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“Secret”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: n/a

Word count: 1595

Requested: no|| Request are closed 

Summary: Y/n and Joe have a relationship and Y/n gets tired of keeping it a secret. 

A/n:  Sorry this took so long guys! I have been taking a little bit of a break but hopefully can get back in the swing of things. Oh and Y/r/n = your roommate’s name :)


“Hi babeee,” your boyfriend Joe said as you walked into the door. He was laying on his bed shirtless under the covers on his computer. “Hi,” you said smiling and placing your bag by the door. You sat on his bed next to him. “Whatcha doing?” you asked pulling off your shoes. “Editing this week’s video. Wanna watch it?” “Sure,” you answered crawling under the covers next to him. 

You laid your head on his chest and watched his video. The video was Dare Sugg 3 and like usual resulting in tears due to laughter. “I love it,” you said regaining your composure. “It was proper torture,” he pouted. You turned your head up and kissed his jaw with a smile. He smiled and pulled you closer. “Caspar should be gone for a while so what do you want to do?” He asked. “This,” you said snuggling into his chest. “Okay,” he smiled.

 He finished up his video. “Want me to turn on Netflix?” He asked sweetly. You nodded but all of the sudden you heard the door upstairs open. “Joe?” You heard Caspar yell through the apartment. “Shit. You have to go. Go through Caspar’s window. Love you,” he said pecking your lips.

 You guys mutually decided that at first, your relationship should be a secret. However, after almost a year, Joe still wasn’t ready for people to know about you guys. This meant keeping it from everyone including Joe’s roommate/ best friend.

 "But- love you too,“ you sighed grabbing your shoes and bag. Joe walked up the stairs and you quietly snuck out Caspar’s window. You walked back to your flat and sighed loudly as you set your keys on the counter. "Are you okay?” your roommate asked who was sitting on the couch. “Yeah just tired,” you answered before going downstairs to your room. You changed into one of Joe’s hoodies and sat on the bed.

 You grabbed your laptop and decided to try to get your mind off things by watching YouTube videos. You clicked on videos and it was a Marcus Butler video with his girlfriend Stephanie. You quickly slammed your laptop close and started to cry. You pulled your knees to your chest and eventually cried yourself to sleep. The next day Joe invited you over yet again but you ignored the text message. 

Joe: babe Caspar’s not here.

Y/n: cool

Joe: What’s wrong?

For some reason, this infuriated you. You changed into a clean hoodie and pulled on shoes before running over to Joe’s at a fast pace. You pounded on the door and he opened it a few minutes later. “Hi babe,” he said smiling. You pushed past him. 

“We need to talk and it can’t wait. I want you to just sit here and listen. I just can’t do this anymore Joe. I’m so tired of being your secret. I want to be able to hang out with you anytime. I want to go out in public and hold hands. I want to post cute Instagram pictures of us. I want to be with you Joe but I won’t hide it anymore,” you said. Tears were now flowing freely down your cheeks but you didn’t bother to wipe them. 

“Y/n,” he sighed. “I just don’t think I’m ready.” “Then when will you be Joe?” “I don’t know,” he said. “It’s been almost a year Joe.” “I want to be sure about us.” You let out a scoff and sniffled. “Well you don’t have to worry about telling anyone or about how you feel because I’m done,” you said starting to walk out. “No wait Y/n,” he said. “Just leave me alone,” you mumbled before slamming the door behind you.

 You walked home and took his hoodie and threw it in the trash can in your room. Tears blurred your vision. You sat down on your bed and just cried. There was a knock on the doors and a little piece of you wished it was Joe. “Y/n? It’s Y/r/n,” she said banging on the door. “Come in,” you sniffled and wiped your face. She opened the door and walked in and sat on the bed.

 "Are you okay?“ "Y-yeah I’m fine,” you lied. “Y/n,” she said. “Just some boy troubles.” “You know you can tell me anything right?” She said making you sigh. “Well, I was dating this guy and it was amazing but he didn’t want to tell anyone about us,” you admitted. She furrowed her eyebrows. “How long were you together? Who was it? Why didn’t he want to share your relationship?” She asked quickly. “Joe-” “Sugg?” she said remembering when you two first met them when you moved to London.

 You nodded, “We were together for almost a year,” you said looking down. “A year?” she said surprised. “I know and we didn’t tell anyone and I was fine with it at first but after like 4 months I started to question it but then 4 months turned into 9 and here we are. He told me he wanted to be sure of his feelings first,” you said in one breath. She opened her mouth to say something but your phone went off interrupting your conversation. 

You looked at the message from his sister in disappointment. “Was it him?” she asked. You shook your head,“ it was his sister she invited us to a ‘big backyard grill out’” you said reading the text. “When is it?” “Saturday, but I don’t want to go.” “Oh we’re going,” she said. “But he will be there,” you whined throwing your head back onto your pillow. “Which is exactly why we are going. We are going to show him what he could have had but decided not to,” she said with a smirk.


You still haven’t heard anything from Joe. He hasn’t tried to contact you and you haven’t contacted him. Y/r/n was so determined to make him feel sorry for it. After hours of Y/r/n working on your outfit makeup and hair, you guys were on the way to the Zalfie house. “Are you sure this isn’t ya know too much?” You asked looking down at your outfit. 

You were wearing a backless romper with a white lace top and navy blue bottom the came down to right below your butt showing off your long tan legs. Your hair was loosely curled as reached your waist. Your makeup was natural looking with a strong highlight.

