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Bookworm [c.m x reader]

Warnings: swearing, vague drug mention


Connor and reader where the reader works at the bookstore Connor goes to, and she notices. They have convos and it’s sweet??? And like ye.

word count: 3.7k

hi yeah hope you like it! it got confusing at the end and it’s midnight and I rly need sleep so I hope you like this

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It initially took you by surprise when you saw Connor Murphy walk into the local book shop you worked at every day after school. He would walk in and buy a new book or take out his own then walked to the tiny café in the bookshop to chill out. Reading wasn’t something people associated with Connor because they all assume he’s just a junkie, but every day like clockwork, he would come in and sit.

The old shop which was aptly named ‘The Authors Attic’ was small, warm, and overflowing with different knick-knacks and shelves stuffed with books of all sorts. The place screamed ‘home’. When you got the job, you were ecstatic. The small store was basically your home before you even got the job! So when the owner saw your application, he didn’t even bother to interview you.

Watching the doors for the tall boy from your tiny perch behind the desk became a habit fairly quickly after you noticed his frequent visits to ‘The Attic’. Whenever you would see him from the window walking towards the store, you tried your best to somehow communicate with him.

You made mental lists of whatever book he was currently reading or have already read, wanting to understand his preference better. He liked the poetic ones, you noticed, and he mostly enjoyed novels.  You noticed a lot about him over the first week or so on the job, even if you hadn’t really talked other from the mandatory greeting and smiles. He was striking, all in black despite whatever weather was outside. Longer hair was unusual for the small town you lived in and if anything, it made you more curious.


You snapped your head up from the small notebook you were doodling in. It was still early for your curious muse to be here but there he stood in all his dark glory. It was hard not to stare at him. The light caressed his sharp features perfectly and the hair the stuck out from his head in messy curls seemed to glow in the ray of sun. He was angelic, to say the least. He took in the scent of the small shop and relaxed his stance. He was so breathtaking you almost forgot to greet him, stuttering idiotically.

“Hi welcome to, uh The Author’s Attic um, sorry,” You tried desperately to straighten out the papers that were messily strewn across the counter, desperately trying to hide the fact that you were staring and that your cheeks were rapidly heating up.

He nodded awkwardly in response, quirking his eyebrow at your suddenly flustered state.

Cute. Wait what? Whatever, she wouldn’t like you anyway you idiot, no one like you. He thought as he turned towards the bookshelves and scowled. Idiot.

“So what are you looking for today? Or are you just gonna chill by the café? Not that I watch you because that would be super creepy and- uh.” You piped up, realizing how creepy you sounded halfway through and jumbling your words together so fast they were almost inconceivable.

He turned and looked at you, almost… angrily? His eyes scanned your face for what seemed like hours, searching for something that wasn’t sincere. All he was met with, though, was your petrified face as you watched him glare at you,

He probably thinks you’re a stalker, Y/N. Why did you have to be so creepy? Now you’ll never get to know more about the tall boy with the high cheekbones who loves to read.

“Uh- I’m sorry ill just… make myself busy.” You mumbled as you looked down, willing to do anything to have him stop staring at you so feverously.

“No- I mean fu- just…” He let out a frustrated growl and hurried off into the infinite aisles of books, leaving you confused and even more curious about the ‘tall boy with the high cheekbones who loves to read.’


Monday morning was… eventful. Disappointing, but eventful nonetheless. Connor was seated next to you in English class, courtesy of the uptight teacher and her ‘put the good kids by the not-so-good kids and let them rub off’ philosophy. You didn’t think Connor was a ‘bad seed’, but everyone else seemed to sigh in relief when the teacher called his name and pointed next to your seat.

When confronted with this situation, he did what any reasonable person would do; sighed, sat down, and never said a word or even made eye contact with ‘the nice girl with the pretty eyes who works at the bookshop.’ Reasonable.

You were confused when he didn’t return your small smile as he walked up to the desk next to yours, and then you were sad because he didn’t acknowledge your existence. You learned one thing though, ‘the tall boy with high cheekbones who loves to read’ was named a bit simpler: His name was Connor.

Once school was over and you were at work, which you nicknamed ‘The Attic’, you were nervous for Connor to make his way into your tiny sanctuary. Connor. It was so strange to say his name, even if it was just in your thoughts.

So, you continued to scribble on the notepad in front of you and reposition books until the dreaded ‘ding’ would ring through your ears to reveal the tall boy with th- Connor.

Maybe you were just really focused on alphabetizing the books marked ‘fiction’ by Authors name, or maybe your brain just didn’t want to hear the warning bell. Either way, you turned around to find a tall boy in dark clothes staring at you from the gap between isles. You almost dropped the books that were wrapped securely in your arms.

