navigation skills

Like, Moana just did so well from a feminist perspective. Passes the Bechdel test. Literally doesn’t even mention the fact that they don’t have a romantic interest. No one questions the legitimacy of a girl training to become the next chief. All the women in her life empower her to follow her destiny. She has a more realistic physical figure. She literally battles a demon and learns advanced navigational skills which she then teaches to her entire tribe. She grabs a demi-god by the ear and tells him to fix his shit. Like, dayum. Well done Disney. 


Our ancient human ancestors once lived only in Africa, in tiny bands of a few thousand hunter-gatherers. Then we moved out of our African cradle, spreading rapidly to every corner of the planet. How did we acquire the skills, technology and talent to thrive in every environment on earth? How did our prehistoric forebears cross the Sahara on foot, survive frigid ice ages, and sail to remote Pacific islands? “Great Human Odyssey” is a spectacular global journey following their footsteps out of Africa along a trail of fresh scientific clues. With unique glimpses of today’s Kalahari hunters, Siberian reindeer herders, and Polynesian navigators, we discover amazing skills that hint at how our ancestors survived and prospered long ago.

anonymous asked:

It's really helpful that you made a trait tutorial but your theme makes it really hard to read for me. Do you think you'd mind making a copy of it without the read more? So I can reblog it to mine and be able to read it better?

Hello! Yes, yes, I agree my theme makes this post, and every other post for that matter, pretty hard to read. I plan on changing it very soon! If you are having problems seeing the images, I don’t know what to say. Hopefully this will make them show up a bit bigger, but since this isn’t a normal post their is no way for you to enlarge them. Maybe try zooming in and hopefully the image won’t be too blurred out that you can’t see. :(

I hope this was helpful, and if you have any more questions, just ask!!

Trait Tutorial

Make sure you are using the latest mod constructor by @zerbu. You can download that Here.

After downloading

I suggest making a folder to put the downloaded WinRAR ZIP file into. Once you unzip the file, look for the Constructor2 Application.

Making the Trait

Open the application. Enter your creator name and your mod name. When you finish, press “Create Mod”.

On the top bar, click “Create Resource”. Select, “Buff/Trait” and click “!!Create Trait”. Then enter a resource name and press “Create Resource”.

Once the new resource comes up it should look like this. Make sure the “Create Trait” box is checked. Set the “Trait Simdata” to personality (only if you are making a personality trait, but for now I’m sure that is what you want to do). Add a “Trait Name”, “Trait Icon”, and “Trait Description”. Change the “Trait Category” to whatever of the four options you would like, based on what it does (Emotional, Hobbies, Lifestyle, or Social).

Adding Whims

If you would like to have whims that correlate to your trait, follow the steps below.

Staying on the “Trait” tab, navigate to the “Whims” subcategory. Next to “Trait Whims”, click on the magnifying glass. A new box will pop up. On the left there will be categories where you can find pre-existing whims. On the right, you can select as many whims as you would like (and you can always add more). These whims will randomly appear ever once-in-a-while. You can click the “Select” button when you have all the whims you would like. In the “Reason” category type, “(From Trait Name)”.

Adding Special Effects

If you would like to add special effect to your trait, follow the steps below.

Staying on the “Trait” tab, navigate to the “Special” subcategory. You can check any of the four options (Immortal, never aging, etc.) and you can also add an effect that changes the way your sims will talk if they have this trait. There are also four options for this (Normal, alien, reaper, and ghost).

Changing how a sim’s needs will increase or decrease.

If you would like to change how quickly a sim’s need will decays or how quickly they will increase when using your trait, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Needs” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Needs” tab. You can select “Need Decay Rates” or “Need Increase Rates”. “Need Decay Rates” will affect how quickly, or slowly, a sim’s needs will decay. “Need Increase Rates” will affect how quickly, or slowly, a sim’s needs will increase. For example, under “Need Decay Rates”, a trait about never being bored could have the “Fun” slider almost at zero, that way their fun would go down much slower than other sims’.

Note: Under the “careers” subacategory, it is very similar to this and the examples below. You can change the increase and decrease rates for each type of career.

Changing how a sim’s skills will be effected.

