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a prompt mayhaps: Viktor is a big-time lingerie designer and Yuuri is a model ;)

finally getting around to this one! s/o to everyone on discord who aided and abetted ;)

In retrospect, it really should have been more obvious. After all, the brand’s name was Secrets by V, for crying out loud.

But at the time of their first meeting, Yuuri had been nothing but nervous. It had been his first shoot as a History Maker – the industry nickname for the beautiful, sexy models of all genders who advertised Secrets by V’s ultra-luxe lingerie. The new campaign that season was fairytale and true love-themed, to better highlight the romantic details on the new Stammi Vicino line. Yuuri had rushed in late that morning, no thanks to the traffic, and then watched as two female models posed together in each other’s arms, clad in coordinated bra and panty sets with wings on their shoulders.

(He’s still not sure how he managed to join their ranks. He’s just too mild-mannered and plain – too Clark Kent, no Superman.)

“Are you looking for something?” someone asked, and Yuuri turned to see the most beautiful man looking at him curiously. His silver fringe was falling into one of his icy blue eyes and he was clad in a simple navy suit, clutching a tray of coffee.

“Y-Yeah!” Yuuri stammered. “I’m the new model? Yuuri Katsuki?”

The man hummed, consulted a clipboard, and nodded, pointing to a door to the side. “Go through there and they’ll get you ready for the shoot.”

Yuuri nodded, his throat feeling more and more like sandpaper the longer he stood there and watched this man scrutinise him. “Th-Thanks,” he said, feeling his face redden. “Are you – do you work here?”

The man raised an eyebrow and nodded.

“Are you in charge of this shoot?” wondered Yuuri.

The man laughed, shaking his head. “No, I’m just watching.”

“So you’re an intern?”

The man’s eyes widened briefly, but he quickly recovered and nodded, laughing. “You could say that,” he said. “I’m Viktor.”

“Yuuri,” said Yuuri, and lost himself in the brilliance of Viktor’s smile as he shook his hand.

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First (M)

Hi!!! Can I please request a Baekhyun scenario? Smut please!!! Where it is his girlfriends first time and he wants it to be sweet but intense with really good foreplay? Thank you!!!❤️ p.s. I LOVE your scenarios!!!!!

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2192

“I’m home!” cooed Baekhyun in his sing-song voice as he emerged from the hallway, clutching his navy blue sports bag in his hand. His hair was matted and disheveled with strands sticking out at wild angles, and his skin was glistening with sweat. He aimlessly threw the sports bag aside before he started off towards the couch, where you comfortably sat.

“How was practice?” you asked with a warm smile.

“Good,” he answered with a dangerous smirk. You raised your eyebrow at him as he took a seat beside you.

“I was thinking about you,” he said, lifting his fingers to caress the soft skin of your cheek. He suddenly cupped your head within both his hands and pressed his plump lips against yours. You gladly reciprocated, and threaded your fingers through his messy hair.

He swiped his tongue against your bottom lip, coaxing your mouth open. You hesitantly parted your lips, allowing him to push his tongue inside. He teased the corners of your mouth with a desperate fervour, but you broke away.

“Baekhyun, what’s gotten into you?” you asked, taking into question his audacious behaviour.

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!!!! Hey y'all !!!
Here are a few pictures from a couple days ago. I went out to oyster bay, NY and got a chance to go to the planting fields where I saw a bunch of beautiful plants and thought I would shoot two looks :)

Photos by @bigfat-babe

Look 1.
white tee: h&m
white mesh tee: rainbow
jeans: old navy
shoes: old navy
clutch: michael kors
hat: the hundreds
sunglasses: quay australia

Look 2.
white button down: thrifted
jeans: old navy
shoes: nike

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request:“ Calum sees someone flirting with you at a bar and gets over protective jaw clenching flexing all that fluff 💛”

LOVED WRITING THIS NGL - written for @kingsleyofficial

Calum held the door open to the bar as you walked through clutching the navy blue jacket he had given you to cover you from the cold air outside. It was getting dark which meant the beautiful weather had turned freezing. It was a classy bar, known for a few celebrity spottings which meant you and Calum had already planned your escape if one too many fans got in. Calum loved the fans but he just wanted to treat you tonight…