He seemed like he was about to say something but decided against it and began to walk away.

“Wait! I mean- sorry, Connor right?” You said as you realized he was turning away.

He looked confused at first, probably wondering how the hell you knew his name or even his existence,

“You apologize a lot.” He stated bluntly.

Quickly realizing how douche-y he sounded, he continued.

“…But yeah, I’m Connor I guess.” He scratched the back of his head and shrugged his shoulders as if it was a question.

“Y-you guess?” You smiled lightly at him and placed the books down on top of the stool you used to reach the books stored up high.

He shoved his hands in his pockets grumpily and grunted in response. He was oddly welcoming with the ghost of a smile hidden behind his curtains of brown curls. Then the impossible happened, he laughed. His smirk turned into a small huff and the corners of his eyes crinkled as he raised his head and pushed the hair out of his face,

He laughed. It wasn’t a big laugh where he couldn’t breathe or even a giggle, it was just a wisp of happiness that made your knees feel wobbly and your cheeks feel warm.

He noticed your shocked stare, equipped with light pink cheeks and mouth agape in awe. He stood there awkwardly waiting for you to throw some quip or joke at him. When you asked him what book he was reading he didn’t register the punch line… because there wasn’t one. You were being decent to him and he didn’t know what to do except awkwardly fumble for the yellow-paged, bent up, and old-from-use book.

You gently grabbed the book from his paper-white hand, knuckles brushing for a split second before you hummed in response to the title you vaguely recognized. DART By: Alice Oswald

“This is the one with the river, right?” You muttered as you traced the intricate cover, flipping it over to see the back.

“Yeah the uhm, it’s the one with the river.” He gaped at you as you gently traced his book with your fingertips.

He didn’t think you would know (or care about) what he was reading, not even his mom seemed to bother to notice what he was always focused on in the mornings.

You handed the book back in his direction and offered a warm smile.

“I’m Y/N, by the way. We have English together.” You kept your hand out held after he took the book back from you, a small peace offering.

He wiped his hand on his jeans before grasping yours hesitantly.

“Yeah sorry, I just hate all those people… not you! I just don’t like being around them so I ignore ‘em.” He shrugged sheepishly, watching as your eyes lit up as you got an idea.

“Just make it up to me then. Buy me a coffee and tell me about your book.”

“Are you, like, sure you wanna be seen with the emo stoner kid?”

“Depends,” his disappointment was evident, “Are you an emo stoner kid or did you just start accepting the labels?”

He fell in love right then and there… you know in like the metaphorical way. I wouldn’t just instantly fall in love with someone don’t be an idiot, Connor.

“So it characterizes a river?” You asked over the small white mug full of steaming cocoa he had bought you.

It had been four long days since your encounter and you were finally off work and available to be taken out for coffee. In English, he kept trying to figure out what things you like in your coffee and what books you read etc. He wasn’t used to being interested in someone else’s preferences, but watching you try and explain thing the character’s turmoil in your recent book made him enamored with your brain. Every sentence seemed to flow so elegantly from brain to your voice, it was peaceful to listen to you.

“Yeah but it’s like, oddly poetic? It’s weird.” He shrugged and focused n the dark liquid sloshing around in his mug.

“Tell me more.” You reached for his hand and his head shot up confusedly.

The look in your eyes was full of curiosity and determination, how could he say no?

The rest of the evening the both of you were entranced by each other’s conversations and ideas about anything and everything ranging from favorite authors to how his nails were painted a dark navy blue other than the usual black. Explanation: He lost the black nail polish and didn’t want to ask Zoe, his sister.

Your mugs may have been empty, but your stomachs and brains were full of warmth.


“Hi, welcome to ‘The Authors Attic’ is there anything you’re looking f- Connor!” you chirped from your stool behind the counter, getting up and walking over to him.

“hi.” He said breezily while watching you walk towards him. He took in your uniform, a dark blue lanyard hanging from your neck with a big employee sticker hanging from it. On the part that wrapped around your neck pins were placed haphazardly reading either ‘books!’, or a cute quote. The one that made him give a ghost of a smile, however, was the one right near your heart reading ‘I have a degree in being a bookworm!’


“OH!” You hopped and clapped your hands, “I just found something in the newest shipment I think you might like…” you ran back behind your desk and bent down under the tabletop. Victoriously, you pulled out a small paperback book.  An Ember in the Ashes printed in big gold letters.

“Okay, so it isn’t poetry but its one of my favorites and there are some really good one-liners and uh…” You saw his blank expression and retreated back inside your mental shell.