 "Absolutely not. You look absolutely amazing and it doesn’t look like you tried way too hard,“ she reassured you. M You bit the inside of your cheek as you parked. "Oh my god you guys are both so gorgeous,” Zoe said letting you in. “Thank you,” y/r/n said. Zoe led you both to the back yard. “Y/n stop worrying. It’ll be okay,” your roommate said to you quietly. You nodded and looked around. There was quite a lot of people there but Joe and Caspar have still yet to arrive. You grabbed a drink and y/r/n elbowed you in the side.

 "What the hell?“ She shushed you so you turned around. You looked to see Joe walking in with Caspar and Oli.  You and Joe made eye contact but he looked away. "I have an idea,” y/r/n said grabbing your arm. “Hi Jack,” she said smiling at a very attractive boy who you recognized from Joe’s videos. “Oh my god it’s so nice to see you finally have a friend,” he said jokingly. 

“So funny Maynard,” she said playfully rolling her eyes. “This is y/n,” she said introducing you to him. “Hi,” you said with a smile. “I’ll leave you two to talk,” she said walking away. “I’m sorry for her you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to,” you said. “Oh it’s alright I don’t mind,” he replied, “so how do you know Y/r/n?” “Best friends and roommates,” you smiled. “Ahhh we talked for a while on Instagram after I saw her channel and met in person when she moved here,” Jack said.  You nodded sipping your drink. 

“You’re from La right?” “Yeah,” you answered. “Are you a YouTuber like Y/r/n?” He asked. You shook your head. “No, I prefer to be on the other side of the camera,” you admitted. “That’s a shame,” he smiled. “And why’s that?” Y/r/n walked over to you guys and leaned towards your ear. “Don’t look now but Joe’s getting mad,” she whispered and smiled as she walked away. 

“Because you’re beautiful and sweet and captivating,” he said making you smile. You looked down to hide your reddening face. “No need to look down, it’s cute,” he said. You smiled at him and looked around to mainly look at Joe but to also look for y/r/n. Joe was glaring at Jack with his fist clenched. “So you’re into photography?” “Yeah, I love it a lot,” you said.

 You two talked about photography and youtube for the next few minutes when all of the sudden Joe walked up to you guys. 

“Excuse me,” he said before crashing his lips onto yours. You kissed back and his hand sneaked up to your cheek. 

You heard cheers and 'awws’. “I’m sorry Y/n I really am. I don’t want you to be my secret. I want everyone to know that I am so in love with you and I hope you can take me back and forgive me,” he rambled. You cut him off with a kiss. “I forgive you,” you said in a whisper before connecting your lips again.

Trouble Man [3b]

Summary: James Buchanan Barnes. King of L.A. Feared by all, loathed by many, loved by few. He can get just about everything, and everyone, he wants. Except you. [70s mobster bucky au]

Part One Part Two Part Three [a]

Pairings: Bucky x Reader / Pietro x Reader / Bucky x Natasha / Steve x Sharon [there is a lot going on in this fic ok]

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of alcohol and drugs

Part Three[b]: Boogie Nights

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Cramped rooms

(Noctis X Reader)

Word Count: 1,055

The hotel that you and the rest of the guys chose to stay at yet again did not have enough beds for the five of you. It was hard to find well priced arrangements with enough room though, so you were all used to it. There was always at least one person that had to sleep on the floor, everyone took turns in the beds. Typically Ignis and Noctis had the beds, if there were only two of them, Gladio would gladly (ha, “glad”) take the floor and say “It’s basically indoor camping” with a shrug. Prompto was simply too kind to not take the floor (I mean, he got really cranky one day and pushed Noct right off the bed, but we don’t talk about thatand you would just go along with whatever was available. Tonight though, funds were low and the room was crowded. You were pretty sure that you could fit two Gladios, feet to feet, and it would be the same as the length of the room you all shared. With the small chairs, two beds, and single table set obnoxiously in the middle of the room, there was no way that three of you would be able to comfortably get any sleep. It had been a long day and your muscles hurt, you all deserved a good long rest. After you finally got your chance to go to the bathroom, clean yourself up, and change into some more comfortable clothing, Noctis called you over to where he was sleeping. You sat on the edge of the bed and thought that it really wasn’t that different from the floor, if not a little more cushioned. Looking over at Noct, you spotted the slight red on his face. Was he still nervous?

The two of you had started dating not too long ago, but it still felt like you were acting like friends, even Gladio had noticed. You rarely did anything “couple-like” in public and when you were alone Noctis always seemed a little on edge.  Sometimes you wondered whether he actually wanted to be in a romantic relationship with you or not, but when you would occasionally catch him glancing at you, or those times when he gave you a smile so simple and so real you knew that you were the only one who would see it, you remember that you were the one to go on that late night walk through the palace gardens. You were the one that he had clumsily confessed his love to. 

Coming out of your thoughts, you took a couple of seconds to look at Noct. Really look at him. His dark hair hung in his eyes like usual, royal blues that always captivated you when you looked at them. Sitting on the bed, he looked a little stiff, like he was nervous or anxious about something, you really hoped that it wasn’t you. Your eyes trailed down from his eyes to his lips to the top of his collarbone, which peaked out of the collar of his shirt. He had changed into a dark nightshirt and a pair of navy blue pajama bottoms. He looked cute.

“Hey, Noct?”


“Did you want to tell me something?” His eyebrows scrunched up a small bit in confusion, but then he remembered what it is he called you over for.

“Did you, uh,” he coughed, not even bothering to cover up how fake it was. “Did you want to sleep with me tonight?” You arched an eyebrow, trying to get him to realize just how innocent his question had been. His eyes widened and he quickly tried to clarify what he had said. “No no, not tha-that kind of sleep! Just, th-the floor looks really…uncomfortable, you know?”

