navy earrings


etsyfindoftheday | shop suggestions | 12.5.16

glittery, sparkly jewelry pieces by whitebearaccessories

  • blue ceramic teardrop stud earrings
  • silver, white, and black glitter oval pendant
  • navy resin and wood triangle necklace
  • black floral lace + sequin statement necklace

lindsay from whitebearaccessories hit me up via email too, and i’m SO excited she shared her shop with me … because now i get to share her awesome jewelry items with you!! from glitter to resin to ceramics to gemstones, you’ll find a jewelry medium or variety to help you — AND your gift recipients!! — shine a little brighter this holiday season. i need to pick up a few pairs of these sparkly studs for myself. thanks again lindsay!

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“Time works so hard for us, if only we can let it.”

i. down on love - cannons | ii. young - vallis alps | iii. you haunt me (amtrac remix) - sir sly  | iv. to the hills - laurel | v. sway (chainsmokers remix) - anna of the north | vi. navy light - labyrinth ear | vii. she’s not me - lana del rey | viii. wyrd - glass animals | ix. cold front - laura welsh | x. breathe into me - marian hill | xi. cracks - sam sure | xii. trials of the past - sbtkrt | xiii. be together - major lazer | xiv. body talk - cannons | xv. hunger - sam sure | xvi. clockwork - dan aux, faster than light, ed waaka | xvii. reckless - ms mr


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