“It was just an idea, you don’t have to read it or anything. Sorry.”

He was confused at your sudden change of demeanor and then realized he was still in the same spot he was when he came in, not even bothering to walk up to the counter with you. He probably looked disinterested.

“No! I was just surprised is all. Oh, and stop apologizing for being adorable.” He mumbled the rest under his breath after ‘apologizing.’

“Sor- I mean, okay. Here.” He was standing at the counter now and you handed the book towards him. Your knuckles brushed again and he felt the tips of his ears grow warm.

“Thank you, really. Not many people care enough to see stuff and think I would like it.”

“Consider me the exception that shows decent human affection then.” You smiled sadly and sighed.

When he got home that night, he never read a book faster in his life.

He didn’t come to school the next day.

He didn’t come to the bookstore the next day either.

You were left alone at both.

You tried not to worry about it, he missed school all the time! Even when he didn’t come to school you would always see him at the bookshop, regardless if he had a cold or smelt like smoke. There was nothing you could do, so you sat and reorganized books; once by color and once by authors name.  You ran your finger across the spines of the books in boredom until one caught your eye.

DART By: Alice Oswald

You sat down behind the front desk and read.

A week later and still no Connor. you sighed and stood on the ladder trying to reposition the books when your foot slipped, you yelped and felt something try and catch you but you both ended up on the floor groaning in pain.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry, sir!” You yelped as you leaped up from on top of whoever tried to catch you.

“Not to alarm you, but I think you literally just fell for me.”

You looked up in shock at the tall boy with hi- Connor,

“Connor? You’ve been gone for a week!” You yelped as you stepped closer and hugged the lanky boy.

“Oh you, well, I didn’t think you would notice… I got grounded so I couldn’t really stop by.” He said timidly as he slowly reciprocated your hug, arms gently placed on your lower back.

“Of course I noticed! I was…” you trailed off and shook your head as if it would erase what you had begun to say.

“What?” He pulled away and held you at arms distance, hands on your shoulders as he looked at you concerned.

“I was, um… I was lonely,” you squeaked as you rubbed your arms awkwardly.

He opened his mouth to say something and closed again, furrowing his eyebrows and scowling confusedly.

“Forget it. Oh hey! I read DART!” You tried desperately to change the subject as you skipped towards the counter.

He followed you, still confused as hell, as you dragged him along with you. How were you lonely? You were nice and smart and interesting, you had to have friends! Is it possible you’re somehow like him? Lonely and desperate for any sign of affection that you go to books for comfort? Holy fuck you probably were like him! But you were so…You! And he was so…

“Here,” you slid the book over the counter. “I thought maybe we could discuss it or something… Maybe at the café here!” you said excitedly.

He nodded confused and stared at the fresh copy.

You retreated from him, scared you were being too enthusiastic.

“You don’t have to! I just had a nice time last week and thought maybe we could…” you rambled off as your voice rose to an embarrassed squeak.

“You read it?” He whispered in disbelief as he traced the cover with his finger.

You gulped and nodded so fast he thought your head might fall off.

The hope and admiration in his eyes was beautiful, but his eyes themselves; don’t get yourself started. They were cold, but not without feeling. Sometimes he would notice when you were staring and raise his guard back up, but you always saw the isolation, regardless. His eyes were a cold blue, and his right eye had a streak of brown cutting the ice of his eyes with warmth.

“When are you free?”

“Oh! Uh, in like 10 minutes, actually.” You said as you quirked your head sideways to look at the clock behind him.

“I’ll go order the coffees then.” He did that ghostly smile you had grown so fond of after not seeing it for so long.

“It’s a date!” you giggled after him as he stalked off towards the café.

“It’s a date? I mean, yeah. It’s a date.” He stuttered out as he turned around to look at your fading figure as he kept walking backwards.

[space thing]

Once the coffee was gone and it was getting late he took you by surprise.

“Can I walk you home? Since this is a date and all.” He asked as he gently placed his hand out towards you, trying not to scare you away.

To his relief and to your hearts consistent fluttering; you held it.

“So you said you were lonely earlier, but how? You’re normal.”

You squeezed his hand tightly, mentally deciding if you should actually open up to this boy you’ve known for a few months.

“Well, Mister outcast, I’m not who you peg me to be.” You replied lowly.

“Then who should I think you are?” he scoffed, almost bitter.

“Did you ever notice the girl who reads in the corner of your English class? Or ever stop to look at the people who accidentally bump into you in the halls? I’m like the ghost of that shitty school.” You laughed at yourself and continued.

“I’m the girl who is vaguely recognizable. If I didn’t show up for a week no one would notice! I mean, ask around at school for me and all you would get was a faint recognition of my name.” You sighed and looked over at him.