You chuckled at his reddening face and the way that his hands had like he was trying to calm someone down. All just to reassure you that he didn’t want to have sex with you. Gladly, you accepted his offer, both of you agreeing that the floor was very hard, too hard to sleep on, and even if the bed was just a tad bit better, it was still better. Everyone talked for a bit until you all decided to turn in for the night, you and Noct trying to divvy up the blankets. One each then you would both share the large fluffy one over the other two. It was a very nice arrangement. 

Noctis wasn’t touching you aside of his clothed calf against your bare leg. It felt more awkward than when he first tried to kiss you in public. You slowly moved yourself towards Noct, telling him to move his arms. He sleepily complied, moving his arms to the side and letting you settle yourself in between them. As you snuggled up to the warmth that Noctis’s body was emitting, he finally realized what was going on. Noct didn’t stiffen but his arms didn’t close entirely around you, he just lightly rested his hands on your back.

You looked looked at your boyfriend, his hair long wispy tendrils encircling his face. “Noct?”

“Hmm?” Wow, his voice was so adorable when he was this sleepy. 

“You can relax, Noct,” You nuzzled closer to his chest, “it’s okay.” Hearing this, Noct let his arms embrace you, pulling you even closer to him. His head came to rest on top of yours, feathery hairs brushing against your face. You listened to his heartbeat and the sound his chest made when he breathed. Your head moved slightly with the up and down motions of Noctis’s breathing, but it felt soothing to you. You spent the rest of the night in Noct’s arms, everything felt dreamlike, other than the hard bed and snoring coming from your right.

In the morning you looked over to see Noct’s hair, messier than before, even though you thought it impossible. His eyes were still closed with sleep and he looked peaceful, like he didn’t have any worries wherever he was. You brought your hand up to trace the line of his jaw, delicate hairs tickling your fingers. Noctis slowly opened his eyes to look at you. His arms tightened around you and he placed a kiss on your forehead, smiling, before he closed his eyes and sleep took him over once again. 

A Night At The Pool

Bella smiled at her daughter as she shifted her from arm to arm and picked up the bag that was on the floor and put it over her shoulder. Just as she she was about to walk out of the bedroom Zsadist came through the door to the hallway and stopped dead in his tracks.

“What are you wearing?” Z asked with a deep frown and his brows dropping real low as he looked at his mate. It looked like she was wearing a bra and panties but they were of a different material and looked different from the lace she usually preferred to wear.

Bella arched a brow and looked down at herself before looking back at him. “A bikini.” Bella said simply as she gestured at the navy blue bikini top and bottom that she was wearing.

“What is a bikini?” Zsadist asked as he stared very hard at his mate, not liking that she looked to be leaving the room in such a state of undress.

“It is a swim suit.”

“Swim suit?”

“You know, to go swimming in? Swimming. At the pool.”

“The pool?”

“The pool in the back yard.”

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,787

Warnings: a little fluff, a little angst, and a little cliffhanger

Prompt: Playing in the snow with Sam and pulling him in by the scarf for a kiss is Sam’s favorite memory and he’s happy to think of it when things go a little sideways.

A/N: This is my entry for @jensen-jarpad ‘s Christmas Song Challenge. My song was “White Christmas.” Special thanks to @lipstickandwhiskey for coming up with the idea and letting me use it!

Sam lay on his back, a fluffy coat around his body, bundled in a scarf and hat too. It was December 12, and the first time it had snowed in December; it had already dumped a good foot and a half that morning, and it was still snowing. Despite a long day at work, this was Sam’s surprise for her. He wanted to be with her on the first snow of the month, because he knew how much she loved the snow.

It was dark out, but neither of them cared. She had turned the porch light on to aid in seeing, the soft glow making everything that much more special. It reminded Sam of candlelight and as he lay with his body in the snow, he imagined sitting beside a fire with her, sipping hot cocoa to warm up as the snow fell outside.

“How long does it take you to make a snow angel?” She teased, standing right above him and looking down at him.

He didn’t respond, verbally at least. Instead he asked for her hand to help him get up. He was sure she knew that sneaky trick, yet took his hand anyway. Moments later, they were both in the snow, her on her back and he above her, only their jackets touching each other. Sam could feel her warm breath over his face at how close they were, he could see the rosiness to her cheeks thanks to the cold.

Snowflakes fell around them and Sam took the opportunity to lean down and kiss her. Her lips were cold against his, but that changed quickly as they kissed, his instantly warming hers up and vise versa.

He couldn’t help the smile on his face when he pulled away, looking down at the woman he loved. He never wanted to forget this moment.

“C’mon. I bet I could kick your ass in a snowball fight,” she said, pushing at his chest to get him off.

He abided and got to his feet as quickly as he could. “Oh you are so on!” He yelled, watching as she got up.

Sam saw the slightest reddish tint around her, like a glow in the background, but he didn’t know where it was coming from. It was gone as quickly as it came and seconds later, Sam was taking a snowball to the chest.

“Hey! I wasn’t ready yet!”

“Well stop daydreaming and get ready!” She laughed as she spoke, running in the opposite direction of him to begin making snowballs for their war.

There was no real winner in their war, but after she took a snowball to the face, Sam called it a truce and then proceeded to wipe the excess water off her nose and forehead with his glove.

“I didn’t mean to get you in the face,” he apologized, doing his best to remove the melted snow.

She grinned, gripping his wrist to stop his movements. His hand curled around her cheek again, the warmth radiating off her face seeping through the glove and warming his frigid fingers. “I love you,” she whispered.

Sam was quick to respond, “I love you too.” No hesitation despite it being the first time they’d said those words to each other. He knew he meant them, and he was glad to hear that she felt the same way. “Hey, let’s start my truck up and put some music on too,” Sam suggested. He was sure they’d be out there a little while longer.