If you would like to change how quickly, or slowly, a sim gains a skill, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Skills” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Skills” tab. You can select “Skill Gain” or “Effective Skill”. Under the “Skill Gain” tab you can change how quickly, or slowly, a sim gains a new skill. Under the “Effective Skill” tab you can change the effect of actions related to a skill. For example, increasing the cooking effective skill level will result in better quality food. Under each of these tabs there is a third set of seven subcategories that have every type of skill in the sims 4. Change the slider to effect the “Skill Gain” or “Effective Skill”.

Note: Under the “careers” subacategory, it is very similar to this and the examples above. You can change the increase and decrease rates for each type of career.

Changing how a sim acts by themselves

If you would like to change how a sims acts autonomously, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Autonomy” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Autonomy” tab.

Commodities (Pictured above)

This option allows you use autonomy settings from other traits and buffs. For example, if you use the Active trait, sims will autonomously preform actions that an Active sim would normally do, such as doing push-ups or working out. Next to the “Commodities” box click on the magnifying glass. A new box will pop up. On the left there will be three categories for you to choose from (”Traits”, “Emotions”, and “Needs”). On the right you can select the pieces you want your trait to showcase. Once you have done this you can press the “Select” button.


“You can increase the likelihood a Sim will follow the autonomy of a need using this option. For example, setting the hunger slider to a higher value should cause Sims to autonomously eat more.” - (Mod Constructor 2 By Zerbu)

To change this, you need to move the slider to the preferred amount. 

Trait Commodities

“You can increase the likelihood a Sim will preform interactions related to a particular trait here. If the trait’s commodity is not added in “Commodities”, it will only take effect if the Sim ALSO has that trait, or another custom trait that does add it.” - (Mod Constructor 2 By Zerbu)

To change this, you need to move the slider to the preferred amount.

Emotion Commodities

“You can increase the likelihood a Sim will follow the autonomy of an emotion using the option.” - (Mod Constructor 2 By Zerbu)

To change this, you need to move the slider to the preferred amount.

Changing how Sims will increase or decrease relationships

If you would like to change how a sim’s relationship will be increased or how it will decrease, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Relationships” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Relationships” tab. You can select “Relationship Increase” or “Relationship Decrease”. “Relationship Increase” effects how good sims are at making relationships (”Friendly”, “Romantic”, or “Mischief”). “Relationship Decrease” effects how quickly a sims will be disliked if the preform mean interactions. This does not change how quickly a sim will loose their relationships naturally. You can move the slider to your preferred amount.

Using the “Loots”, “Broadcasters”, and “Proximity” tabs for making buffs

These tabs allow you to add buffs that make your sims feel a certain way. For example, when using the Goofball trait, your sims can randomly become playful. Check below for a wonderful tutorial by Zerbu.

How to export traits and put them in your game

Once you have finished making your trait and adding all the parts you want, you will need to export your trait. Navigate to the “Export Package” button in the top left corner. Export the trait to your desired location. Then, move it into the sims 4 mods folder. It should the appear in game. You should always test your mods, in case you find any problems.

For some extra help, try looking at these tutorials.

I hope I could help, and if you still have any questions, Ask!!

At Swords Points

Part I

In which Riskua travelled with Mihawk instead of going to Dawn Island

(Because I really enjoyed @nordictwin​‘s AU where Riskua stayed on Melring, so I wrote my own with one of the other alternatives that could have happened, which was Mihawk taking her, *ahem*, underwing.

When Dracule Mihawk saunters into the latest Shichibukai meeting, he comes in with a red-haired, tan-skinned miniature trotting diligently along after him. A female miniature.

Even Doflamingo goggles for a moment, losing all interest in his game with the marines.

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2017 Carolina Crown presents, “It is…”.

“Carolina Crown 2017: “It is…”

It is…an artistic study in Deconstructivism—a dissection of something to its core components; reshaping, relocating, and rearranging those elements; and presenting them in a new way. Art pieces that exhibit a deconstructivist style are characterized by unpredictability and unrestrained freedom, and this allows for an explorative, creative design approach within elements that are purely and exclusively “drum corps.”

