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Alec Martinez - Jealousy

anon request: Can you write an alec martinez imagine where you’re out with the team after a win or something and he gets jealous so he becomes overprotective and you think it’s cute?

okay so i know literally nothing  about the la kings and their players so i hope you liked this anon. 

i know i  havent posted in a while but i am working on a few right now and next should be a matthew tkachuk fluff coming up soon!!!

requests are open:))

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so here i was playing a game of call of duty with johnny. “ha!” i laughing clicking the right trigger and getting the perfect headshot on jonathan. “not so quick anymore, are ya?” i laughed loudly.

my phone began buzzing with text messages from the one and only alec martinez.


'i’m bored plz answer’



i finally had enough of the buzzing and called him. “i’m in the middle of cod babe"i sighed over dramatically, obviously. then i continued talking. "johnny sucks at this game, holy” i laughed as i got him down once again.

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A Night At The Pool

Bella smiled at her daughter as she shifted her from arm to arm and picked up the bag that was on the floor and put it over her shoulder. Just as she she was about to walk out of the bedroom Zsadist came through the door to the hallway and stopped dead in his tracks.

“What are you wearing?” Z asked with a deep frown and his brows dropping real low as he looked at his mate. It looked like she was wearing a bra and panties but they were of a different material and looked different from the lace she usually preferred to wear.

Bella arched a brow and looked down at herself before looking back at him. “A bikini.” Bella said simply as she gestured at the navy blue bikini top and bottom that she was wearing.

“What is a bikini?” Zsadist asked as he stared very hard at his mate, not liking that she looked to be leaving the room in such a state of undress.

“It is a swim suit.”

“Swim suit?”

“You know, to go swimming in? Swimming. At the pool.”

“The pool?”

“The pool in the back yard.”

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Calum Hood Smut → I Hate You

Pairing:  Calum x Reader

Request: Yes

Word Count: 2.774

Part 2

Hanging out with my best friends is literally the best thing thing in this world. We laugh and talk about everything and everyone. We go out together, we make comfortable movies night at home, we joke around, we tease each other, I can be myself around them and talk about my problems no matter what and they always stay by my side. I love them and they are my favorite people in this whole world. But when those friends always bring this one kid you can’t stand, the day is pretty much ruined. I always try to shrug it off and pretend he isn’t even there but his stupid comments make me so angry and we always end up having a huge argument about the most irrelevant things.

Today happened to be one of those days. I invited Ashton, Luke and Michael over to hang out at my place since my parents left town for the weekend. My mother doesn’t like them much and forbids to have them around the house. For some reason she doesn’t accept them as my friends, she thinks they are bad company.

Right mom. Screw you. You don’t know what’s good for me. I tell her. Maybe I should learn how to shut my big mouth because each time I mention them to her she gets angry and on who do you think she lets her anger out? Exactly. Me. But I don’t care as long as I can still meet my friends behind my parents’ backs everything is fine.

The doorbell rang at 7.48 p.m. while I was in the kitchen preparing some sandwiches. “Door’s open!” I yelled and buttered another sandwich. “You should check who’s on your doorstep (Y/N). What if I was an axe murderer?” Ashton chuckled and ruffled through my messy hair. “I know how to defend myself Ash, I think you know that.” I laughed and swirled around. My face expression dropped when I saw the tall, dark haired boy standing in the kitchen doorway. “What do you want here Calum?” I snapped at him. “Ashton said we’d hang out, if I knew we’d hang here I wouldn’t have come.” He said and rolled his dark brown eyes. “You know where the door is.” I mumbled. “Could you two please keep it together for just one night?” Michael said and grabbed one of the sandwiches. I slapped his hand away, “They are not finished yet Michael, don’t be so greedy.”

“I’m not greedy.” He pouted. “I bet they taste awful anyways.” Calum commented, grabbed one of the sandwiches and took a bite from it. My fist clenched around the butter knife and I took a deep breath. “Fuck, man. Why did you have to bring him?” I hissed through gritted teeth. “We thought maybe you could try to connect?!” Luke said unsure and scratched his chin. “Yeah right.“‘Calum frowned. "Never gonna happen mate.”