“My lady” he bowed as he offered to take the jacket off you,

“You’re such a dork” you reply shoving him in the chest lightly as you pass him his folded coat. He grinned flashing his dimples across his beautiful dark skin. You headed over to the bar sitting on the stool, Calum followed you with his hand placed on your lower back. No matter where you were he loved showing people his girl, placing his hand either on a shoulder, in your hand, round your waist or even just your pinky fingers intertwined. Calum edged his seat closer to you pulling out his phone,

“Y/n babe I need to show you this picture of Michael it’s amazing one second” he said scrolling through his photo album, you glanced across as he was scrolling and you saw the endless selfies of you two being adorable. You turn back to the bar and the waiter turned at the same time,

“Hello beautiful what can I get something like you to drink? Perhaps a sex on the beach?” He said smirking at his own joke, his balding hair and wrinkled forehead made you almost feel bad for him,

“Well if the offer is on the table then why not?” You say winking at him before grinning the smile that Calum loved so much. He turns away and starts busying himself clanking glasses and bottles,

You turned back to Calum who’s brows had furrowed, you saw his jaw shift from relaxed to tensed,

“Babe?” You questioned placing your hand on his large forearm,

“Did you wink at him?” He questioned adjusting how far his sleeves on his shirt where rolled up, you rubbed small circles into his arm,

“Yeah but only as a laugh, I feel bad for the guy, it’s alright babe?” You smiled quizzically unsure is he was calm yet. He placed his hand over yours and trained his eye on the barmen who came back over with the drink,

“For the lady” he said smiling like crazy, Calum straight away pulled your hand onto the bar interlocking your hands and almost challenging the waiter, he looked proud to be holding your hand in front of him, the waiter saw and then glanced back at you before Turing away to another customer,

“Calum….” You said softly, “jealousy?” You added, he clenched his jaw again sending his upper arms to tense anytime the waiter turned round, but you soon realised he did it any time a guy looked across at you.

“Y/n I love you. I physically can’t sit here without every guy that’s leering at you knowing you’re mine,” his arm moved from your hand to around your shoulder.

“Calum.. You know I love you so much… You’re my little bass boy. You’re just a cute little punk bless you” you leaned over and kissed his cheek, before you realised he turned his face to yours and met your lips. His hand held your face in place as he continued kissing you while your hand was clasping his shirt,

“Wanna leave? ” he mutters,

“I gotta pay for my drink babes haha” you giggle seeing him look pleadingly, you knew he wanted to go so you left a five dollar bill on the table and stood up, he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you close so your back was touching his he bang kissing your neck before turning to the bartender and smirking, his hand traced down to cup your bum as the bouncer held the door for you two.

You where met with flashing bulbs and Calum immediately let go of your bum and interlocked your hands, you ducked not wanting to be plastered on twitter as “some girl” Calum started giggling as the private car door was swung open and you both toppled inside, the door was closed and Calum fell on top of you, you both where a giggling mess until you sat up to bring your face to Calum.

“You’re so beautiful” he muttered, stroking your cheek down to your neck, then across your shoulder.

“You’re really hot when your jealous you know…,” you replied,

“Don’t tease me baby” he breathed heavily clenching his jaw….

Preference #13 You Tell Him He’s Gonna Be A Daddy

Scott: The third Friday night of each month Melissa McCall was free to spend the night watching a marathon of newly released films and drowning the week’s stress in junk food with you and Scott. Family ‘bonding time’ was a rare occurrence in the McCall household due to Mama McCall’s demanding profession and the supernatural drama. Melissa abandoned movie night after an emergency phone call from the hospital, apologizing profusely about leaving as she ascended the staircase in a hurry to change into her scrubs for the night. With Melissa’s absence the night’s plans changed, the movies forgotten as you agreed on playing board games instead. Scott’s suspicious cinnamon flecked cappuccino irises analyzed each obscure response to his existence during the last week; subtle flinches away from affection, preoccupied thoughts, mysterious excuses to avoid companionship. The dulled thud of cardboard toppling from the shelf of the hallway closet interrupted the eerie silence, a lopsided grin on his handsome face as the werewolf clutched your favorite board game against his athletic chest; Scrabble.

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Missed Kiss Pt. 3

The third, final, and best chapter of my snowbarry fanfic, Missed Kiss!  enjoy!

Plot: A run-in with Captain Cold and his sister ends up revealing Caitlin’s feelings for Barry to Barry.  How will she handle it?  Better yet, how will he handle it?

