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Tag/Navigation List Page Theme #3 by raiidens
A little while ago an anon requested I make a tag list similar to the network page I did not too long before. I decided to give it a try. Hope you like it!
Static preview + install
  • Customizable colours
  • You can add as many categories and links as you want

  • Leave the credit or move it somewhere else visible
  • Edit as much as you like
  • Show me what you’ve done with it!

Page Theme #5: ALL-IN-ONE THEME - by madthms aka madpal

this theme has all your pages in one :]

it is very complex and very customizable if you know how to do it. if you need any help customizing it let me know!

↳ preview AND code

please like or reblog if you like/use it!

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anonymous asked:

could you do a tumblr survival guide part 2 that includes how to change your cursor, how to add a sidebar image (like idk the image in the bottom right corner not your description) how to add an about page, how to add a navi page, about the sidebar image thing i just dont know how to place it anywhere besides your description.. um idk what else but it'd be a big help


How to Change Your Cursor

How to add an About Page: 

  1. Go to Customize  
  2. Add a page  
  3. Custom Layout
  4. Add a About Me Page theme (About me Themes)

How to add a navigation Page

  1. Go to Customize  
  2. Add a page  
  3. Custom Layout
  4. Add a Navigation theme (Navigation Themes)
  5. TIP when you are adding the tag make sure that you have “” correct and that you put search/whatever+tag 

Sidebar I think you want to try a different theme, one with the sidebar where you want it, otherwise you have to manually change the theme in the html there should be some sort of spot in your theme that says sidebar height 150px (or whatever it is) and you have to change it till you are satisfied. I can’t be more specific since each theme maker is unique, you can always try to message the maker and ask theme to help with your issue

If you want to have more images in your sidebar you can check out these themes or top or bottom sidebar

I really hope that helped, if you have anymore question you can always message me again. I will do my best :) 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I am looking for themes that have a navigation page, or even a tutorial on how to make one would be okay. I as just wondering if you might have some. :)

That is just a sample. There are 7 pages of navigation page themes right ~here~. Some people have deactivated but the code should still be up on this blog.

If you need a tutorial of how to add links in to a theme, then go ~here~ as I did a guide on how to add more links into a navigation page theme.

Hope that helps.