“For once I agree with him.” I said and casually pointed to Calum. “Whatever. What are we gonna do?” Calum asked lazily and leaned against the fridge. “It’s like super hot outside. Let’s take swim or something!” Ashton suggested enthusiastically. “Yeah sounds good to me!” Luke agreed. “You don’t even have swimming shorts.” I commented with a raised eyebrow. After a little pause and exchanged smiling looks Ashton said, “We put them on before we came here.” I sighed. Ever since we got our pool two month ago all the boys wanted to do was swim or relax in the whirlpool. “Swimming it is then.” I said an finished the last sandwich. “You’re the best!” Ashton cheered and ran outside, close followed by Luke and Michael.

I collected the ham and cheese and turned to the fridge, where Calum was still leaning against. “Do you mind?” I asked annoyed. His eyes scanned my whole body, they stopped at me cleavage for a second before his eyes met mine. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and raised his eyebrows. “Yes. I mind.” He said and a smirk spread over his face. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, I had to keep myself from not punching that arrogant prick in the face right now. “Calum I swear to god move aside.” I demanded. “What if I don’t?” He grinned. “I’m gonna slap you in the face.” I hissed. “Take your best shot darling.” He challenged with a smug look on his face. As soon as these words left his mouth I angrily threw the sandwich ingredients aside, raised my hand and lunged out. Right before my fist met Calum’s face he stopped my hand with his, holding me back by my wrist. He leaned down, our faces only inches apart. “You’re not fast enough darling.” He whispered and let go of my wrist. For moment we just stood there, looking at each other and I wondered what this feeling was that overcame me the longer I looked into his dark eyes.

“You just gonna stand there or what? Bring the sandwiches outside.” Calum scoffed and pushed me aside to walk outside. My mouth dropped open, “Asshole.” I muttered and put the ingredients in the fridge before I carried the sandwiches out in the garden.

Ashton and Luke were already in the pool while Michael lay on a sunbed scrolling through his phone and Calum pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his tanned body. I felt strangely attracted to him while he stripped down his jeans and jumped into the large pool. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to him. I was, since day one but his arrogant and annoying character ruined basically everything. While I watched Calum from out of the corner of my eye I walked to the big wooden table and placed the tablet of sandwiches on it. “Can I finally eat one now?” Michael asked and gave me a puppy-eye look. A chuckle escaped my mouth and I nodded. “Of course Mikey.”

“Hey (Y/N) come on in!” Ashton yelled. “In a minute.” I shouted back and sat on the sunbed next to Michael’s. “Why don’t you go inside?” He mumbled with his mouth full of bread. “Not really in the mood.” I shrugged and stripped down my dress, leaving me in my navi blue bikini. “Why? Are you having this monthly women thing?” He asked concerned and disgusted at the same time. “I shook my head no. "Nah, I just don’t want to.” I said and glanced to the pool where Luke, Ashton and Calum were messing around. “I just wanna work on my tan.” I smiled, “And so should you.” Michael made a face, “No thanks.”

“Thought so.” I laughed and lay down on my sunbed. I had a perfect view to the pool and my eyes kept wandering back to Calum. It was like a car crash I just couldn’t avert my eyes. The boys were messing around and laughing while splashing water in each other’s faces and the grass around the pool. “Guys watch it please. You’re making the ground all muddy.” I shouted. “So what? It dries eventually.” Ashton shrugged and splashed water in Luke’s face. “Yeah after you slipped and broke your neck.” I sarcastically replied. “Oh just shut up and join us!” He giggled. “No I’m really not in the mood. Maybe later.” I stated.

It is ridiculous how long these boys can stay in the water without getting bored. Almost two hours later they finally jumped out of the pool and sat down on the the chairs around the table. “Oh damn.” Ashton mumbled after he read a text message from his mother. “I have to go. I totally forgot that we’re going out for dinner today.” He announced and put his clothes back on. “Oh no.” I pouted. “Can you come back afterwards?” He shrugged, “Dunno. I’ll text you okay?” I nodded. “Sounds good.”