It is…an imaginative evolution. The bold, talented performers of the 2017 Carolina Crown will artfully and meticulously disassemble the traditional drum corps model and carefully restructure those components as a fresh, new perspective. In creating an “art installation” of sorts, the design will continually explore the flexibility to evolve in many layers. The colorguard plays an integral role inspiring the artistic exploration and evolution of the concept, and the broad range of visual demands and visual musicality allows a complex personality and character to develop throughout the concept’s layout.

It is… bold and eclectic. The audio and visual presentation will serve to create wildly dynamic changes in look, sound, and atmosphere over the course of the program. Within the ever-changing environment, the performers artfully navigate performance skills ranging from refined sophistication, playful mischievousness, emotional reflection, wildly “far out”, and unabashedly free.

It is…comprised of the following musical selections, which reflect the concept of evolution throughout the program:

“Little Fugue in G Minor” - Johann Sebastian Bach

Representing pure order and structure—both musically and visually—and sophisticated clarity in form and presentation, the “Little Fugue” is a classic opening tribute to a model drum corps introduction.

“Crown Imperial” - William Walton
“Symphony No. 3” - Vittorio Giannini
“Old Home Days” - Charles Ives
“Raveling, Unravelling” - Philip Sparke

As the program evolves and the environment begins to deconstruct, traditional and contemporary wind and brass band literature are juxtaposed to compete for command of the concept’s sense of direction. Highlighting the performers’ dynamic changes from composed, sophisticated power to whimsical, mischievous play, this piece marks the first evolution of the program.

“For Good” - Stephen Schwartz

“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? But because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” The introduction of a vocalist as a unique, textural layer is vital to delivering the emotional range of expression and importance of this message and this piece. Thousands of performers have bared their hearts on the DCI stage, in the goal of making their mark on the drum corps tapestry. The unique and elevated vertical changes to the visual landscape highlight the soaring power of the emotionally charged soundscape. The transformations within this stage of the concept signify “no going back” and invite the exploration and experimentation to come.

“NO one To kNOW one” - Andy Akiho

Composed as a multi-movement presentation, this piece propels the concept toward unchartered territories for Carolina Crown, and ushers in the final stage of changes and experimentation. The future-modern orchestrations, harmonic language, and rhythmic intricacies imbue the completed “art project” with raw, edgy power, unpredictability, intrigue, and discovery. The culminating experience is designed to illicit a sense of evolution and exploration within the wide-ranging spectrums of style, demand, risk, and creativity. Ultimately, as any “art experience” can do, the program allows the freedom of interpretation from a wide-ranging audience, and can leave different impressions to different viewers in different viewings.

It is…artistic, unpredictable, imaginative, evolving, bold, eclectic, dynamic, refined, playful, emotional, intense, unique…

It is…Carolina Crown 2017.”.


Custom autism-themed Cards Against Humanity sheets. Best used in combination with the standard set. Reblog with your favorite combinations.

Black cards:

  • Although vaccine theories have been thoroughly discredited, some studies suggest that autism is really caused by ________.
  • To the great surprise of the Autistic community, the latest film from Autism Speaks portrays ________ in a positive light.
  • ________ doesn’t make you autistic! That happens to everyone!
  • The reason there are no autistic adults is because every autistic 17-year-old experiences ________.
  • What’s my special interest?
  • New reports claim that ________ must have been autistic because they liked ________. (Pick 2)
  • Following the consolidation of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the DSM, the ICD will now refer to the entire autism spectrum as ________.
  • I tried to drive from ________ to ________, but due to my horrible navigational skills, I wound up in ________ instead. (Draw 2, Pick 3)
  • You can’t be autistic if you’re capable of ________.
  • Labels belong on ________, not people.
  • To avoid “ass burgers” jokes, Asperger syndrome will be renamed ________.
  • Where do spoons come from?
  • A collaborative campaign between Autism Speaks and PETA will feature nude models with the slogan: “________“.
  • I meant to say ________, but my text-to-speech app autocorrected it to ________. (Pick 2)
  • Don’t you hate seeing everyone on their phones all the time? I miss the old days when we had ________.
  • This year’s Light It Up Blue campaign aims to put light bulbs all over ________.
  • In Temple Grandin’s upcoming book, she explains that cows are similar to autistic people because they both have ________.
  • What’s the best way to come out as autistic?
  • Some people flap when they’re happy. I flap because of ________.
  • In her latest Playboy video, Jenny McCarthy uses her son’s autism as inspiration for ________.

