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Happy Birthday Rihanna!!

Some of you already know, but Rih was actually the first celebrity to show my work love! She saw my sketches on Twitter back in 2010 & i’ll always remember the feeling when she followed me & dm’d me… “Yo dude! I’ve been seeing some of ur designs! Ur sick wit it!” ❤ Many ongoing & surreal convos later…next thing, she had my work as her Twitter profile picture, and in 2011, she invited me to one of her LDN Loud tour dates where we finally got to meet each other. She even told me to bring my work. Her loving embrace was like we had known each other for years! She is truly a beautiful, humble & genuine soul! This is a long ass caption, but I wanted to share what a cool person she is. I’ll always be grateful for her support & can’t wait for us to collaborate one day! Keep continuing to kill it & enjoy your Birthday Rihanna, you deserve all the blessings ❤❤❤

Happy Veterans Day to our real-life superheroes! Today we give thanks to all who put the freedoms and safety, we all take for granted, before their own. We give thanks to those who’s selfless nature and sacrifices too often go unnoticed. So reach out to those veterans in your life give them a big ol’ hug and thank them. To all the veterans out there, THANK YOU!! Today you will be noticed. 🇺🇸

There is great pressure in being a woman and a part of the navy, but even moreso when you happen to be the privileged child of a family with a name to upkeep. The Merchant name is stained with blood and scandal, but there isn’t anyone who uphold’s it with such a false sense of pride as the brainwashed child, Lavender, who works to keep it glorified and feared.

But could this all lead up to her undoing? Or perhaps to a victory?

WELL it’s about time I posted something from last month’s Patreon rewards! From our $5 tier where you can get your chance to feast your eyes on character pieces just like this one! See the development of the cast of Riptide and so much more!

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