“I have go with him. He’s my ride.” Luke groaned and put his clothes on as well. “It’s time for you to get a drivers license Luke.” I insisted. “Yeah yeah I will start soon.” He shrugged and gave me a hug before he took leave with Ashton. “C’mon Michael we should go as well.” Calum instructed. “Why? I wanna stay.” Michael said. “Because I don’t wanna hang around her anymore. That’s why.” Calum snapped and pointed to me. “Then leave. I don’t want you here either.” I snarled, rose from the chair and walked towards the pool, but not without shoving Calum aside by ‘accident’.

He tripped aside and stumbled over his own feel, falling down into the muddy grass. “You damn bitch!” He thundered and rose from the wet and muddy ground. His legs and parts of his back and stomach were covered with dirt. Both, Michael and I couldn’t help but laugh at his appearance. “Watch were you’re going.” I chuckled. “Oh fuck you.” He barked and stormed past me in the house. “Where do you think you’re going?” I shouted after him. “Taking a shower!” He yelled angrily.

“Whoops.” I laughed. “You’re evil.” Michael chuckled. “Me? Never.” I winked. “Anyways, I should go now as well.” He said and stood up. “What? And leave me alone with him?” I whined. “He’ll leave right after the shower believe me.” Michael stated and embraced me in a hug. “See ya.”

“You will rot in hell for leaving me alone with him.” He shot me a wink and quickly walked away leaving me alone in the huge garden. I sighed and grabbed the plate with the half eaten sandwiches and walked inside to the kitchen where I put the plate in the fridge. I got out a bottle of cold lemonade and poured it into a glass. “You!” I heard a dark voice say before strong arms pressed me against the kitchen island. “Do you think it funny to shove me around?” Calum hissed into me ear while he pressed his body against mine. “How should I know you’d stumble over your own feet? Oh wait, I should have known. You’re an idiot.” He swirled me around so I would face him and then pressed me harder against the kitchen counter. “And you’re a bitch.” I snorted, “Wow you can’t even come up with a good comeback.” I snapped and noticed his muscular naked chest. Damn.

“I fucking hate you.” He mumbled before he crashed his lips onto mine. This was more than unexpected but strangely I liked it. I liked the feeling of his lips on mine and his hands on my bare skin. I put my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his wet hair. He softly bit down on my lower lip, causing me to moan lightly. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and soon we were fighting over dominance, which he soon won. “I hate you too.” I breathed after we broke the kiss. Calum licked over his lips and without another word he pressed his lips against mine once again. He slid his hands down to my ass and squeezed both cheeks when lifted me up from the ground and I immediately slug my legs around his torso. He sat me down in the kitchen counter, not breaking the kiss once.

Our little make out session got more and more heated. Calum started to kiss along my jaw, to my neck and collar bones. A soft moan escaped my lips when he found my sweet spot, he started sucking and kissing on it, leaving a big, dark mark behind. “Fuck.” I softly moaned and dug my nails into Calum’s shoulder. His hand traveled from my knee, up to my thigh. He pushed my legs apart and run his index finger over my panties. “You’re so wet.” He mumbled against my skin. “All that for me?”

“N-no way in hell.” I teased. He pressed his finger harder against the fabric. “You sure about that?” I bit my lip and tried to suppress a moan when Calum started rubbing over my panties. “Didn’t your mother teach you that lying is a sin (Y/N)?” Calum smirked and hooked his finger inside the hem of my panties. “Stop being a tease you asshole.” I groaned. “Then tell me you want me.” He purred and swiftly slid my panties down my legs. “Because I know you do darling.”

He was right. I wanted him. For so long and now it’s finally happening but I hated to give him the satisfaction. “C’mon just say it.” He smirked and traced his finger along my wet slit. “Damn you.” I moaned. “That’s not what I wanted to hear darling.” He teased and dipped his fingers inside my folds, slowly rubbing figure eights around my clit. A low moan escaped my lips, “Shit Calum. Please, I need more.” I whined and bucked my hips. “So, you want me to fuck you?” He smirked and slips two fingers inside me, holding them still. I bit my lip and nodded. “Y-yes fuck.”

