navy and white dresses


•y'all if Taeyong was ever a prince I would move to wherever kingdom he’s about to rule
•like no questions ask
•he would be such an amazing prince
•of course he’s next in line to rule his kingdom because
•idk because I said so
•like the moment he was born everyone knew he was gonna be a good King
•I could even bet there was an old sorcerer with a long white beard going
•'he’s the one’
•so like now for visuals
•he has his light brown hair because it just looks so nice and fluffy I just can’t
•he always wears a dress shirt either white or black
•sometimes navy but he didn’t want to kill too many fangirls so no more navy
•and he’s always wearing either black skinny jeans or dress pants
•basically looks really neat and put together
•he might look cold but he’s a very nice and caring prince though
•everyone knows it
•like one smile and boom, we’re saved
•he helps with the cleaning a lot since he doesn’t trust anyone else to do it
•he helps with the cooking a lot because he doesn’t trust chef!Winwin to make good food but loves Winwin too much to say that so he just ‘helps’
•he helps with the gardening a lot too because he wants his baby flowers to grow up tall and strong like his cousin Johnny
•likes to personally go to the town and actually do stuff since all the kids looks up to him
•he absolutely loves playing with the kids and reading to them
•their faces are just so cute and precious that he wants to just stuff them all in his pocket and take them home with him
•he already helps the king make a lot of decisions because he’s so responsible
•like everyone adores and cherish him especially the queen
•the queen babies him a lot and only wants the best for her son but his dad doesn’t baby him at all so I guess it evens out
•probably has like 3 royal puppies so he can relieve stress and fanboy on how cute Winwin looks while playing with them
•probably has like pet fishies because he can sort of relate to them
•probably has pet bunnies because they remind him of his frienemy Doyoung
•definitely has a fat cat that he likes to cuddle with
•you’re probably the person that’s in charge of all his pets and a bunch of other things
•you started working at the castle because you needed money and a place to stay because your parents went bankrupted or something
•not only are you in charge of his pets but you’re also in charge of making sure Winwin doesn’t burn down the kitchen and a bunch of other stuff
•you might have been young but everyone knew that you were basically the master at multitasking and making sure everything goes right
•like do you ever get a break?
•the answer is no
•once you stayed up for 36 hours straight to plan and do stuff for the queen’s birthday party
•you never really talked with any of the royals other than the queen tbh
•one day, you were cleaning the kitchen because Winwin made a mess and suddenly someone was next to you and spraying febreeze
•when you saw the Prince you have him a suspicious glance before going back to work because you have a list a mile long of things to do after this
•Taeyong is like surprised because the staff would have kicked him out by now but he’s grateful that you let him help
•so the two of you work in quiet because talking equals wasting energy
•at the end of the day Taeyong figures out that he likes you a lot because you actually give him space to breath and do what he wants
•not like as in I like you, marry me
•at least not yet anyways
•like as in I like you, you’re cool
•and so that was how you two became friends in a way and when you began your tradition of letting him clean so he doesn’t like die because everything is not perfect
•but he doesn’t get why whenever you talk to him that you call him 'your highness’
•like I thought we were close cleaning buddies
•he starts liking you a lot when he first saw you laughing with Winwin on your 2 minute break of the day
•it was like the heavens gave you a golden glow and someone told him
•'she’s the one. Make her yours before one of the dogs accidentally mauls her’
•and so he set out on a mission to get to know you better
•now when you guys are cleaning, he always asks you questions about yourself and your like
•'um your highness, I’m suppose to be working’
•answers his question anyways
•if you don’t hen he’ll get his info from the castle’s to go to for info person
•you guessed it, it’s Donghyuck aka the prince’s little butler that spends more time getting information to the maid s then actually serving him
•eventually one faithful day….
•he found you out in the garden and you were like sleeping against the tree because you were too tired to do anything
•so he personally carried you back to your room in their servents place and made sure to tuck you in and everything
•before he leaves he confesses to you because he’s sure you’re sleeping
•when he goes in for the cliche kiss on the forehead, you wake up
•'I like you too your highness’
•cue blushy Taeyong
•'but don’t tell your mom, she’s gonna like banish me or something’
•cue pouty Taeyong
•and there’s the start of your relationship

Idk if I should make a dating Prince!Taeyong or something


This is going to be a bit like the Abercrombie post I just did, except that I don’t know the policy for Sephora so this is mainly just tips and techniques.

Sephora is one of those stores with SA who breath down your neck, give you suspicious looks, and judge you based on your appearance. Or at least that’s how it is in my location. Now don’t get my wrong. They have excellent makeup tips and can match you with your perfect foundation shade, but they can be so annoying when you’re trying to lift. So the first impression you make can really be important.

- Wear neutral colored clothing (white, grey, navy), nothing that will stand out on camera.
- Dress in a slightly preppy style (a blouse with a collar will go a long way), people who look respectable and professional are less likely to be suspected
- Wear heels! This is helpful because it can deter SA from tailing around behind you because the sound of your heels will make them feel like they know where you are, but they can’t see you concealing!
- Do your makeup! Pay extra attention to your eyebrows and your lipstick. Wear a brightly colored lipstick. For whatever reason, they trust you more if you’re wearing bright lipstick. It’s something I’ve noticed myself and heard other lifters talking about.

Now, the SA in Sephora will try to talk to you. They’ll ask you questions when you come in and see if you need any help. Don’t be intimidated at first-they probably don’t suspect you as they do this to everyone. However, if they continue to do this throughout your shopping trip without any provocation-GET OUT. They probably suspect you. Also, the code for a suspected shoplifter is to say “so and so needs a basket”. This is often accompanied by the SA trying to force you to take a shopping basket. At this point, get out! They suspect you.

Now, onto technique. This can be pretty hard in Sephora. You’re pretty much limited to concealing on the floor, and between the other customers, SA, and cameras (which are monitored!), it’s the technique that creates the thin line between success and prosecution for shoplifting. You have to look natural! I like to bring a friend with me just because it both makes the SA less sis and as part of my exit plan.

My technique for Sephora:
-Hang a structured shopping bag from another store one one arm. Have some clothing at the bottom-your coat or something you bought at another store will do. This is where you will be putting your stolen items-the clothing in the bag is to add structure and prevent the bag from making a crinkling noise when you drop something in.
-From the same arm, hang a Sephora shopping basket. You can ask an employee for one of these when you come in.
-Walk around the store-look natural. This is one of the most important parts. Don’t look nervous. Don’t take random products. Look at labels, test shades on the back of your hand, do things normal shoppers would do.
-When you see a product you like, take two of the same product very discreetly. Drop one into your shopping bag and one into your basket. Since they are on the same level, doing this in one movement will look natural.
-For bigger products, still take a duplicate, but walk around the area holding them in a position where looks like you are only holding one until you come to a blind spot. Here, very quickly drop one of the items into your bag and continue carrying around the other, putting it into your basket as usual.
-If you can’t find blind spots, I’ve found that a good thing to do is when you turn a corner, quickly drop an item into your bag. Or you can do this while turning around, taking something out of your purse, or adjusting your clothing. Any extra movement that distracts from your concealing!
-When you’re done, fake a phone call or a text. Tell the friend you’re with that you’re late to meet someone and mention something about ordering the products online when you get home. Say it loudly enough that the SA will hear. Then. Put your basket by the door and head on out.

Hope you all enjoyed these tips, please be careful and enjoy your new products!


Here’s a cute sailor dress! :D I’ve always wanted to make one, so here it is! :3 I added a little anchor in the back aswell! Enjoy wearing it! Oh! It fits perfect with the blue hairbow!