navy dress

A Date for the Ball


Frisk smoothed out the full skirt of their navy blue dress, which hemmed right at their ankles. Grateful for the fact their their knobby knees wouldn’t be on full display, they tried to smile in the mirror. It came out as a nervous grimace. They’d never been to a ball before, nor had they ever had a date for anything. Despite being so nervous, Frisk was also very excited. It was going to be fun, wasn’t it? Fingers playing nervously with the curls Mettaton had meticulously ironed into their hair, they smoothed out the soft silken skirt one last time and slipped on the matching flats and decided to head downstairs.

“Oh, my darling!” Frisk laughed as they were immediately accosted by the robot himself, swept off their feet and into his tight embrace. “You look absolutely gorgeous!” He twirled the giggling child around, and promptly set them down. “Toriel and Asriel should be here any minute now. Don’t look so nervous, dear, you’re going to knock his socks off!” Brightened by Mettaton’s encouragement, Frisk started to sign a reply. They were aburptly cut off by the doorbell.

“That must be them!” Frisk tried not to laugh as Mettaton fretted over them for a final few seconds, dusting off their shoulders and smoothing a few brunette curls back into place. Then he was opening the door for Asriel and Toriel.