“Oh gladly.” He whispered and started pumping his fingers in and out of me, slow at first but eventually he quickened up his pace. His lips connected with my neck again, kissing and sucking, leaving marks all over it. Calum curled his finger and brushed my g-spot again and again. “Fuck, oh god.” I moaned out and scratched my nails down Calum’s back. He started pumping faster and his mouth crashed onto mine again, our lips moving perfectly together. My breathing hitched when I feel my orgasm building up in the pit of my stomach. “C-close.” I breathed in between kisses. “Cum for me darling.” He hissed and captured my bottom lip with his teeth. I quickly obeyed him and let my orgasm wash over me, causing me to moan into Calum’s mouth. It’s been so long since my last good orgasm, the feeling was sensational. “Oh god.” I breathed out.

Calum pulled his fingers out of me and licked them clean. “Never thought you’d taste so fucking delicious.” He smirked. “I never thought you’d be so good with your fingers.” I admitted. “Oh honey that was nothing.” He said with a smug look on his face. “Show me what you got Hood.” I challenged and opened my bikini top and let it fall to the ground. Calum licked over his lips and striped down his boxer, letting his already semi-hard erection slap against his toned stomach. He slid me to the edge of the counter and spread my legs widely. “You’re gonna scream out my name baby.” He smirked and his top brushed my opening. “Stop muttering around. Fuck me already.” I demanded and palmed his erection, a groan escaped Calum’s lips as I started pumping his length and quickly he hardened under my touch. “Fuck.” He whispered. I led him to my opening and he eased himself into me, which caused us both to moan. He started thrusting into me, deep and hard in a steady quick pace and his mouth was on my neck again, leaving hot kisses behind. I wrapped my legs around Calum’s torso and pushed him harder to me while my nails scratched down his back, causing him to groan out in pain. He quickened up his pace and his thrusts got harder and deeper. “Oh god fuck. Just like that!” I screamed out and left more scratches on his back.

He grabbed my waist to hold be steady while he pounded into me in quick and deep moves. “Oh fuck!” I moaned when I felt the familiar knot in my stomach again. “Fuck I’m s-so close.” I whined. Calum’s thrusts got sloppier and sloppier and the grip on my waist got tighter. “Cum.” He demanded and I gladly obeyed, letting go of all the control over my body. Loudly I screamed out Calum’s name when my second orgasm hit me, my vision blackened for a second and my legs were shaking. Calum hit his high soon after. He shot his load inside me and kept thrusting into me to ride out both our highs.

With a huge smirk on his face he pulled out of me. “Who would have thought.” He breathed. “What?” I asked, trying to steady my breath. “That you’re a screamer.” I rolled my eyes. “Fuck you.” Calum held up his hands in defense. “Not saying I didn’t like it.” He winked. “We could do this more often if you’re up for it.” I raised my eyebrows and looked at him, unsure of what to say. “Don’t worry (Y/N) we’re just gonna fuck. No strings attached.” He grinned. “No feelings. Just sex.”

I agreed, “Just sex. Nothing more.”

For mrsjungdaehyun21

Annoying Crazy Pervert

You never did like wearing two pieces swim suits or more preferably referred to as bikinis. For some reason you just always found them uncomfortable and preferred a one piece. Today however you had no choice or say in the matter as the stylist handed you a two piece navy blue and white bikini.

You would be shooting for this new swimsuit line so basically you were gonna spend the whole day in swimsuits. Not that you were complaining though considering how hot the weather was. The only reason you were excited was because you found out you’d be doing the photo shoot with a Block B member and in the back of your head you were hoping it was Zico.

You had always been a fan of his ever since their debut. In some ways you could say he was your celebrity crush. You were slightly disappointed though when you found out that the member you’d be working with was Kyung. Not that you hated him or anything you just hoped that it would be Zico.

Around half an hour later you were called out onto the set. You saw that Kyung was already there in his trunks, he wasn’t buff or well built but be was toned. You noticed Kyung just staring at you like he had never seen a woman before. Once you stepped out of your robe though he stared even more if possible.

