A crush?

So, first of all, english isn’t my navite language so sorry for my mistakes that I may write. Well that is now out of the way. I have to tell someone, doesn’t really matter who it is, that I have had some sort of crush( maybe a bit more that a crush, but hush, don’t tell anyone) in this quite a wonderful human specimen. And he(suprise! It is a he! I’m a girl by the way) has been hinting that he may have a crush on me too. But I was wondering that maybe he really doesn’t want  something that serious in the long run, and just wants to have fun (and I’m okay with that to certain degree). But what if his fun is having a one night stand (I don’t really think that, that is what he wants, but still).

I met him couple months ago when our University arrenged a cruise (it was two day and one night kind of cruise, where the students drink and basically don’t remember anything). But I didn’t meet him on the cruise, but on the bus when we came back from the cruise. I was sitting alone, because it is easier to basically sleep the hangover. But suprise suprise, he saw me and came and just started to talk to me (which i have to admit was a bit strange at first). And there on we have been talking when ever we have met each other at parties. But it have allways been just a brief conversation, because either my friends or his have interrupted our corversations.

Couple days ago we met again. At valentine’s day -party, and we had more time to talk. He also inroduced me to few of his friends, it was like this;meet the most wonderful, fun etc. person here ( I was trying to not to plush to much, but I really I’m not sure if I succeeded. Probably not). And one thing that did catch my attention was that his friend( who is a girl ) was like he really doesn’t speak about things/people if the certain thing/person isn’t important/worth something. And he has been speaking about you etc. I don’t know if I should believe it or not. I mean she really doesn’t have a reason to lie.

I know this is probably quite confusing and it is hard to tell everything in one post without it being too long. But I really really would appreciate if the people that will read this would send me e-mail via tumblr or just comment about what they think and so on.

Yours truly, Cinderella-nro1

  xoxo to all!