navijac’s nothing cuter for me than a ‘navijac’ boyfriend.

it’s one of my be married to some ultras be married bye a balkan boy,cause no one is that perfect in this World like guys from Balkan. they have that something,that i can’t put in words..something different ,maybe peoples from other country will say they are  ”seljake” but it is cause they don’t what is goodt life.! here,we don’t have that much in germany or usa. but people love to live here.they love this country,and i think so that other people can’t be like this,they don’t know to love like this!

Друге су рекле да сам проблематичан.Ти си ме схватила,на прави пут ме вратила.И зато чекам дан,ти,ја и матичар.Некад трагичан,сад заљубљен,романтичан.

Разлика између правог навијача,и “финих момака” је та што навијач а 90 минута покаже више љубави вољеном клубу него што ћете ви за читав живот дјевојци/жени !