“You know it’s rude to stare” you said as you walked towards him.

“How can I not when you’re this beautiful” there was the greasy Kyung that your friend, who was a hugs Block B fan, had warned you about.

“Well thank you but staring at someone isn’t really a compliment, it just makes me feel uncomfortable” you said with a smile.

“Alright I won’t stare, at least I’ll try” he said as you could sense the mischief in his voice “also I heard you’re a fan of Block B, I can pretty much guess who your favorite member is already” you were about to set him straight when the photographer told you two to get into position.

“There’ll be plenty of time to flirt after the shoot” the photographer said making everyone laugh.

That’s probably what kept you so clam, the photographer. You and him have worked together countless times so you felt comfortable and somewhat at ease.

It started out a little awkward but soon it had turned into just plain fun. To your surprise Kyung was actually really funny as he kept making you laugh. It got a little weird again when you asked to hold each. Since it was a summer themed shoot there was a lot of skinship and considering you were in a two piece you could feel skin against yours.

“Your skin is really soft” Kyung whispered in your ear making you a little flustered.

“That was random but thank you” you whispered back.

Two hours later and shoot was finally done. Your stylist handed you your robe as you wrapped it around you. You were about to leave when you suddenly felt a tap on your shoulder.

“Kyung?” You said as you turned around to see him standing there.

“Hey umm great work today” he said as you smiled and said the same “y/n I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me sometime” you thought he was asking you as a colleague or friend but man were you dumb.

“Do you mean like a date?” You asked.

“Yeah, I really like you, you’re funny, cool and really beautiful and I’d like to get to know you better” Kyung said.

“Kyung that’s really sweet of you but I actually kinda like Zico” you said.

“Zico? But you’ve never even met him” Kyung said.

“I know but he’s my favorite member and I’ve just always liked him” you said.

“Ok that’s no problem cause I can make you like me” Kyung said.

“Huh?” You said slightly baffled by his confidence.

“I can make you like me, it’s a challenge. I never did like girls who were easy I’ve always enjoyed the chase it just makes thing ten times more fun and interesting” Kyung said with a huge grin “guess I’ll be seeing you around sweetheart” he gave you a kiss on the cheek before he just left.

You stood there in absolute shock. You’ve worked with tons of idols before and many have asked you out but he was the first to confidently say that he’d make you fall for him.

The next day you were at this cafe with one of your friends. You were telling her about Kyung and she found it cute. You were about to sip your coffee when your phone started to ring, it was an unknown number.

“Hello” you said as there was nothing but silence on the other line. You were about to disconnect when his voice came through the phone.

“So this is your favorite cafe and I’m presuming the woman sitting with you is your friend” Kyung said.

“Kyung?! How did you get my number? And how do you know where I am and who I’m with?!” You asked in complete shock.

“Well I asked your manager for your number and as for how I know where you and who your with you should look around the cafe and then you’ll know” Kyung said with a light chuckle.

You did as he said and looked around the cafe till your eyes spotted a very familiar looking face. You jaw dropped as Kyung gave you the biggest smile possible. He stood up and walked over to you and your friend as you still held the phone up against your ear. He put his phone down and pointed at yours.

“Huh?” You said still in a daze.

“Your phone” Kyung said as you just let out a ‘oh’ before you put it away.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

“I told you I’d make you fall for me so here I am” Kyung said.

“So your plan it to stalk me till I fall for you?” You asked with a hint of amusement.

“I wouldn’t say stalking more like creating my own fate” Kyung said as you almost laughed at how crazy you thought he was.

“Well I don’t really know what to say” you said.

“How about I will soon love only Park Kyung and totally forget about Zico” Kyung said as you laughed at his over the top confidence.

“You’re really confident aren’t you?” You said before running your fingers through your hair.

“Only when it comes to you” Kyung said, he was definitely greasier than you thought but for some reason you didn’t mind it.