He turned the radio to a station that was playing Christmas songs, seeing it fitting, then turned the volume up just enough for the two of them to hear. The beginnings of “White Christmas” were just starting to play.

“Dance with me, Sam?” she asked, hearing the slow tune. He agreed, his arm fitting around her lower back as her hand rested on his shoulder, their free hands lacing together.

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,” he sang softly, his forehead pressed against hers, “just like the ones I used to know. Where the treetops glisten and, children listen to hear sleighbells in the snow.”

The two of them swayed together, slowly in rhythm of the music as Sam sung, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, with every Christmas card I write.”

“May your days be merry and bright,” she continued, biting her lip and focusing on him to gage his reaction.

His tongue darted out across his lips as she sung, taking in the beautiful sound of her voice, “and may all your Christmas’ be white.”

Sam spun her around then, and when she faced him again, her free hand gripped around the red scarf he was wearing, pulling him into another kiss. “Sam,” she murmured upon pulling away. “Sam, open your eyes.”

Snowflakes. Sam could feel snowflakes on his forehead.

“Sam,” this voice didn’t belong to Y/N, but to a young female, dressed in a big jacket, navy blue pants as bottoms. She had a logo on her jacket, but the only thing Sam could make out from it was white cross looking thing.

He began to sit up when multiple pairs of hands pushed him down again, “Where… Where am I?” He asked.

“You were in a car accident,” a male voice sounded to his right side. Sam’s eyes followed the voice, meeting a man who couldn’t be more than 35 years old. “A van spun out of control and hit your truck. Neither yours nor your wife’s airbags deployed.”

“My wife-?” It took him a minute to realize where he was. He was on his way to celebrate their one year anniversary. He was taking her to the mountains to enjoy the snow with her. “Y/N! Where’s Y/N? I need to know where she is,” he tried to get up again, but the gentlemen who was speaking to him kept him down.

“Sir, your wife has sustained some pretty serious injuries. She’s unresponsive as of right now,” he said calmly.

“But she’s breathing right? She’s got a heartbeat doesn’t she?” He panicked.

“It’s there, but it’s faint.”

“No!” Sam cried out, shaking his head as tears welled up in his eyes. “No, god no! I gotta see her!”

“Mr. Winchester, I can’t let you do that until we know you’re stable. You yourself have some pretty serious injuries that we need to tend to.”

“Forget about me! I’m here, I’m awake! Go be with her, please!”

“I need you to calm down, si-”

“No!” he yelled. He couldn’t do much else but yell. They wouldn’t let him get up to see her so maybe if he yelled loud enough she’d hear and she’d wake up. “Please,” his voice was light now, his tears making it too hard to yell anymore, “please, you have to save her. She’s my everything.”

“We’re trying our best,” the man assured, “but I need you to calm down too. If you can’t there’s a chance you may go into a coma, or have a seizure. We’re unsure what injuries you’ve sustained to your brain and I need you to relax as much as possible,” he explained in the calmest way possible.

“Where is she? I want to be with her. I want to be next to her.”

“Sam-” the lady who was working on his injuries interjected.

“Please take me to her!” he begged. “I don’t care how she looks, if she’s bruised up and bloody. She’s beautiful, she’ll always be beautiful. I need to be with her,” he cried, gasping for breath as he spoke.

“You’re going to feel a lot of pain if we move you,” she informed him.

“I don’t care! I can take it, I need to see her.”

The lady to his left nodded to the man on his right. The two of them together moved him onto a mobile gurney and strapped him into it. Y/N wasn’t too far from him, thankfully, making it a short ride.

There were more people surrounding her than there were him, instantly worrying him. He can’t even remember the van hitting them, if it hit his side or hers, and that had him on edge. He didn’t even know the person who hit them, he hadn’t seen them.

“Sir, wait-” Sam said, looking up at the man he had been talking to before. “The person who hit us… Are they okay?”

“Yessir. The driver too sustained some injuries, but he was on his feet when we got here.”

Sam nodded, tears falling down the side of his face again, “Good,” he continued nodding. Something deep inside him was telling him not to hold a grudge on this man. He knew that Y/N wouldn’t. It was just in her personality. Maybe it was the bit of her that had grown on him that was telling him not to hate this man.

Sam turned his head to look at Y/N then. She wasn’t looking too good. She had an oxygen mask over her face. Someone with a stethoscope was listening to hear heartbeat what seemed like every five seconds. Men and women were working quickly to assess her, and it scared the life out of Sam.

“Sam?” A woman asked, an unfamiliar woman. He turned his attention to her, eyes flitting over towards Y/N every so often. “They’re going to load her up in the ambulance now. They just sent for another one for you-”

“Let me go with her,” he pleaded.

“I’m sorry. It’s too dangerous to get two gurney’s into the ambulance, especially with her injuries.”

“Then let me off this damn thing, and let me sit in the back with her.”

She sighed, a little bite in the tone of her voice as she spoke, “I cannot let you sit up. You are hurt.”

“Her going by herself, with me not knowing her condition until I get to the hospital, will hurt me more than any physical injury imaginable.”

“All right,” she nodded. “All right!” This time was louder and she had turned, now talking to the men in the ambulance. “Pull the backboard down. He’s going with.”

“Y/N,” Sam said when the two of them were secured into the back of the ambulance. “Hey, you listen to me, all right? You’re okay. You’re gonna be okay, and so am I. You gotta breathe on your own, babe. You gotta- You gotta give them a sign. Let them know you’re all right. Here,” Sam shifted, despite the EMT’s protests, and reached his hand out to her. He grabbed her hand with his, holding it tight. “Squeeze my hand, I know you’re there Y/N… I know you can do it.”