White cards:

  • Knowing useless facts about everything.
  • Exclusively dating autistic people to further the master race.
  • Bribing the diagnostician to make you sound more disabled on paper.
  • Temple Grandin.
  • Rain Man.
  • Flapping your nail polish dry.
  • Measles parties.
  • Tasting spice in food labeled not spicy.
  • The disgusting taste of bottled water.
  • Just nodding and smiling because you’ve already said “can you repeat that?” three times.
  • Having pets who understand you better than humans do.
  • Searching for beer while lost in the desert.
  • Texting someone who is right in front of you.
  • Infodumping about the menstrual cycle.
  • Memorizing the script to a porn movie.
  • Making suggestive eyebrow movements at the wall next to you.
  • Running out of spoons while spooning.
  • Exploiting the stereotype that autistic can’t lie to get out of trouble.
  • Subtly switching to the green communication card when an attractive person is nearby.
  • That one autistic character on that one episode of that one show.
  • A bleach enema.
  • Accidentally staring at a woman’s breasts while avoiding eye contact.
  • Socio-emotional reciprocity.
  • Proposing marriage with a plastic spinner ring.
  • Nikola Tesla making sweet love to his imaginary laser pigeon.
  • Having situational mutism during wedding vows.
  • Going outside, then realizing there’s no wi-fi and going back inside.
  • Stuffing one bag full of everything you could possibly need.
  • Friends doing unrelated things in close proximity.
  • Going to a museum to touch all the sculptures.
  • Guessing people’s names.
  • Knowing more about your neurotype than a psychologist with a PhD.
  • Forgetting to eat.
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Fad diets.
  • Cows.
  • Cats.
  • Eye contact.
  • The internet.
  • Clothes with no tags.
Home [Luke Skywalker x Solo!Reader]

Part 2

Summary: The reader is Han’s younger sister who wanders off while Han is doing business and bumps into Luke.

Word Count: 4000+

Warnings: None that I know of! Lmk if I missed anything!  

The dry heat of Tatooine was unfamiliar. Wind-blown particles of sand stuck to your skin, and the distrusting attitude of the crowds outside the hangar was strong enough to be felt. You folded your arms over your chest, refusing to let fidgeting betray your anxiety. This was your first time away from home.

You were grateful to at least have the familiarity of the Falcon, your older brother Han, and his co-pilot Chewbacca just behind you. As far as Han knew, you had inherited the Solo sense of adventure and couldn’t stand being stuck on Corellia while Han had all the fun. In reality, you had asked to travel with him because you were terrified of being alone.

“Something else, isn’t it?” Han said as he stepped out of the Falcon, Chewie at his heels.

“It is,” you agreed. “Something different from what most people would find enjoyable. Of all the places you could disappear, you chose this rock?”

“The idea is that I can disappear here,” Han informed you matter-of-factly. “But not if you run your mouth which you have a tendency to do. So stay in the Falcon and stay out of sight.”

“You’re kidding,” you began incredulously. “Han, I didn’t join the crew to stay in the Falcon and stay out of sight. Chewie, tell him.”

Chewie just shrugged.

“You didn’t have to come. And unless my memory’s gone haywire, your exact words were ‘I’ll do whatever you say, Han. Just take me with you.’” Han recalled, using the worst impression of you you had ever heard. “But, hey, sis, if you want me to take you back home–”

“No!” you interrupted. “I don’t want to go back. Can’t I go with you, Han? You said you’re going to a palace. I promise, I’ll be quiet if you take me.”

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Space Tailor

The Guardians of the Galaxy fic I mentioned inspired by a throwaway line and this guy.

The tailor sat in his area, quietly stitching together the boots he’d been working on for himself for months. Between new crew members that joined up and old crew members that ruined their suits, he hadn’t had a moment to work on his own gear in quite some time. It never helped that half the time he’d get started on a suit for a new crew member just to have them quit, die, or get jettisoned into space.

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Characters: Tony x Reader

Summary: Set in the days after Civil War you had stood by what you believed but you know that your friend is suffering.  Can you just walk away from Tony knowing how much he will be beating himself up?

