Happy 33rd Birthday Usher Terry Raymond. ♥

Happy 33rd Birthday to Usher Terrence Raymond The Fourth. This man means everything to me no one understands how much he has changed my life. All the way back to 1994 his first single call me a Mack.. Was where he started to blossom into a cute little pimp and then came my way which Usher worked with P diddy which didn’t really sell much, but that wasn’t the end for him.  8701 came which was the begging of ushers beautiful career seeing this man from being an ultimate player to then getting into a serious relationship with Chile where he wanted to propose to her then getting his heart broken because she said no we then really found out who usher was with his Album confessions which sold 45 million copies.  This showed a side of usher we never knew his whole album told a story which really showed how much of a lyrical genius he really is and how beautiful his vocals are. Watching usher grow up throughout these years is a blessing to see from a man who cheated on his girl to him marrying Tameka in 2008 and having 2 beautiful kids called Naviyd Ely and Usher the Fifth. Ever since Usher has become a dad he has turned into a mature man who really loves his kids and would do anything for them. His a kind caring lovable person who will always do anything to make his kids Happy. One movie i have watched of Usher which really touched my heart was Light it up.. it wasn’t an ordinary movie it was about racism and how 4 kids tried to stop it.. And how they did, it showed Another side of usher not only can this man sing he can also act so perfectly.. This movie really gave out a good message and left me in tears. In the mix back in 2005 was also a great movie it was funny and it was hilarious hearing Usher trying to speak in Italian.. hahaha Anyway every single Usher Album to me gives me a message as if i know him personally as if his my best friend as if i understand what his going through with Raymond V Raymond its like i knew who all his songs were about.. This really touched me because he mixed it up and used rev pop showing another side to usher that he can really master anything.  Not only can he sing act but he can dance insanely Im not saying he can dance like Michael Jackson because he will always be king of Pop but his not that far from it, The way this man entertains is amazing he puts on a show i went to the OMG tour twice and he blew me away each time. We cant forget about this mans looks the sexiest black man in the world ahhh he makes me…. FUCK ME! I Remember for the second concert i waited 15 hours cause for our Sydney shows he came out on a seaway and met all his fans but we had to chase but for the 3 other concerts he did he came out, the second one i busted the doors of acer arena and it was just me and usher in one arena with no one i could not stop crying and just smiled and waved i couldn’t run because i was shaking so much but for his last one he didn’t  at all i saw was him in his car putting his scooter away and the side of his beautiful face.. That was such an upsetting day for me the fact i was so close to my Idol but he was so far..Those were the two best days of my life and i will never forget it because i know one day i will meet him. I should not be complaining on the 11/07/11 wow.. the day i asked usher to be my 400TH follower on twitter and he followed me i could not believe it the fact Usher saw who i was, saw my picture and saw i was a part of team usher and followed me.. The feeling of being noticed by your idol is more than enough. Usher not only is caring but he mentored the very popular not Justin Bieber i don’t care what people say about the situation but Usher did hear him sing and sign him to his record label with LA Reid and Usher has been around for 19 years so if his bringing out a star his bound to get noticed. Those two are beautiful together make such a brotherly relationship you can really see how Usher cares about other people dreams like with his foundation New look.. He gives kids a chance at life it was beautiful seeing that in his Truth Tour DVD Along with his 8701 TOUR DVD.  Usher is a man who has changed my life through his words of wisdom and how he speaks in interviews with such inspirational words and his intelligent. I will always stay His number one fan Forever no matter what this is what his blog is for so many other people who love usher can share their passion and get inspired with this because we are all team usher and are doing this for him! I Just also want to thank all my followers for their support and showing me that Im not the only who is crazy about this man and sees why i love him so much. I hope Usher has the best birthday ever. I could go on forever but ill end it here. I love you Baby Forever and ever.