Notes: I own nothing.  Enjoy!  And if you really do like it please feel free to like, reblog, or comment!  Thanks!

Link to Pt 1:

Link to Pt. 2:


Two weeks had passed since her conversation with Cisco, and Caitlin still couldn’t bring herself to tell Barry how she felt.  Not that there was a lot of time to do that anyway.  Wells has been escalating on the evil scale quickly, which is how they found themselves in the current situation: teaming up with Captain Cold.

Wells’ latest plan was going to put the metahumans that Team Flash had already captured in jeopardy. After they all agreed that they couldn’t just let them die, Barry suggested moving them to Oliver Queen’s personal jail on Lian Yu.  The only snag in the plan was they would need back up to make the transition.  Barry then further suggested they ask Captain Cold for help.  After a long argument about it, Barry eventually got his way, and eventually was able to persuade Captain Cold to temporarily join forces with them.  The two of them had struck a deal, and now Cold was in the lab, along with his sister, trying to make a game plan with Barry and the team.

Caitlin was only half listening while she was doing some research on her computer.  Honestly, she wasn’t thrilled to be working with known villains, especially when one of them had previously kidnapped her, but she wanted to be supportive of Barry and his plan.  Besides, if Cisco and Joe could agree to working with them, then she could too, no matter how reluctant the agreement may be.

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Sweet Dreams

“I don’t care what the doctors say, Carter,” Jack Thompson fumed as Peggy pressed her palms against his shoulders in an attempt to prevent him from rising from his hospital bed and doing God only knew what damage to his chest.  “I don’t wanna rest; I wanna get the sonovabitch who put me here!”

Peggy stared deep into the struggling man’s blue eyes and fixed him with a very serious gaze.  “Jack, do you trust me?” Peggy asked, her voice low as though she were about to relate a precious secret to him.

“That mean you got a plan, Marge?” Jack replied almost too quickly.  He had stopped struggling, and he had gone still in the same way as a predator who had scented prey.  Chief Thompson was readying himself for action. 

“Give me a moment to make sure the coast is clear.  Just pretend to be following the doctor’s orders in case anyone comes in unexpectedly,” Peggy whispered to him.    She looked over her shoulder as though making sure they were truly alone.  “Won’t be a tick,” Peggy said as she rose from the edge of his bed and hurried through the door and into the hall. 

As soon as she was out of Jack’s view, she pressed herself against the wall and opened her navy blue clutch.  She fished around for a few moments before she found the gold tube of lipstick that she still kept for emergencies.  She applied it as quickly as possible using a small compact to check that it was neat and wouldn’t arouse suspicion. 

She counted to thirty before ducking back into Jack’s room, and she crossed hurriedly to his bedside again. 

“We set to go?” Jack asked, struggling to sit up.

“Wait!” Peggy ordered.  “Give me a moment to disconnect the monitors so we don’t alert the staff,” she explained as she leaned over Jack, using the proximity of her own body to force him to lie back. 

Jack stared agape at her; and, before he could say whatever was on his mind,
Peggy placed her hands on his cheeks and kissed him soundly.  She was surprised to feel Jack kissing her back, and she could feel her body respond in unexpectedly hungry ways as Jack’s stubble tickled along her cheek and his tongue caressed hers.  She felt as though she were back on the rollercoaster at Coney Island–her body slowly filling with a growing tension building to a peak that was quickly followed by the sensation of freefalling into her own desires. 

It was over all too quickly, and Peggy found herself studying Jack’s sleeping face as she tried to sort through the whirl of emotions that the kiss had stirred in her.  Truthfully, she could have found any number of ways to stop the troublesome man from leaving the hospital.  The thought that she might have lost him had shaken her in ways she didn’t like to admit.  It had left her questioning decisions that had seemed clear just days ago. 