“I would notice.” He said softly as he rubbed his thumb across the top of yours.

“Why?” was all you could really say. It was all your mind could think of.

Then it was all too fast but the look he gave you after you said that… you couldn’t help yourself. You grabbed his face and gently leaned in, waiting for any sign of permission. He nodded lightly and closed the distance between your faces. It was like a mixture of sorrow and longing and love, it overwhelmed you, but the good kind.

And you were happy and kissing and he was happy and kissing back. Happy wasn’t something Connor was used too, but he knew what it was as soon as you leaned in. You were gentle and kind and you made an effort to know him, something he couldn’t say about his own dad.

You pulled away breathless and smiling from cheek to cheek. He relished in the sight of the pretty girl who loves to read so close to him, having just kissed him and breathless. He smiled back at you; not the ghost smile you would occasionally see but a full, nose crinkled and eyes almost shut smile that he reserved for no one. Well, until you.

Then he did what you would’ve least expected the tall boy in dark clothes with high cheekbones who loves to read to do, he pecked your cheek and whispered really softly;

“I know you fell for me earlier but I think I prefer this way of showing it instead.”

I need to see Magnus with colorful lipstick. Give me Magnus with dark red or bright purple or navy blue lips. Give me Magnus in lipstick that matches his nail polish and the color streaks in his hair. Give me Magnus in colorful lipstick.

Something in the way you move: Part 3

Relationships: Bucky Barnes x Reader

OC: Steve Rogers,Peggy Carter,

Summary: Your brother-Steve Rogers- will marry  a week later. And what about you?

Warnings: a little bit smut maybe

Word Count:3130

part 1

part 2

A/N: Hi guys, thank you for liking and reading. Hope you like it.

Guys, English isn’t my native language. Please warn me if I have made any grammar or spelling errors.Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to text and say your opinions. With love.x

“Vegas, baby!” Y/N took off her sunglasses and got off the car. The Uber driver got off the car and took their luggage out of the trunk.

“Whose idea was to planning the hen party in the same city and on the same day with Steve’s?” Peggy sent the message and looked at her friend.

“I wouldn’t have let Steve have fun in another city without me. I don’t trust his crazy ass friends. "They were flying in first class. Peggy and Y/N checked in without waiting and began to walk to the corner. There was a café. It took a few hours for the plane to take off.

"I don’t think Steve will go crazy.” Y/N didn’t remember when the last time her brother had gone crazy. When they entered the café, which had a few customers, Y/N smelled fresh coffee. It was too early to wake up. Because of the time difference, Peggy acted wisely and bought tickets to early hours. The wedding was three days later. Planes would land in Vegas in the morning. They had a day for getting alcohol and party. The next morning they had to go back home. Their wedding was in a farm house. They were surrounded by lush green plains and they had to be there the night before the wedding for their preparations. Peggy wanted to spend her last single times with fun. All the wedding plans had driven her mad. She wanted to go to brunch with her bridesmaids; she wanted to listen to the rumors of her friends while she was drinking mimosa. She wanted to go to the strip club. She was having fun while she was with Steve, but she still liked the idea of ​​a hen party.

      Y/N smiled at the young man behind the counter. The man noticed Y/N and smiled at her as he handed the order to the customer. His dark skin was shining.

“How can I help this beautiful lady?” She lifted her head from the phone and looked at the barista across from her. He was obviously younger than Y/N, looking at her with his sweet smile, waiting for her order.

“Good Morning. Can I have a simple filter coffee and a cup of green tea? "He smiled and nodded at her before heading towards the machines. She walked to Peggy, who was sitting on the small table in the corner. She felt awake with the smell of coffee and felt less grumpy. Y/N couldn’t help thinking how nice her manicured nails she had yesterday. The navy blue nail polish contrasted with her hand. She clashed her rings in her right hand.

 "Excuse me, when will my coffee be ready?” He stopped to making coffee and looked at her. He licked his lips and began to play the earring in his right ear.

“I’m really sorry; I just have started to make a new pot when you ordered. It takes a few minutes. "He took one of the donuts and reached it up to her.

"Accept it as an apology for keeping waiting.” His gazes were flirty.

“My name is Jack.” She didn’t want to flirt with this guy, even though he looked good.

“Thank you, but I can’t accept it. By the way, I am Y/N. "He said her name slowly and put her order on the counter. He insisted on not taking donut back.

"Good morning.” The voice came from behind her and threw his arm on her shoulder. When she turned her head and looked at his brother, he was grinning at Jack. It took a few seconds to figure out what he was trying to do. Steve was cock blocking Jack. Jack was wandering about to try to figure out their relationships. Steve leaned over and kissed her sister on her temple.