The weeks went on by as you saw Kyung almost everywhere you went. The days he couldn’t see you he bombarded your phone with messages and calls. It was as if he didn’t have any schedules at all. What surprised you the most was how he knew exactly where you were all the time that is until you found out that your manager was his cousin.

You found yourself looking for him whenever you couldn’t find him, in fact for the past three days you hadn’t heard from him at all. He hadn’t called or messaged you or even stalked you. It was weird, you were sure you didn’t have feelings for him yet you wanted to see him and in some ways missed him.

You wanted to call him but at the same time you didn’t.

Your manager had informed that you’d being doing a radio show today as you arrived at the radio station. There you saw someone you had unconsciously missed and thought about, Kyung. He along with all the other Block B members were also there as they were doing a radio show as well.

Usually the first person you’d notice in Block B would always be Zico but this time you noticed Kyung and only Kyung. You didn’t really sat anything to them except greet them and bow. Kyung acted as if he didn’t know you which kinda hurt. You walked past him but something stopped you and that was his hand holding onto yours.

You glanced back as he gave you sincere smile, he thumb gently caressed the back of your hand before he finally let go and walked off. You on the other hand were left completely bewildered. Your heart was racing from such a small act of affection but you couldn’t help it. You smiled and he noticed as he mentally noted that Zico was now out of the picture.

Throughout the recording of the radio show you couldn’t help but think about Kyung. You were so distracted that the host had to tap your shoulder to get you out of it.

“So y/n you have a lot of male fans and the question they keep asking is do you have an ideal type?” The host asked.

“I’m not really sure if I have an ideal type or not” you said with a smile.

“Hmm then how about a celebrity you consider close to your ideal type? I heard before that it was Zico from Block B, has that perhaps changed?” She asked.

“Actually to be honest with you it recently did change from Zico to Park Kyung who’s also a member of Block B” you said as you hoped that he didn’t hear this. The ego boost this would give him would be too much to handle.

Once the show was over, you got up to go to the bathroom. Your manager told you she would wait in the car as you nodded and smiled. Your were few feet away from the bathroom when suddenly someone grabbed you by your arm and dragged towards the staircase.

You were about to yell before your lips were sealed with a kiss. You almost pushed the man off before noticing who it was.

Your back was against the wall as Kyung’s hands rested on your hips. You closed your eyes and kissed him back as he smiled into the kiss. Your hands were on his chest and his body was pressed against yours. He licked your lower asking for entrance but you denied since you wanted to tease him a little. His hands gave your ass a tight squeeze causing your mouth to open in shock.

He took that opportunity to slip his wet muscle into your foreign cavern. You playfully hit his chest as he laughed into the kiss. His hands were soon under your shirt caressing your soft skin. You felt the growing bulge in his pants as you palmed his erection causing him to moan and slightly pull away from the kiss.

He kissed you once again before pulling away and resting his forehead against yours. You were both panting as his body was still as close to yours as ever.

“So I’m your ideal type huh?!” Kyung said with a smile as you pushed him away.

“You’re so annoying” you said as he only came back and kissed you.

“I may be annoying but you still fell for me” Kyung said “see my stalker plan worked” you honestly didn’t know what to say to him.

“You’re crazy and I hate you” you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I love you too baby girl” Kyung said as he was about to kiss you again before your phone rang.

“It’s my manager” you said as you were about to answer it when Kyung took the phone from your hands and answered it himself.

“Noona y/n is busy right now, I know she doesn’t have anymore schedules for the day so I’ll take her home. Also don’t call unless it’s really urgent cause we’re kinda in the middle of something and will be for the rest of the night” Kyung said before he cut the phone and handed it back to you.

“Kyung what are you-”

“I’m stealing my girlfriend away for the day, there’s so much kissing and cuddling to catch up to as well a whole lot of other things, that don’t involve clothes” Kyung said with a smirk.

“Pervert” you said.

“As long as I’m yours I don’t care what I am” Kyung said as his greasiness had no end. You were seriously gonna have to get used to your annoying, crazy, prevented and greasy boyfriend. But that’s what made him Kyung and that’s what you loved about him.