And she did.

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Riding High Seas

tags: riding; SKIRT DAN *SIRENS*; sailor outfits obvs  

desc: Dan gets the wrong sailor suit for their calendar photo shoot. Surely a ‘sassy sailor’ isn’t that different from a normal sailor costume. Is it? 

*honestly skirt dan is life and yes the title is a pun you’re welcome*


“What? Am I turning you on?”

Phil huffs sarcastically and rolls his eyes. Dan knew full well what he was doing.

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Anguish Pt.8

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Genre: Angst/fluff

* Warning * : swearing

Word Count: 3321

What’s worse than falling in love?
Falling in love with your best friend
But what’s worse than being the best friend?
It’s being family zoned

| Chap O1 | Chap O2 | Chap O3 | Chap O4 | Chap O5 | Chap O6 | Chap O7 | Chap O8 | Chap O9

A/n : LOL This chapter is more of Moonbin than Jungkook . _ . and it’s lengthy sorry ;U; Also i’m sorry for making you guys wait as well! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter ! Thanks for the Feedback ! <3

The pains that were emitting from your chest wouldn’t go away, no matter how many times Moonbin had whispered sweet nothings into your ear. They say that you can die from a broken heart, and at this rate you were for sure going to.

“Y/n, please tell me what’s going on. I haven’t seen you cry this much since I made you watch Marley & Me.” At this point Moonbin’s a bit scared. You’re so fragile, physically and mentally. He wants to continue to question you but what if he says the wrong thing and hurts you more than you are already are? He pulls you away, not caring about the huge wet spot you had made right in the middle of his chest. He wipes away the tears, noticing the gauze on your cheek about to fall off. Moonbin grabs your hand in his as he walks to a nearby bench, carefully pushing you down to take a seat. He internally thanks himself for grabbing extra before he left the hospital, not wanting to pay 5 bucks for one measly gauze at the local store.

Carefully, he peels away the plaster before replacing it with a new one, taking a seat on the floor in front of you. “Yoona I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.” He coos, engulfing your hands in his as he rubs his thumb along the top of your hand. You continue to stay silent, not trusting your own voice just yet. He lets out a soft sigh as he sees the bottom of your lip quiver. “Alright I won’t pester you anymore, I’ll wait until you’re ready to tell me okay?”

He looks to his left before looking to the right and notices that the park had gone eerily quiet. He pulls out his phone to check the time and nearly chokes on his own saliva, it was past midnight. Moonbin has a small panic attack; not because it was late but he was worried about you. He wanted to know whether or not your mother knew where you were. Moonbin gets up from his spot, dusting off the dirt that might’ve stuck onto his bottoms and held out his hand.

“Come on I’ll walk you home.” You sit there in silence again, his hand still out for you to take.

“I…I don’t want to go home, he’ll be there.” You whisper. His eyebrows furrows, he? He thought to himself. It takes him a few moments to register who this ‘he’ was, forgetting the whole reason why you were so dressed up nicely. Just like in the movies, the boy himself arrives on queue.

Jungkook was drenched in his own sweat, hair strands sticking to his forehead, his button-up was clenching onto his body showing a small outline of his abs, and at least three buttons were undone from his shirt. He ignores Moonbin as he crouches to your eye level, hands clasping around yours. “Y/n, let’s go home.” he coos. Moonbin noticing how tense you went underneath his touch, stepped up.

“She doesn’t want to go home.”

“Come on let’s go home,” He stands up, hands still clasped around yours but your still rooted to your spot. “Y/n.” He says in a more aggravated tone, he’s forgotten how stubborn you could be and how much patience he has. Your hand is being grasped back by Moonbin, irritation had taken over his face as well. “Are you deaf or purposely ignoring me? She doesn’t want to go home!”

“Her mother is worried!” he yells back through gritted teeth.

“I don’t want to go home.” You whisper, bringing the tension down from both of the boys.


“I’ll let mama Park know she’ll be staying over,” Jungkook can’t even believe his ears right now, were you really going home with another boy? A raging hormonal teenage boy? “Don’t get your panties wrapped in a bunch, she’s slept over my house countless of times.” Jungkook could only stare at your intertwined hands. He’s trying so hard not to lash out on the both of you, especially not in your current state.

Moonbin smirks seeing how ticked off Jungkook had become, “What, are you mad that she’s sleeping over at another boys’ house and not yours?” and before Jungkook could say something, Moonbin is already walking away with you. He watches until he can’t even see a glimpse of your form before walking back to his home. “What a brat.” He spats to himself.


“Don’t worry Mama Park, she’ll come home in one-piece I promise.” He says through the phone as you both enter his apartment. He leads you into his bedroom, seating you down on his bed and disappearing into his closet. Moments later he’s dressed in his pj’s, which only consisted of a white tank top words ‘Run DMC’ plastered on them and navy blue bottoms with white polka dots. “According to Mama, Doc says you’re supposed to take your meds before bed but since she has them, pain killers can substitute for tonight.” He says as he hands you some extra clothes.

He lets out a sigh before throwing, what you believe is the school uniform, into the trash. “Looks like we’re going to have to go get new uniforms tomorrow.” He turns back towards you and has his hand out, which you take this time. He carefully helps you up and turns you around, figuring out what he was doing, you immediately held the front of your dress.  You’re trying not to shiver as his finger glides down the spine of your back as he unzips your dress. “I’ll be in the kitchen.” He says before closing the door.