“Can I also get plain filter coffee?”Jack nodded without thinking and started to make the order. The only response she got from Steve when she tried to push the arm on her shoulder was to wink. She rolled her eyes and walked to the table with her cup.

    She tried to ignore Bucky’s gaze. She was at variance with him. Y/N remembered what happened with him before she went out for dinner with Ted. She couldn’t forget that Bucky called her a gold digger and she was angry. Bucky told her that he regretted what he said, but Y/N didn’t listen to him. All of Bucky’s behavior was stuck out like a sore thumb.  She ignored the man in the house; her family didn’t need to have much time to understand that something was wrong. She remembered Steve’s warning about upsetting each other, his brother well-known to be right about everything. Although Bucky repeatedly apologized, she knew he didn’t feel guilty.

"Good morning, Y / N.” She gazed at the eyes of the man looking at her. Blue eyes looking hopefully, expecting a response from her. An intimate and warm answer … She turned her head to her friend Peggy.

“I’m going to get some magazines to read on the plane.” She looked up at Bucky for a moment while getting up from the table. When she saw his smile lost, she took a deep breath and came out of the café.

      Y/N had no idea why she kissed Bucky that night. With him she wasn’t thinking. All she wanted at that time was Bucky’s touch. She had confessed herself that she felt something and the man she liked had insulted her. She was pulling towards the man. She knew she couldn’t prevent. That love-hate relationship would grate to her. She closed her eyes while leafing through the magazines. She would return to her life after the wedding. Her vacation would end, and her busy life would continue. Y/N was happy now. She loved being around with her family and she didn’t have to think about her problems. Returning to her life in London was meant to stay away from Bucky. Maybe she needed that. In the last 4 days, she got too close to Bucky and she was all over the loft. She bought a copy of all the magazines she had noticed, and began to walk quickly to catch her plane.

    10 ways to satisfy your man. Are you the right person for each other? She sighed while reading the magazine in her hand. What kind of magazine was that? If there were some absurd things that weren’t news sources, they’d collect them here. When she turned the page, she rolled her eyes. Eight ways to figure out he is interested in you. She began to examine the pictures they had put in between the writings. Two people looking at each other in love either holding hands or smiling. She turned the page with request of vomiting.

   Y/N asked Peggy to sit in her side cabin. She didn’t want to sit next to Bucky. Peggy went to the toilet with the light that said they could move freely. Bucky was looking at herself when she returned to the right to show Peggy the stupid articles on the magazine.

“What are you reading, angel?” His eyes focused on the magazine, reading a headline, a smile that she knew it would return to a huge laugh.

“This stupid magazine that I bought.” Bucky grabbed the magazine and tried to find the previous page as she turned and pinched it among other magazines. She opened her eyes wide and he shrugged his shoulders.

 “What? I am curious. Eight ways of figuring out what? "When he finally found the page, he folded the pages of the magazine and began to read to her with a low voice.

"You’re joking, aren’t you?”

“If you notice that he smile at you, he probably wants to meet and talk. If he touches you, he absolutely likes you. "He lifted his head with the last sentence, looked up at the woman and lifted his eyebrows. Y/N rolled her eyes and closed the magazine.

"Come on, doll, I could learn a few clues that might be useful.”  Y / N groaned to him. He was messing with her.

“There’s not a single thing you can learn from those magazines. In fact, they should even offer you a corner statement.” Bucky tried to stop his laugh when the hostess approached. Y/N tilted her head against her seat, staring at the woman’s gaze over Bucky. Wherever he was, he was able to grab attention, and that was a little uncomfortable.

"Is there anything I can do for you, sir?” The woman was trying to seduce him. For a moment her gaze didn’t separate from the man next to Y/N. Bucky smiled at the woman and Y/N couldn’t hold it any longer, took the magazine she just threw away and began to look at it nervously. Oh my God, she couldn’t watch the two of them flirting for a few more hours on this plane.

“I would be very happy if you could bring cocktails for me and my girlfriend.” When she raised her head and looked at Bucky, the man held her hand and began to play her thumb with his own thumb. She grinned when the woman’s smile disappeared. She nodded at them and Y/N pulled her hand when she left.

“What was that?”

“During the flight, I can’t keep protecting myself from this woman; we had to play a little game.” Of course, what was Y/N thinking? She licked her lips and stared at him.

“I don’t want you to talk to me during the flight or even to look at me. Leave me alone. "Bucky looked at Y/N grumbling. His eyes were full of frustration.