“Sweet dreams, Jack.  Next time, we’ll have to try that with regular lipstick,” she vowed, and a smile crossed her lips.   

navy sheets ~ michael

Thunder cracked and rain hit the window so hard I sprung up from my bed, clutching the navy silk sheets in the unfamiliar bed. I was tired. Exhausted actually. I loved spending time with him, but at this point, I just wanted to be in my own bed, surrounded by my own friends. Touring would be more fun if I was the one getting the thrill from performing on stage every night, thousands of voices screaming my name. But I was only on the sidelines. I would get hugs, and I would get girls asking for pictures. Only later to see them spread across twitter later with nasty messages attached to a photo of my smiling face. I loved the fans, I loved how welcoming so many of them were, especially when they got to know me better. I loved sitting with them and talking to them and helping them get backstage and upgrading seats. Security would always roll their eyes when I begged to let just one more person into the pit. I knew what it was like, fangirling. I was that girl. I was the ultimate fangirl. I still am, but now I’m actually dating him. So it’s the least I could do. 

I moved my hand out to feel for his body in the bed but was met with those goddamn navy sheets and nothing else. I sighed and got up, swinging my feet over the side of the bed and checking my glowing phone.  Another late night, be back soon. Promise. xM An even louder sigh escaped my lips as I got up and walked into the bathroom, splashing cold water on my face and examining my tired features. The bags under my eyes, darker than ever. Maybe it wasn’t just the lack of sleep in hotel bed after hotel bed. Maybe it was this lifestyle. It wasn’t made for me. I’m not a rockstar. I can’t drink every night. I can’t spend time with fake ass people all day. I can’t keep up a fake smile when all I want to do is frown. I wanted nothing more than to just spend a night with Michael back in my hometown, take him to all the places I used to go as a teenager, then come back to my own bed in my tiny little apartment and sleep on his chest. I wanted to actually get to spend time with him. Alone. 

I pulled on one of his jean jackets that was slumped over a chair and slid my shoes on, shoving the hotel key in the back pocket of my pants and stumbling out the hotel door and into the hallway. Almost immediately after the click on the door, the door beside me opened to reveal a grumpy and tired looking blonde. 

“What are you doing?” He asked and I shrugged. 
“I can’t sleep without Michael.” I mumbled and he frowned at me.
“He isn’t back yet?” Luke said and I shook my head. I heard his girlfriend yell “kick his ass y/n” from inside the hotel room and I smiled. 
“I’m just gonna go for a walk….is that allowed or?” I said and Luke nodded, wrapping one arm around me and hugging me before closing the door behind him. 

This was the 8th night in a row that Michael had been out all night with friends. Friends that weren’t his roomates. They weren’t even members of Hey Violet either. Or the crew. They were ‘friends’ which apparently I didn’t need an introduction to. I was annoyed of course, I was worried, angry, sad, lonely. The other boy’s barely ever left their girlfriend’s sides when they visited on tour. Michael was different. I wanted to spend endless time with him, that’s the whole reason I decided to come on tour. He’d asked me during the last tour, but I had university and work. Now I’d finished school and finally had a chance to take some time off. It’s not all I cracked it up to be. I thought it would be filled with him and I seeing the sights in every city, and spending time with his bandmates & their girls. And that’s how it started, I loved every second of it. But it’s been a month, and now I spend most of my time in these hotels rooms by myself, or third wheeling. I pulled the hood over my messy hair and walked down the dark street, at this time of night, there were no fans outside the hotel which was a relief. I didn’t have the energy to lie and say where Michael was. I stopped in a 24/hour cafe and plopped into a comfy chair after ordering a coffee. I needed time to think. I needed to think about whether or not this was all worth it anymore. There was no denying my love for Michael. But there was room to question his love for me, and that’s what scared me. I finished the coffee, thanked the lady at the counter and walked back to the hotel. I’d spent 4 hours in that cafe without even realizing, the sun was starting to come up which meant Michael was probably back by now. When I got back to the hotel there were a few girls outside. 

“Y/N! What are you doing out so late?” The one girl asked and I shrugged. 
“Couldn’t sleep.” I smiled and laughed, trying to hide the ache in my chest. 
“Is it cause Michael wasn’t there? He just went up there about an hour ago..” One of the other girls said and I nodded. 
“You girls want breakfast? On me?” The two girls nodded and I bought them some food in the hotel before saying my goodbyes and heading back up to the room. 

The second I walked in the door I was surprised by a pair of arms wrapped tightly around my body. The stench of alcohol on his breath of evident. I rolled my eyes and shrugged him off of me. When he backed away my eyes connected to his and I remembered how much I loved the green would shimmer in the morning light. 