I decided to make this to show Kylie’s body over the last couple of years compared to now.  People keep saying she’s had plastic surgery and/or injections.  It is really kind of annoying to us that have been following her career for people who just started to notice her make these accusations.  When you look back at her pictures and take into account her slight weight gain and other possible factors (birth control, sex, etc.) there is not much of a difference.

Pink Dress - 36 months ago

Studded Pants - 34 months ago

Underwater - 33 months ago

Black Dress - 26 months ago

Pot Leaf pants - 26 months ago

Skirt - 19 months ago

Orange Bikini - 34 months ago

Black Bikini - 22 months ago

                             Navy Blue Bikini - April 17, 2015

Requested Matt/Shawn imagine:)

I covered my eyes with my hands as the sun was to bright. I stood with all my friends with people staring at us. I mean they are famous so I am used to it. I was wearing a navy blue bikini with my hair up in a high pony.
“Hey y/n come on in the water!” Shawn shouted. Smiling I ran making sure not to trip over anything and make a fool of myself and stopped just as I reached the water.
“Omg! It’s so cold.” I screeched earning a few stares. Shawn grinned and quickly walked over towards me and picked me up. A sudden coldness touched me before I was under the water. I stood up and narrowed my eyes at him and stormed out of the water.
“Y/n I was only joking!” I ignored him and continued until I was with everyone else. Looking around I sighed as I saw a cute couple splashing water at each other while they were smiling. I want a relationship.
“Hey, what’s the matter?” I turned around and faced my best friend Matt. You see I have had a crush on both Shawn and Matt for ages now. But next to Matt was a pretty brown headed girl smiling at me. Who is this?
“Y/n i want you to meet my girlfriend, Lauren” Pretending to be happy I stuck on a fake smile and congratulated them. It hurt but I guess he doesn’t like me like the way I like him.
“I’m so happy for you both but I um… I have to go somewhere.” Walking away I wondered around the beach myself.
Hours have passed and it has started to get dark. I don’t know where anyone is.
“Hey y/n!” Shawn said as he turned me around. “What’s the matter? Why do you have tears on your cheeks and why are you your self?”
“It’s nothing Shawn you don’t have to worry”
“I do have to worry”
“Why?” Shawn looked down before he stared right into my eyes.
“Because I like you y/n. You just haven’t realised” My heart beat quickened as I was lost in his eyes. Not realising my face was just centimeters from his, just as we were about to kiss someone decided to ruin the moment. Matt.
“W-whats this?” Matt asked astonished. “Are you both a…”
“No” I interrupted but regretted as Shawn face dropped.
“Okay good.”
“Why do you care? Where is Lauren?” Jealousy risen in my voice.
“She went um… home” Taking Shawns
hand I walked away but Matt stopped us.
“Why are you going?”
“Because. Why don’t you go get Lauren” I asked him. His face turned red as he looked down at the ground.
“I’m sorry what, your going to have to say it again if you want me to understand”
“Me and Lauren aren’t actually dating. I just said that to make you jealous. I like you y/n” looking at both of them I was stuck. This is what I wanted but now I don’t. I don’t want to pick one and then fall out with the other. But Matt is caring and protective and funny whereas Shawn is sweet and loving and kind.
“I… I um-”
“It’s okay y/n I know you like Matt I can tell.” Shawn said smiling but obviously broken inside. I looked at Shawn once again and walked towards Matt.
“I like you Matt. But I” Looking over at Shawn he looked confused. “ But I love Shawn. I’m sorry” I gave him one last look before walking towards Shawn and attacked him in a hug.
“I love you Shawn” I whispered taking in this moment I have been waiting for years to happen.
“I love you too y/n”

