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Chris Evans Fic: Since Then (Five Years Later)

So yesterday, I reached an incredible, unbelievable 900 followers! So today, in celebration, here is a tiny little, extremely fluffy sequel to my recent fic Since Then. Enjoy! :)


‘Hey Abs?’ Chris asked, not taking his eyes off the road. He was trying very, very hard to stay relaxed in the passenger seat as his daughter navigated the roads in his car. There was nothing actually wrong with her driving, but as he always told her, it was all the other drivers on the road that concerned him.

She’d begged and begged him to take her out for driving practise and he’d finally agreed, but now they were alone, he needed to ask her a question.

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No Better love Part 4 The Final part

No better love


Summary: They always say Christmas is the time for miracles.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: cussing, blood, fighting, angst, smut, unprotected sex (wrap if your gonna tap people)

Word count: Part 1 = 2,118 Part 2 = 1,968 (with lyrics) Part 3 = 1,818 Part 4 = 3,846

Rating: PG-13

Note: sequel to “Ruin” takes place about three months later.






Part 4

December 31 New York City, New Year’s Eve


Eye’s trained on the New York sky line, he doesn’t hear you step into the room, lights dimmed, the party raging on in the ballroom couple of floors down. It’s been a hell of a week of shocks and almost losses. You can’t believe the two of you made it to tonight, the last one of 2016, and together no less. Holding back the snort which wants to let loose, but right now you don’t want to disturb the peace that’s settled or the man who’s filled your heart with such love and joy.

To think less than a week ago he’s at death’s door and now he stands, one hand resting on the cool glass of Stark Tower the other hanging at his side, back slightly bent forward as if he’s searching for something. Instead you take the time to truly look at him, dressed in a pair of fitted black dress pants that hug an ass you can’t help but want to squeeze, tailored white long sleeved button shirt, sky blue tie that you know has been loosened as the sleeves have been rolled up exposed the tanned, muscular forearms. You wonder what’s going through his mind right now, if he’s troubled about something since you could see the tense set of his shoulders. Free hand slipping into those dress pants to fiddle with something.

Leaning against the door jam of the borrowed room, hands clasp over your tummy, jeweled embellishments abrading the palms of your hands, as navy blue chiffon bellowed around you softly. You mind going back to Christmas Day.

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Saudade - Part Two. Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Rating: 18+ NSFW
Words: 4484

Notes: There isn’t any smut in this part, sorry to disappoint the perverts, but it’s still marked smut because the series itself has smut, and there will eventually be smut, don’t worry. Thanks to my hoe’s for helping out and reading it over. Tip: It’s good to have friends to take a second look, they can usually pick out things you can’t or suggest things.

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