You’re surprised at how easily you managed to slip onto the clothing, despite not being able to not move the right side of your arm. You make your way down the hallway, not forgetting to stop by every frame and examine it. There were a few baby photos of him and his parents, a handful of ones with his students and other choreographers, and you even managed to make it onto his little wall of fame. As you finally make it to the end of the hall, you notice that Moonbin isn’t in the kitchen like he said he’d be.

You hear the door creaking open and bags rustling, “I was going to make Dakjuk for you but I didn’t have the ingredients,” he lets out a chuckle before settling the bags down onto the coffee table. “So I paid a visit to Grandma Lee down at the restaurant and she gave me some.” he plops down onto his couch as he pats the seat next to him, gesturing for you to sit down. He opens up the containers, steam rising, and the smell flowing into your nose causing your stomach to let out a growl loud enough for him to hear.

He lets out a chuckle, “I was debating whether or not to go, but I’m glad I did now.” he blows on the spoon a couple of times before raising it towards your lips, “Say Ah.” He coos, you let out a giggle before obliging. He continues to feed you more than he feeds himself, the majority of the container going to you. “Don’t worry she gave me another container.” He chimes as he opens the next one, continuing the same process over.

You can’t help but wonder how on earth you’ve met someone like him. You wonder how an 18 year old boy can live on his own without his parents, but then you remind yourself its Moonbin. He’s more mature then he lets on; he makes his own money by being back-up dancers for idols and celebrities, and teaches classes on choreographies he’s made on his own. Last summer he was asked to teach a class in China, tickets and hotel were all paid for him. Not to mention he gets sponsored left and right, mainly from clothing companies, he even gets emails from modeling agencies.

Despite how famous he was, Moonbin also had his angelic side.

He’s always paying for your food, walking you to and from work, taking you along with him for business trips, putting up with your fails whenever he tries to teach you a new routine, dealing with your mood swings whenever the time of month drops by, he always greets you with open arms that are filled with so much warmth and love, and he has that smile that’s so darn contagious.

Moonbin noticing your stares, wonders if he has something on his face. He wipes around the side of his mouth and there’s nothing there, until he figures out you’re in your daze again. He chuckles as he sets down the container staring back at you, loving it when you’re in your own world like this because he can stare back at you without feeling embarrassed.

He’s glad he’s met you, and he doesn’t regret one second of every moment he’s spent with you. You don’t really have the greatest life but you don’t have the worst either. Despite your monotonous look which was actually you’re resting face, he loves the way your face contorts whenever you don’t understand something, the way you’re completely blunt despite your quiet exterior, but the number one thing Moonbin loves about you is that you’re always smiling and giving off this happy aura but, that’s also what worries him the most.

You’re always happy. You tend to hide your feelings, not wanting others to feel burdened because you know that your friends have their own problems. But on days like today in particular, when you finally break down, he feels relieved. He’s glad that you’re letting out your sadness rather than keeping it in where it makes you feel worse and worse, eating you away at your happiness the longer you keep it in.

He contemplates on what he should talk about. He can’t talk about Jungkook just yet knowing you’re not mentally prepared and he doesn’t want to talk about the encounter with Jiwon. It hurt his pride that he got saved by Hulk Kook. He can’t ask about how your day went since you spent half of it in the hospital. Moonbin looks back at you to find your head lolling forward, as you try to keep yourself awake. He chuckles at how adorable you look in your drowsy state. He slips his arms underneath you, lifting you up bridal style as he makes his way to his bedroom. He lays you down onto the bed pulling the blankets over the both of you,

“Thank you.” you whisper as you cuddle deeper into the sheets. Moonbin kisses the top of your head before smoothing down the strands of your hair that stuck up, “Anytime Jagiya.”


“Look can you keep your voice down, you’re going to wake her up.”

A little too late for that, you thought to yourself as you groan sitting yourself up. You take in your surroundings remembering that you had spent the night at Moonbin’s place. Remembering what the doctor said you outstretched your right arm, letting out a sigh of relief now that you were able to move it. You slide out of bed, dragging yourself into the living room after hearing the irritation in his voice.

You’re met with a shirtless Moonbin, back facing you until he hears the padding of your slippers. You’re rubbing the sleep from your eyes, head hanging low because it takes too much energy to have it up. “Is everything okay Binnie?” you whisper, finally feeling the energy coming back to your body you look up only to find Moonbin’s abs in front of your face. You feel the blush creep onto your face, heating it up in the process. You’ve seen him shirtless more than you can count but this was your first time actually paying attention to them. “Sorry for waking you, go back to bed.” He ushers you back down the hallway.

“Y/n.” your foot stops in its track, and you can hear Moonbin cursing underneath his breath. You already know who it is without even having to turn around and you have an internal fight with yourself. To see or to not see, were you even ready? “Go home Jungkook.” You spat.

“Not until you tell me what the fuck I did wrong!” You almost grabbed the frame off the wall and flung it into his face, hand already holding onto one. He seriously doesn’t know what he did wrong?

Moonbin immediately grasped your hand, as much as he would’ve loved to see you hit him, he wasn’t going to take anyone to the hospital again. Jungkook was losing patience. He didn’t get any sleep last night and not to mention how he literally had to beg Hoseok this morning on where this Moonbean or Moonbine whatever his name was lived.  “You’re being really immature right now. Why don’t you grow up and face you’re problems? Why do you keep running away from me–?”

“Shut up!” you yell out, eyes burning from the tears. You run back into the room, slamming the door shut and locking it before throwing yourself on the bed.


The word had repeated in your head over and over again. With each repetition, a shock of pain emitted to your chest. It’s not the first time you’ve been called immature, but it’s the first you’ve been called that from the last person you thought would never call you that.