Word Count: 1276 words

Prompt: Time After Time – Eva Cassidy

A/N: So I have literally just written this and I haven’t edited it so any mistakes are all mine, feel free to point them out and I will probably change them.

Lying in your bed you stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling you catalogue every crack and imperfection in the paintwork.  The sound of the clock ticking and the pounding of your heat the only audible sounds to your ears. You were still unsure how you had got here, how any of the events of the past few weeks had happened.  Thoughts ran in circles in your mind only adding to the confusion which was sadly becoming a familiar feeling.  

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biggestnerdsouthofasgard  asked:

I am OBSESSED with your inferno au, it's amazing, but I really need to know: how do Otabek, Sara, Mila, Emil and Michele fit into this?

Thanks so much for liking it! <3 (*´∀`*) 

They all briefly have their blurbs on the intro post, but my motivation permitting, I do have separate arcs and backstories planned out for all of them. (For those confused, Inferno is my post-apocalyptic AU. Links to the other posts can be found on my Masterpost)

Briefly, and mostly just repeating what’s in the intro post but:

Otabek - the best driver in the Blades, can drive pretty much anything anywhere even when you think it’d be impossible. As such he takes a lot of dangerous solo missions where situations call for his navigation skills. Also often has to swoop in and rescue other Blades. Primarily rides a really fancy custom bike that has all sorts of interesting hidden features, courtesy of Mila. Has a really sad backstory but is still incredibly kind, often volunteering his services to the residents of Yuutopia when they need a little extra help transporting things. Also runs the Blades’ garage and takes care of all their automobiles and can be really anal about everything being in perfect working condition. Doesn’t like anyone else touching his bike. Which leads to sparks flying between him and Mila, bc Mila likes touching all the shiny vehicles.

Mila - Genius inventor, previously apprenticed to Yurio’s grandfather and now the Blades’ primary mechanic. She’s responsible for creating many of the things essential to the Blades’ success, including their knife blade boots. Her ideas are often reckless to the point of insane but they’ve saved everyone’s hides more often than not. She likes messing with Otabek’s bikes which pisses him off, because he’ll be out on on a mission and notice a mysterious new button but Mila won’t tell him what it does, just “Push it! It’ll be fun!” Too many times has this resulted in the bike blowing up so yeah, no Otabek’s usually not too thrilled. Mila sees Yurio as her little brother and while she teases him relentlessly, she can also be hyper protective.

Emil - Their hacker, he originally came from the Dome and has access to all the secret military data. He’s absolutely indispensable to their missions, not only being their key to success when breaking into anywhere, but also keeping track of the Dome’s movements so they can avoid confrontations. He rarely physically goes on missions because he’s one of the few people in the team who could cripple the entire organization if he gets taken out, but he’s the main guy on the intercom who directs all the other members from home base. Is especially close to the Crispino siblings and though he tries to hide it under his cheerful demeanor, he gets increasingly anxious the longer they’re away on missions.

Sara + Mickey - The twins have a really rough past and are absolutely inseparable as a result. Their dependency on each other can be dangerous, but it also allows them to spend far longer away from the rest of the group, and as such are often away on recon missions that sometimes take months. They’re all rounders who can cover all the bases between just the two of them, but Sara tends to be more offense while Mickey is defense/the driver. Sara can sometimes be incredibly reckless and will prioritize succeeding in their mission, while Mickey is terrified and wants to prioritize Sara’s safety even at the cost of his own. Sara’s close friends with Mila and is always eager to conduct field tests with her newest often explosive weapon.

Hope that gives you a slightly better idea how their roles will fit in! ^ ^

echoraven1219  asked:

Hi! I'm currently writing about a pirate who is very sensitive (he cries a lot, but mostly just over other people. Say, if one of his friends got hurt or something). How can I convey this while still keeping the pirate side of him alive? Thanks!

Oooh, this is a fun one!  So, I expect that I’ll have as many questions for you as I do answers, @echoraven1219​, so if you want to respond, please tag me so I see it!

Firstly, I think it all depends on what kind of pirate you have.  What kind of piratical things is he good at?  No one thinks of Captain Jack Sparrow as less of a pirate because he stumbles around like he’s drunk or high all the time.  Why not?  Because he’s actually good at being a pirate; he’s a good seaman, knows how to lead/control a bunch of scoundrels, and also is damned good at stealing other peoples’ ships (or other valuable items).