"I have repeatedly apologized to you, doll. Tell me what I have to do to make up for it, and I will. ”

“If you succeed in going to hell, I’ll forgive you.” She twirled her head and pulled up the cover between them. After the kiss, Y/N had stepped back and looked at the man who had closed his eyes. “If I were a gold digger, I would never kiss you. Because then I would be a terrible gold digger. "She said to him with a voice like ice. She left Bucky alone in the middle of the living room and left the house. She wanted to hurt the man. While she was getting hurt, she wanted to upset him, too. She didn’t care about his insults; she got angry because Bucky knew how to get under her skin. She couldn’t focus on Ted in the dinner, and had a terrible date. When she told Ted what happened, he comprehended. He even made a few jokes about their relationships. At first Y/N grumbled and then she couldn’t hold herself, and she started laughing with the guy. Ted could understand the woman, didn’t bother. He was handsome, and smart. "Why can’t I feel the feelings for him that I feel for Bucky?” she thought, touching the screen in front of her and starting to watch the movie she chose randomly.

   Y/N had been to Vegas many times before, but she didn’t remember any time. In general, the daytime she would go down to the pool to savor the sun. In the evenings, she would go to night clubs and get drunk. After all, Vegas was called sin city. She should have enjoyed every moment. She greeted Peggy’s friends who came from other cities. When they agreed together to go out at that night, Y/N decided to rest a bit. When she entered the room, she left her suitcase in the corner, took off her shoes, and got into the king sized bed.

"To my marriage!” Y/N laughed and raised her glass and cheered. When the club lights were dancing on them, women were chitchatting. Peggy’s friends were lovely people. Y/N started to see that all of them were little nuts. Especially she loved Nur. The woman was a successful business woman. She hated men. She even forbad them to talk about men tonight. Y/N was a little scared when she told Peggy that if she would talk about Steve; she would kick her ass.

 "Honey, if he doesn’t care about you, you will kick his ass. It’s that simple. “Aria, Peggy and Y/N’s high school friend, complained of her lover. She started to get drunk with alcohol and other women had to feel bad about her. Sarah chugged her drink and yelled at the women to make herself heard.

"Come on, let’s dance girls!” Y/N started to dance and grinned at Peggy. As Peggy laughed at her, Y/N held her hand and began to walk toward the dance floor. She needed to distract her head tonight and promised her best friend to live the most beautiful night.

     Soon the men began to pay attention. Y/N got into the rhythm of music as she waved her hips without care. She was loose due to alcohol and was enjoying the night. Peggy told her she had to answer her mother’ call and when she left Y/N rolled her eyes. She continued to dance without caring the hands in her waist. She winked when she turned around and looked at the man. The brunette man took courage to pull her to himself. When they started dancing together, Y/N put her arms around the guy’s neck. When the song was over she realized how tired she was. The man held her wrist as she ducked down the dance floor.

“Can I buy you a drink? I want to meet you. "Y/N hesitated and looked at the man. Her friends were gathered around the table and waiting for her. The man, Y/N didn’t even know his name, looked at her with interest. When she remembered that night was Peggy’s special night, she approached the man and pressed her lips against his ear.

"I have to be with my friends tonight. But when we get out there we can fuck. "She laughed at his surprised face and left him alone and walked to her friends.


    "Take off your clothes.” Y/N ordered the man to try to get her own clothes out. She was incompetent because she was drunk. When she opened the zipper, she lifted her head and looked at the man in front of her. He was very attractive. She knew she would be satisfied tonight. She stepped into the man. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. She enjoyed the vodka when she got the taste. He grabbed Y/N’’s legs and went to the bed. She was on top of him and could feel his hard cock underneath. She licked her lips and put her hands on his naked chest and bowed. He squeezed her hips when she sucked his neck.

“Oh God, you make me feel so good.” When she heard his moan, she grinned at the man. Tonight Y/N was going to have a lot of fun.

He was talking to her while he was kissing her neck. Y/N rolled her eyes when she thought the man was talking too much. They didn’t need to talk. He didn’t have to tell loving sentences to her ear. Y/N wanted to fuck. He almost stopped, just talking. Y/N gasped and put his right hand on her boob. She wished he understood the implication. Instead, when he continued to talk, Y/N took the law in her own hands.

“Shut up and fuck me.”Someone knocked on the door when he nodded at her. Y/N looked at the door with a puzzled look. Girls knew Y/N was back at the hotel with the guy. They wouldn’t bother her.

“Were you expecting someone else?” When he looked at her with the confusing eyes, she shook her head and went over the door. She just opened the door without worrying that she was in just her underwear.

“Oh my god, you’re really having sex with that bastard.”

