navy boat shoes

So J’s clothes are always horrifically mismatched ex. Today he wore brown boat shoes, navy slacks, a gray sweater, and a red plaid button down, but goddamn it if he doesn’t look like a hot train wreck

Not So Treacherous Waters - A Daddy!Killian One Shot

A little Daddy!Killian shenanigans for incaptainswanwetrust….since we seem to share this ridiculously wonderful obsession :]

“Alright,” Killian said abruptly with a smile, dropping a bundle of rope onto the deck. “Ready, sailor?”

He had to fight back an involuntary laugh. Liam looked beyond skeptical as he peered off the side of the dock, furrowing his eyebrows at the water and then glancing back up at his dad in hesitation. It was fortunate that his boy’s little gaze was so blue or it would be difficult to find it partly shielded behind that obnoxiously orange life vest Emma had insisted they make him wear. Liam rocked back and forth on his little boat shoes, navy blue with canvas laces. He was definitely nervous. Any lesser man would be deemed a coward, but today was this little shipmate’s first trip out on the water - and Killian would wait as long as his young son needed him to.


“Not in these waters, buddy,” Killian grinned, leaning on the edge of one of the dock posts. “You’ll be safe. I promise, Liam.”

“But papa-” he responded, swallowing hard as he touched the side of the boat preemptively. “-what if there’s a hurricane? Or a tsunami? Or a Kraken?”

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