“Leave before I call security.” Moonbin spats, using all his willpower to not drag Jungkook out of the door himself. He was surprised to see that he didn’t have to repeat his words as he watches Jungkook slam the front door with a frustrated sigh. Giving out a sigh himself, as much as he wants to barge into the room and comfort you right now, he knows that you need some time alone.

At least that’s what he thought hours ago.

It’s 5:30 pm already. Within the hours you’ve locked yourself in the room, Moonbin managed to get some errands done: paying the bills, buying groceries, and picking up his uniform also picking up your spare as well. You never opened the door for breakfast nor lunch, no matter how many times he pleaded. He heard sniffles every now and then, putting his heart at ease knowing that you were still alive.

By 7 o’ clock, he pulls out his spare key and unlocks the door. He finds you on the floor, legs dangling out of the window, hair being displayed on the floor, and his headphones on your head. Your eyes are puffy and nose red from all the crying you’ve been doing. He walks over to you, hands pulling off the headphones. He chuckles as you furrow your brows in irritation, before opening your eyes to see who the intruder was only to relax when it was just Moonbin.

“Come on we’re gonna go eat.”

“Not hungry,” you mumble before closing your eyes again and before you could get comfortable, you’re being lifted off the ground. “Moonbin I’m wearing boxers,” you whine.

“It’s not like anyone is gonna see, you’re wearing a shirt that could pass as a dress.” He says as he places you down by the front door. “My eyes are puffy.” You continue to complain. “It’s getting dark, no one is gonna notice. Besides you haven’t eaten anything and you’ve been stuck in my room all day long, you need some fresh air.”

“There was a reason why the window was open.” You spat as you cross your arms around your chest, Moonbin pinches your cheek. “Don’t try to smart mouth me and lets go.” He chuckles as he pushes you out of the door.

You both stop by Grandma Lee’s restaurant, grabbing take-out before heading down to the park. It didn’t occur to you that Moonbin was still in his Pj’s until you noticed passerby’s giggling as they walked by but Moonbin seemed to not care and as long as he was okay, then you were too. You finally found a bench to eat on and you watch him as he happily sets the food out. He looks up at you, a huge smile plastered on his face and you can’t help but smile back, thanking him for the meal before digging in.

Not even 20 minutes into eating and you’ve lost your appetite the minute you see a couple sucking each other’s face off being reminded of that day you had caught Jungkook and Jieun kissing each other. Sensing your discomfort, Moonbin lets out a sigh before extending his hand and placing it on yours. “Y/n tell me what’s wrong.”

You let out a chuckle as you force back the tears, “I thought you said you’d wait until I was ready.”

“You obviously know I can’t do that, remember that one time I tried making you cookies.” Oh you remember that memory all too well, the recipe clearly said to bake the cookies at 400 degrees for 9-11 minutes but Moonbin had the greatest idea that if he raised the temperature to 500 degrees then the cookies will cook faster. Indeed they did cook faster, but so fast that they burned within the first two minutes. You let out a sigh, giving into the puppy eyes he had attacked you with.


“I don’t like him.” Moonbin spats the minute you finished your story, and you chuckle “I know you don’t.” You feel a bit better after getting some weight off, but the thought of facing Jungkook wasn’t lifting your mood up. “If you want to know what I really think, I think you’re both at fault.”  

It’s silent between the two of you, Moonbin shifts in his seat before continuing. “You’re mother isn’t at fault, since she doesn’t know scrap about what went down between you and Jungkook. It’s been two years since your confession y/n, the boy thinks you’ve moved on already and from how he lashed out on you earlier he seriously doesn’t know what he did wrong. He’s an amateur when it comes to girls, it’s written all over his face. He lashed out on you from desperation and frustration when really he should’ve gave you the space that you needed.” Its gone quiet between the two of you again until Moonbin’s phone goes off.

“And as much as I would love to have you over again, mama wants you home.” You start to throw a small tantrum, not wanting to return home and face your problems just yet. “Come on, I’ll walk you home. You can probably spend the night again if you get your medications.” He says as he throws an arm around you.

The walk home was spent talking about the future and mostly what we had planned after high school. You weren’t surprised when Moonbin had told you he had planned going abroad to learn more dance techniques, in hopes of becoming a full time choreographer. “I’m still waiting for the acceptance letter from Julliard–.” He makes an abrupt stop before turning towards you, “Hey why don’t we go get ice cream first!”

“What why? We’re already here Binnie.” You say as you try to walk around him, only for him to block your path again. You try to walk the other way but he blocks it again, letting out a sigh you cross your arms. “Oh Rocky what’re you doing here?” Moonbin turns at the name and you run around him, giggling and sticking out a tongue at him for falling for your trick.

You stop laughing almost immediately as you see why Moonbin had decided he craved ice cream all of a sudden, and Jungkook was there. You wouldn’t have minded if he was alone, but here was the past repeating itself all over again.

Pillow Talk: Early Riser (fluffy drabble)

(A/N: I needed a fluffy palate cleanser!  I had this WIP sitting around for a long time.  Started as a head canon drabble I never finished.  It isn’t much, but it was rolling around in my head and I had to get it out.   Enjoy the fluff, with a side serving of feels. 1k words, also posted on Ao3.)

Emma didn’t even crack her eyes open.  She just felt the weight shift on Killian’s side of the bed and flung a languid arm with as much effort as she could muster at this ungodly hour.  Her fingers barely grazed the waistband of his navy blue pajama bottoms, the ones with little white anchors on them.  They failed to find purchase and her arm fell with a soft thud to the mattress as Killian stood up and made his way to the window. With a tired whine, she creaked, “It’s so early, Killian, come back to bed.”  

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This is Mikaeel Kular, he is 3 years old and from Edinburgh.