    When Y/N tried to close the door to his face, Bucky blocked her and went inside. He took a hateful look at the man in bed. He took the t-shirt she left on the floor and threw it at her.

“You, put on. You, out! “Y/N couldn’t believe Bucky. Where did he find the courage to come to her room and kick out the man in her bed?

"Knock it off!” Bucky threw the man’s pants on the floor and looked at Y/N. She took a step back when she saw his angry eyes.

"You can’t decide who I am having sex.” Bucky glanced at her with a threatening glance. He took a deep breath when he looked around her body.

“I told you to put on that t-shirt, doll.” Y/N put on her t-shirt without stopping to look at Bucky.

“Go away Bucky.” The man came to them as they gazed at him.

“Look, I really want to fuck you, but I guess it’s not a good time.” Y/N spoke to him without looking at the man.

“Get into bed.” She wanted to say his name, but when she realized she had never learned, she got angry at herself. Bucky riveted his glare on him.

“If you don’t want to die tonight, leave the fucking room.” Y/N sat on the edge of her bed frustrated as she saw the man getting out of the room without hesitation.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” The voice was angry. She never liked Bucky’s intervention in her life. He couldn’t come to her room and give  orders.

“You can’t get laid with him. You even don’t know his name!”

“It’s none of your business! I am drunk, I am horny and I want to have sex. "Y/N stood up and yelled at the man across. She wanted to spill out hatred against Bucky without considering other people in their room. She wanted to kill him. Bucky’s eyes softened a little as the guy snuck in the room. Y/N, who couldn’t stand his silent gaze, looked at the man in disgust. She tried to figure out what happened when he took his hand to his jeans button.

"If you are horny. If you want to have sex. "He was talking while pulling down the zipper.

”Then it’s my job to satisfy you, not a fucking man on the sidewalk.” Y/N gasped for breath and stood on her feet.

“What the fuck are you talking about ?!”


Hey, everyone! I’m finally back after a 7 month writing hiatus! This didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped, but I still hope you all enjoy the angsty goodness anyway~

Summary: Natsu is the reason why Lucy was unable to say goodbye to her father before he died. Now their relationship is falling apart and Natsu is scrambling to fix it. Nalu one-shot



He was cold. The sheets were a damp tangle around his bare waist, and the whirling ceiling fan above the bed was blowing softly against the thin sheen of sweat slick on his skin. His chest heaved, shoulder blades and spine digging into the mattress as his muscles constricted against the hardness of the cushion. It was threadbare and old, a bed that they had picked up in a thrift store back in Hargeon, with stains and dust clinging to it in the way that the mothball smell clung to their chipped wardrobe shoved in the corner of the room. He knew this, but had it always felt this uncomfortable?


Something poked his cheek bone, and with a short slough he peeled back his eyes, hands ritualistically reaching out to the other side of the bed. All he grasped was cool, dry air. The bed was empty. As it had been for the past month. A new shiver twisted down his back, and every hair on his skin rose.


Blinking at the sound of her voice, Natsu lifted the sheets twined around him in a fist and rolled over in bed. Lucy was sitting on the carpet, right beside the ashy stain leftover from when she had knocked a candle over on that night. Behind her, the blinds were open, the corner of the moon pitching a single beam of white light across the right side of her hunched body; it glinted against navy blue nail polish every time her fingers drummed down across her knee. The other leg was jiggling up and down. Her eyes, weighed down by the dark circles beneath them, were flitting all over him.


“Are you awake?” She was trying to whisper, he could tell, but as usual she just ended up sounding loud in the soft air; harsh and urgent. Something he’d grown used to as of late.

“Guess so,” he grumbled, pushing himself up on the mattress. Springs creaked.

He was eye-level with her now and he couldn’t tell if the lack of light in her eyes was due to the shadows dancing across her face, or something else. With the back of his hand, he wiped his clammy forehead.

“We’re out of milk.”

“Okay,” he drawled, not bothering to hide the question in his voice. “I’ll get some in the morning.”

“I want it now.”

Though her tone and volume never changed, the words made him flinch a bit. His eyes flickered to the clock. 3:52 am.

“Now,” he repeated, letting the word slide off his tongue on a quiet huff of air. He raked a hand through his pink tangles. Faculty meeting at 6:45am. Then seven hours of teaching right after. His head was already aching at the thought.

But there was a tiny, little spark of hope that was glinting at the very back of Lucy’s eyes.  He hadn’t seen seen it in so long, it was enough to have him pushing off the mattress with a groan. There was a pair of jeans with the belt still in them crumpled on the floor from where he’d kicked them off earlier that night, and he tugged them back on over his black boxers, leaving them unzipped for the moment. Below him, Lucy plucked a random shirt off the floor and handed it to him.