I will lose my foot! // Tayvin oneshot

Taylor’s POV

“Wow it’s really hot here!” I say looking over at Adam. We just got off the plane. We decided to go on vacation to Hawaii. “So take off all your clothes!” Adam jokes with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. I grin and take a look at my phone. “Our car should be here any minute, where should we wait?” I look back at him. He looks around the parking lot, looking for the kiss and drive lane. “Over there” he states and starts walking. I start to wonder if maybe I shouldn’t have taken two giant suitcases with me.
I struggle to keep up with him because one of the suitcases nearly fell over. He looks over his shoulder and smiles as he sees me. “Do you need help with that?” He says altough he clearly sees that I do. He only has a backpack and a small suitcase with him. “Yeah that would be wonderful.” I say and give him a thankful smile. “Thanks” I say when he takes one of the suitcases. “Anytime!” He says as he steals a kiss. When we get to the spot where we are supposed to wait I ask him what he wants to do once we get at the hotel.
“We could go swimming. We don’t have enough time today to go sightseeing or go to a mall and I hear the water here is clear blue.” He says with a sweet smile on his face. “Yeah sure!” I answer him.


Once we were at the hotel we cuddled for a while. Then we changed into swimwear. I was wearing a navy blue bikini detailed with lace. “Wow…” he whispers. “You look beautiful!” He continues. I look down as I feel my cheeks turn red. “Thank you for saying that.” I answer. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer. I put my arms around his neck and kiss him gently. “Sometimes I wish we weren’t famous. That we could just do this anywhere without the whole world watching… Although I wouldn’t want my life to be anything else.” I tell him and put my head on his shoulder. “I know. I think about that sometimes. But it could be a lot worse and I would still be extremely happy with you.” He says and he plants a soft kiss on my head. I smile and I think to myself that I am the luckiest girl in the world.
“So do you want to go to the pool or the sea?” He asks as he pulls back. “The sea ofcourse! I want a little bit of adventure!” I smile and take him by his hand.
Once we’re on the beach I start running. Adam looks confused at me. “First one in the water wins!” He smiles and chases me. “I’ll get you Swift!” He shouts. I look behind me and see that he is really close. I start to run even faster then before but suddenly I feel his arms around me. He lifts me up and puts me behind him. “I told you!” He says with a playful look on his face. For a second I stay where I am because I’m so confused. When I realize what he did I start running again. The water is coming closer and Adam is still ahead of me. He takes a jump in the water and laughs like a little kid. I jump in right after. “I win! I win!” He shouts. I want to walk over to him but instead of stepping on sand, I step on a sea urchin. I look terrified at my foot. No. No, this can’t be happening. I start to panic but I don’t know what to do.
“Hey tay, it’s just a game. What’s wrong?” Adam asks me. I almost forgat he was there. “Adam… I… I…” I stutter as I can’t believe what I am about to say. “What’s wrong?” He asks again. “You can tell me.”
“I stepped on a sea urchin! Oh my god i’m going to lose my foot! Adam help me!” I start panicking even more. He laughs softly. “Come here” he says and he lifts me up in his arms. I start crying. “Adam I’m going to lose my foot! You have to get it off! No wait don’t touch it or it’ll get stuck to your hand and you will lose your hand!” Adam starts walking to the life guards. “What if I can never perform again? Well if I lose my foot I’m not going to be able to. I’m going to let everyone down… Oh no!” I ramble and think of the worst case scenarios. “Taylor! Hey calm down you will be alright!” He tells me. “How can you be so calm? Adam if I lose my foot my career is over!” I say with an accusatory tone.
“You are not going to lose your foot Taylor! It’s just a sea urchin!” He tries to calm me down. I decide to give it a chance and stay silent. When we get to the life guards Adam tells what happened. They decide to bring me to the hospital.
They take off the sea urchin with some weird tool and I get to keep my foot. The nurse says that my foot will stay red and itchy for a couple of days and thats all. When he leaves the room Adam sits by me on the bed. “…i told you so” he says and we both start laughing. “I am never going in the sea again. Never.”

Car Wash

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Lydia sported a navy blue bikini with little gold anchors dangling from the strings. She also wore matching earrings and had put on her favorite coral lip stick. She stood next to Patty, Annie and the other girls waving there brightly colored poster board. Patty was doing some leg lifts and getting some enthusiastic honks. 

Lydia rolled her eyes. How was it that once these had been her people. She missed the familiarity of her new friends. But she reminded herself it was for a good cause. And anyway, she’d get to have a good time with those friends on the trip.