Early This Morning( 16th January) his Mother went in his room to find  that her little boy was nowhere to be seen. It is now over 12 hours later and he’s yet to be found. 

Mikaeel is 3ft tall and was possibly wearing a beige hooded jacket with grey fur-lined hood.

He may also have had on black gloves with multi-coloured fingers, dark navy blue jogging bottoms, a grey pyjama top featuring an embroidered turquoise dinosaur on the chest and brown Clark shoes with two Velcro straps.

 He  also has a faded scar on the bridge of his nose and a sore on the left side of his mouth.

There is no suggestion of any criminal involvement and  the police are following the line of enquiry that he might of just gone out of his own accord. The police are currently trying to get in contact with the boys farther.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST THIS! Even if you don’t live in Scotland or the UK someone you follow might or someone that follows them might and this could lead to someone going “oh hey i think i saw him near such and such a place”. I can’t bear the thought of this little tyke being out there all alone and in the cold.

I never beg people to reblog anything but I’m going to this time, please please please reblog this and get the word out.


anonymous asked:

Could you write something like Juvia coming late to a party where many guild members from other guilds are invited and she just looks totally gorgeous and his this beautiful dress, maybe with some Gruvia?? Thanks!!

A/N: We’re just going to ignore the ‘disbanding of Fairy Tail’ and all that nonsense, for this drabble at least. xD lol What is even happening to the Manga just so much angst!! But that reunion though… My shipper heart hurts. Have some much needed fluff anon sorry this took months to get it done. 

                                                Fairy Gala

             You are formally invited to the very first Fairy Tail Gala

        Celebrating the resurrection of the guild and the magic world

                                         All guilds welcome

                                             Attire: Formal

                                  Date: 2/13/793 Time: 18:00

Juvia stared at her invitation letting the words burn into her brain until she knew them all by heart. It had been a whole year since the guild was destroyed, and they had finally rebuilt it even better than before. It was magnificent, and Juvia was proud to be a member of the guild, even after all the pain they had to deal with during the fight with Tartarus.

She had to stop her train of thought or else she would feel a pang in her chest and be forced to hunch over and breathe deeply to stop the tears. She knew he forgave her. She knew he was never angry with her, but nearly a year later and she still found it difficult to forgive herself.

She wasn’t nearly as self-loathing as she was after the battle. It had taken her a week before she could even confront him about it, but now she was able to smile in front of him without feeling the guilt that had followed her everywhere she went. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the pain when she was alone with her thoughts and without distractions. She was slowly forgiving herself and hopefully this ball would be the perfect opportunity to be around Gray.

She might even gather the nerve to dance with him. Her chest fluttered at the thought of touching Gray again even if it was something simple like this; it was a step forward. She bit her lip, was she ready for this? They had comforted him after their reunion but was she ready for more? She stared at the invitation in her hand. Yes. She deserved some happiness, and this was her chance to achieve it.

She dropped the invitation and grabbed her small lacrima. She tapped it and waited for the picture cleared until she saw the face of her friend, Erza. She was the best at clothes and hopefully she would be able to find Juvia the perfect outfit for the event. The red head smiled when the picture formed completely and replied, “Hey, how are you?”

“Fine, and how is Erza-san?” She didn’t suffer nearly as much as Erza, and she wanted to make sure she was recovering well. The requip mage gave a cocky grin and flipped her hair. She was down like everybody else, but she seemed to bounce back after some time alone.

“As great as ever. What do I owe the honor to this call?” Juvia smiled a little. Only ever with her friends did she find herself smiling.

“Juvia got the invitation for the gala and I was wondering if you could help Juvia find an outfit.” Erza’s face went from cocky to a giddy school girl in less than two seconds. She started jumping a little and beamed into the lacrima.

“Give me five minutes and I’ll head over to your room!” Before Juvia could even respond the lacrima went blank, only reflecting her image. That’s right they did live in the same building she could have just walked over to her. However with a lacrima it was less dangerous, last time she went to Erza’s room with a request… she shuddered to remember.

A soft knock came after a few minutes, and she was up and putting on her shoes. She opened the door and there stood the gorgeous redhead with a wicked smile. She was going to bleed Juvia’s wallet dry getting her an outfit, and she looked excited to do it. “I hope you’re ready for a day of shopping because I’m not letting you go until you have the perfect outfit! Let’s go.”

Again before the water mage could reply Erza grabbed her wrist and pulled her out the door only giving her enough time to shut it and dragged her out of Fairy Hills towards Magnolia. At least with Erza by her side she would be able to make the perfect outfit to impress. Hopefully, she’d be able to impress a certain ice mage.

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December 21, 2015 [8:26 PM] Redid my nails 💅🏻 (top)

December 22, 2015 [3:00 PM] Put ribbons on my navy blue heels (bottom left)

December 23, 2015 [5:10 PM] “Lose hope, and all you have left is madness.” Love that line

December 23, 2015 [7:19 PM] This bunny is my key-chain for my car keys. What’s this character’s name again? it’s sooo cute (bottom right)

knighttimaeus-deactivated201408  asked:

"Mind if I sleep here tonight?"

/Hey, long time no see^^/

Atem was relaxing in his room, sitting up in bed with only the lamp on his nightstand as his source of light as he opened up his book. His crimson eyes scanning the current page he left on. He then heard the sound of knocking on his door and with a sigh he closed his book and went to go see who it was.

It was Timaeus, who had asked if he could sleep with him tonight. Already in his sleep attire while All Atem wore was his navy blue plaid flannel pajama bottoms while his muscled chest was bare.

“Of course not, come right in.” Atem stated with a kind smile and stepped aside for the other to enter his room.