats and stepped out into the cool evening breeze.

“Ah, Gray-sama…”


“Say ‘nyaan~’!”

“What?! No way.”


“You talked me into wearing the cat ears.” He pointed to his head, scowling. “And that’s all you’re gettin’.”

Juvia laughed as they continued to walk on, cat ears on their heads, her hand in his, and the bag containing their camera swinging lightly from her shoulder.


Day 149/365: May 29th 2017 | Reunited with Charmy + Well Tea

Charmy is finally back in Richmond!!!! So we met up today and went to Alexandra Rd. for food and eventually, after many failed attempts of trying to find a place to eat (so many places were closed because lunch time was over rip), we went to Well Tea! I got the honey fried chicken with fried rice + guava green tea. They gave me SO MUCH CHICKEN LMFAO!!!!!! Why do I eat so much chicken HAHAHAHA I seriously eat it so often jsdfakjsg… it must be Gaby’s influence because she loves chicken so much ;p it rubbed off on me LOL~~ Anyway, Charmy and I just talked and caught up while eating for about 2 hours! The restaurant was really quiet because no one eats at 2/3pm LMAO. After eating, we went to Lansdowne to take outfit photos for me LMFAO and then we both went home. Today was SOOOO hot. Fun day though!!! ^__^

The Likeness | [listen here] | Playlist

“Time works so hard for us, if only we can let it.”

i. down on love - cannons | ii. young - vallis alps | iii. you haunt me (amtrac remix) - sir sly  | iv. to the hills - laurel | v. sway (chainsmokers remix) - anna of the north | vi. navy light - labyrinth ear | vii. she’s not me - lana del rey | viii. wyrd - glass animals | ix. cold front - laura welsh | x. breathe into me - marian hill | xi. cracks - sam sure | xii. trials of the past - sbtkrt | xiii. be together - major lazer | xiv. body talk - cannons | xv. hunger - sam sure | xvi. clockwork - dan aux, faster than light, ed waaka | xvii. reckless - ms mr


etsyfindoftheday | shop suggestions | 12.5.16

glittery, sparkly jewelry pieces by whitebearaccessories

  • blue ceramic teardrop stud earrings
  • silver, white, and black glitter oval pendant
  • navy resin and wood triangle necklace
  • black floral lace + sequin statement necklace

lindsay from whitebearaccessories hit me up via email too, and i’m SO excited she shared her shop with me … because now i get to share her awesome jewelry items with you!! from glitter to resin to ceramics to gemstones, you’ll find a jewelry medium or variety to help you — AND your gift recipients!! — shine a little brighter this holiday season. i need to pick up a few pairs of these sparkly studs for myself. thanks again lindsay!