“I thought you left.” Michael said quietly, I watched him fiddle with one of the bracelets on his wrist. 
“I couldn’t sleep.” I said, anger starting to boil in my blood. 
“I’m sorry baby I-”
“Can we just go to sleep for a while?” I asked and he nodded. Without a word we climbed into bed and he pulled the thick comforter over our bodies. I curled into his chest and started to cry, a silent cry, tears dripping onto his shirt. I couldn’t believe I was crying over something so simple as missing sleeping in the same bed as him. It was easily at the top of the list of my favourite things. I loved when he’d hum songs he’d written for me until I fell asleep, I loved when we’d play thumb wars and giggle, I loved when those thumb wars turned into a makeout session with his hand in my pants. I missed the simplicity of the relationship, where Michael was Michael. My Michael, not every else’s version of who they thought he was. It wasn’t long until we both fell asleep with tears in our eyes. He always said he’d hated it when I cried. 

The morning light shone brightly into the room, dancing on Michael’s pale cheeks. I ran my fingers through his hair and smiled, he looked so beautiful in the morning. His eyelashes fluttering ever so slightly once and a while, slow breaths escaping his lips. I kissed his neck and nuzzled my nose against his skin. He was still wearing the cologne I’d bought him for our first year anniversary. The one that he was wearing on our first date. I felt him twitch beside me before one of his eyes cracked open. 

“You used to call me creepy for watching you sleep, now who’s the creepy one?” He mumbled and  I smiled and played with the hair on the back of his neck. I never got tired of listening to his morning voice. “We need to talk, don’t we?” He sighed and I nodded, tears threatening to escape my eyes, by now you’d think I’d have no more tears to cry. He rolled over to face me completely, I kept my fingers tangled into his hair. 

“Before I say anything, I just want you to know that you’re the first love of my life, and nothing will ever change that. You’re the reason I get up in the morning. You’ve helped me be the person I am today, you’ve made me more confident in myself, you’ve made me feel loved and happy and like a goddess and I could never thank you enough for those things.” I said quietly, only loud enough for us to hear. 

“But?” His eyes scanned my face, looking, begging for some kind of emotion, some kind of hint as to where I was going with this whole speech.

“I don’t think…I can do this anymore. This life. It isn’t for me Michael. You’re the rockstar here. I can’t…” I didn’t cry. I couldn’t. I didn’t want him to see me cry, not like this. Not here in this bed. I was the one breaking up with him, I couldn’t be the one crying. 

“I’m not who I am without you. I can’t do this without you.” He started stuttering. “No, fuck. I can’t fucking lose you!” He shouted and suddenly rolled out of bed and sat on the edge with his head inbetween his knees. I slid over and rested my cheek on his back. 


“You don’t get it. I…I wasn’t in a good place before I met you. I was going to quit. I couldn’t do it anymore. And then I met you, and god, you made me so fucking happy I didn’t care about anything anymore, I just cared about hearing your laugh. When I was alone on tour and I felt like I just couldn’t take it, I’d call you. That’s all it would take to get my head back in the game. I could practically see your smile everytime you’d answer the phone ‘there’s my rockstar’. It kept me going, and it keeps me going everyday. I’ve been out everynight because well..fuck..I-.” He stopped and stood up, leaving me alone in that cold bed with those damn navy sheets. Seconds later he burst into the room looking frantic. “I didn’t want to do this now. But if I don’t, I’m going to lose you. And I don’t..I can’t fucking do that.” Then he did it. He got down on one knee, right infront of me and my stomach dropped. All this time..was he planning…to propose? That’s why he was out with ‘friends’. “Y/N…we’ve been together for long enough now that I figured I needed to do this soon. Even though, after the first month of dating you I asked Calum if it was too early to propose to you.” He laughed and I started tearing up again, happy tears this time. “I wrote you a song. That’s where I’ve been, it was special, just for you. It’s taken me about a month now, I didn’t know what to say to you that would make you want to say yes to being with me for the rest of your life.” 


“Let me finish. I realize now that I didn’t need that song, I just needed to be with you and to tell you all the things I wrote in the song everyday. I love you. I love you so much. Tour is over in a month and I want us to get married as soon as we possibly can, I can’t wait any longer to say you’re my wife. Plus, the other guys will be jealous that I have a hot ass wife I can bang everynight.” He giggled and I put my forehead against his and pressed a hard kiss to his lips. 

“Of course I’ll marry you rockstar.” 

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