“Thanks,” he said with a smile, ruffling her hair as he walked past. “Let me pee, then we can get going.”

A moment later, Natsu was finally feeling awake as he and Lucy wrapped layers around them. Huffing out a heavy breath after fixing the collar of his coat, he bent to pet the small, white dog shaking at his feet.

“We’ll be back in a few.” The puppy yipped when his fingers slipped into a rough scratch on the side of the neck. “Watch the house, alright?”

Lucy was watching him with tired eyes when he rose up from his crouch. He smiled at her and gave her hand a squeeze, hoping to relieve the tension metastasizing in the quiet air around them.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

She nodded without returning his smile. Her hand was limp in his. “Hand me my scarf, please.”

Slipping from the loose embrace of their hands, Natsu tugged the black yarn scarf from the closet, making the hanger twist and turn erratically. Lucy held her hand out expectantly, a thank you already beginning to fall from chapped, parted lips. But he ignored her, stepping up until he was inches away from her, and wrapped the scarf around her neck with slow, patient movements, being sure to tuck her chin and mouth inside the soft material to keep in as much warmth as possible. When he was done, the frayed ends shoved inside the collar of her coat to prevent unravelling, he pressed a firm kiss on the crown of her head. He could smell her shampoo, the same sandalwood vanilla, intoxicating scent that she’d been using when they went on their first date. He missed it.

He missed her. 

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Imagine Rick getting you some nail polish

Originally posted by pierce-my-panic

Rick looked at you when he returned from the run into town, he and Daryl had happened upon an old CVS and were stealing the drugs left behind. However his eye was caught by a few bottles of nail polish, mint green, navy blue and sparkly black. He snatched them up and put them into his coat pocket along with a small bottle of remover before leaving, as Daryl grabbed the soda for Denise.

“Hey babe.” He smiled as you greeted him at the door, laundry basket in hand as you headed towards the room you shared

“Hey, how was the run?” You asked as you turned to go up the stairs.

“Easy, Daryl is taking the drugs and soda to Denise now.” 

“Well that’s good, I know how badly she wanted that.” You had disappeared from his view, causing him to follow you up the stairs, watching as you started to fold your clothes.

“I gotcha something, figured you might like it.” He leaned against the door as you turned around, a smile covering your face.

“Rick. You didn’t have to get me shit.” He reached in his pocket and exposed the contents, your eyes widening as you looked.

“I know you went to school for this kind of stuff, figured you might like these.” He smiled as you picked them out of his callused hand. 

“I love it.” you leaned forward and kissed him, before pulling back and saying, “Now you fold these, while I put these to use.” And with that you left Rick at the bed, as you retreated to the bathroom. 

Jonnor Headcannon

Where did Connor get the nail polish when he painted his own nails to show Jude he supported him?

Did his mom happen to have the same exact shade? Unlikely.

Did his dad buy it for him? Highly doubt it.

So I have this image in my mind that while Connor is out shopping with one of his parents, he spots navy blue nail polish, and he just can’t help but to formulate a plan. Maybe while his mom/dad isn’t looking, he grabs it and runs over to the cashier lane, pulls out all his spare change, quickly pays and shoves it in his pocket. And the morning after, he tries to hurriedly paint them before his family is awake. This is taking forever to dry oh god. Once it dries he has to hide his hands from his dad all through out the drive to school. And don’t get him started on the stupid remarks that Jeremy keeps making during English class. 

But once he sees Jude’s eyes light up when he sees Connor’s matching nails at lunch, and when Jude’s little smile causes little butterflies to flit around in his own stomach, he knows it was all worth it. Because Jude is worth it.

If I Never

Title: If I Never

Pairing: Dean/Reader

Word Count: 1,804 

Song Inspiration: Die a Happy Man-Thomas Rhett

A/N: Heard this song on my way to work and I knew I had to write a story with it. It was also inspired by a story Jensen told at his panel at DenCon about himself and Daneel. Leave it to that man to inspire. Hope you enjoy.


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The Impala was roaring under you, the faint vibrations and the familiar roar consuming the cabin inside. You were picking at the old chipped navy blue nail polish left on your thumb and humming along to Thunderstruck under your breath as you and Dean rolled down the open road of the highway.

“What?” you asked, glancing sideways at the green eyed driver when you caught him staring at you.

“Nothin’,” he responded, a ghost of a smile playing at his lips. He turned back to the road in front of him.

“Dean, come on,” you sighed, shaking your head. “You’re not still laughing about what happened last night, are you?”

“Course not.” This time he couldn’t hide the smirk on his face.


“Oh, come on, Y/N, it was funny!”

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