Originally posted by numbmimz

Have you ever seen Stardust? If so, it’s another great example of a pirate who isn’t um, traditionally masculine.  Captain Shakespeare likes to wear dresses and dance, but he’s still a damned good pirate.  His crew pretends not to know about it, but once they can’t hide it anymore, they admit that they keep following him because he’s a good captain and a great pirate.

Originally posted by lenorbinator

So, with these two examples in mind, I would say that crying isn’t a big hurdle to overcome as long as you make him out to be a really good pirate.  Maybe make him the “Good man in a storm”; the guy who never cracks under pressure (even if he does cry manly tears when people he cares about are hurt).  Make him the one guy who never ever gets seasick - because believe me, that gets you a lot of cool points with fellow sailors, particularly in bad weather.

Historically speaking, pirates were a rough bunch - but they were a strange bunch, too.  If you were good at creating death and mayhem (because pirates really weren’t nice folks), you could pretty much get away with crying, wearing dresses, or being drunk all the time.  Granted, if he’s sensitive enough that he doesn’t like causing death, have it be his calling card.  He can come up with creative ways not to kill people, giving them “fates worse than death” that might not be so terrible as they appear (but everyone assumes they are).  That said, he’s going to have to be a tough customer.  After all, sensitive doesn’t mean that someone can’t be strong, but he’s going to have to be able to capitalize on those strengths in order to not be a failure as a pirate.

You can also always use the “smart and sensitive” trope for him - not all pirates were that bright (if they had been, they’d probably have gotten a commission in a navy or as a privateer, because The Romance of Pirate really wasn’t all that cool in real life (POTC notwithstanding).  Really clever pirates were few and far between, but when they were good, they were good.  They were also a little bit different from the others, from Anne Bonny (who disguised herself as a man in the beginning) to Blackbeard (who there don’t appear to be any historical records of having killed anyone, despite his fearsome reputation) to Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts (who went from unwilling pirate to captain in six weeks due to his charisma and navigational skills).  

Basically, any one who is a good enough pirate is going to have some foibles, and I love the fact that you’re brave enough to give your pirate character one that makes him different and very human!  It’s bound to be a disadvantage for him sometimes, but good characters always have to overcome such things.

Originally posted by crazydaimond

Don’t mind the wavy flag of Black Bart Roberts.  You can probably guess which pirate I’m (truthfully!) descended from.

Seaside Supermodels - F!Reader x Prompto

No real warning for this one, just a deliciously smutty photoshoot featuring our favorite shutterbug. Have at it! ;)

Sunlight flittered through the Elm trees above you, their leaves crunching underneath your feet as you joined Prompto in hiking to Cape Caem’s rocky edge. Another project had consumed him in the middle of the night. He was restless, fidgeting in his sleeping bag as all the little details pried his eyes open, unrelenting in their importance and necessity. You were at the forefront of his mind, in a coverup that whipped around your curves at the whim of the fickle beachy winds. You were a beautiful muse, and he loved painting you into the scenery of his thoughts and desires and art. He begged you to join him when you had woken up, eyes still dusted with sleep.

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Let Me In

“You’re being ridiculous…”

“Shut up. You have a fever.”

“It’s barely a cold.”

“Your skin feels like a space heater. You have a fever.”

Shiro chuckles. “All right, all right.” He steps back, and Keith’s hand slips from his forehead. “I’m sick. I’ve had worse.”

Keith glares at him. “Have you tried a pod?” he asks.



Shiro shrugs. “No dice. Must have picked up something unusual.”

Keith’s eyes narrow. “That sounds dangerous.”

“I talked to Allura about it. She says it happens sometimes.”

Keith’s mouth shifts like he’s trying not to bite his lip. He’s always worried about Shiro these days. After the fight with Zarkon (and Shiro’s subsequent disappearance) he’s barely trusted Shiro to use a fork without supervision.

Shiro takes pity on Keith and lifts his hands in mock surrender.

“I’ll go take a nap,” Shiro says. Keith visibly brightens. “We’ll see how I feel in an hour.”

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