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(Ages 8 and up/Approx. Retail Price: $11.99/Available: Summer 2017)

The TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT movie is an explosive battle featuring new heroes battling in an epic struggle to forge a future for all, and these MISSION TO CYBERTRON LEGION CLASS 2-Pack Assortment figures allow kids to unite with some of the powerful warriors from the movie!

The TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT MISSION TO CYBERTRON LEGION CLASS 2-Pack Assortment features the AUTOBOT hero and DECEPTICON villain duos: OPTIMUS PRIME and GRIMLOCK and BUMBLEBEE and MEGATRON. The 3-inch-scale figures feature classic conversion between modes, basic articulation and movie-inspired detail.  MISSION TO CYBERTRON figures also feature glyph deco and cards that can be deciphered with the decoder available online at Each sold separately. Available exclusively at Toys"R"Us.

(Ages 8 and up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/Available: Summer 2017)

In TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, new evil rises in a battle where the fate of Earth hangs in the balance. In the dark depths of the universe, five revolting INFERNOCON demons seethe with fiery strength to protect the mysterious sorceress, QUINTESSA. When threats approach, they combine to form a cindering force of infernal fury—the menacing INFERNOCUS.

The MISSION TO CYBERTRON is on with the 5-BOT COMBINER INFERNOCUS Figure, featuring a translucent QUINTESSA figure. The pack features five INFERNOCON figures including SKULK, RUPTURE, INFERNOCON THRASH, GORGE and GLUG. Combine them to form an INFERNOCUS figure, inspired by the character from TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT. MISSION TO CYBERTRON figures feature CYBERTRONIAN glyphs and mission cards that can be deciphered with an online decoder at The five INFERNOCON figures convert in 4 to 14 steps and also comes with two exciting weapon accessories. Available exclusively at Toys"R"Us.

(Ages 8 and up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/Available: Summer 2017)

To protect Earth and its human inhabitants, OPTIMUS PRIME hides in truck mode until the evil DECEPTICONS attack. On his home planet, he valiantly faces enemies in CYBERTRON truck mode, designed to navigate across the evolving metal planet and protect him from powerful CYBERTRONIAN forces.

The MISSION TO CYBERTRON is on in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT with this DELUXE 2-Pack, including OPTIMUS PRIME and CYBERTRON OPTIMUS PRIME figures. Change the OPTIMUS PRIME figure from robot to truck mode in 12 steps, and convert the CYBERTRON OPTIMUS PRIME figure from robot to CYBERTRONIAN truck mode in 13 steps. Each figure comes with its own awesome weapon accessory. MISSION TO CYBERTRON figures feature glyph deco and cards that can be deciphered with the decoder available online at Available exclusively at Toys"R"Us.

(Ages 8 and up/Approx. Retail Price: $149.99/Available: Summer 2017)

The MISSION TO CYBERTRON is on in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT with this CONVERTING CYBERTRON PLANET Figure. CYBERTRON is a massive, converting planet forged from a mighty and legendary spark. Home to eons of TRANSFORMERS, he rests in planet mode, until combat so colossal erupts that CYBERTRON awakens again…

The CYBERTRON PLANET figure is an impressive, 11-inch-scale figure that’s detailed with famous cities of CYBERTRON and converts between robot, attack, defense and planet modes in 18 steps. Activate lights, sounds, and weapon accessories with lock and key included in the pack. The CYBERTRON PLANET figure features glyph deco and cards that can be deciphered with the decoder available online at Available exclusively at Toys"R"Us.

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Can we see what Grillby will look like please? it's cute to pair him with Muffet since his underswap self is very cute

(I call him Grillby Wonka)

Grillby in Royalblue is a magnate of the food industry. He has most of the regions of the Underground under his corporative control with the glaring exception of Snowdin, where Muffet has always been the customers’ favorite.

Their relationship is a strange rivality that borders friendship. Officially, the reasons is bussiness: he keeps making offers to buy her establishment, and Muffet keeps refusing each one of them, even when the numbers are insanely high.

Unofficially, they compete in a much more secretive area: information trading. Grillby is the only monster in the Underground whose information network is bigger than Muffet’s, and unlike hers, his loyalties are for sale to the best bidder. That has put him in the privileged position of being one of the few lucky ones that are owed favors by the crown itself.

- Poisond

Dating Lewis Nixon Would Include

Originally posted by vat-69

what about dating Lewis Nixon and Richard Winters include? - @richardwinters

Dating Lewis Nixon would include:

  • Lots of sleeping in and cuddling
  • Lew is the big spoon and seems to grown like an extra fifteen limbs to wrap around you when you go to sleep
  • Seriously that man is an octopus
  • When you first move in you have lots of houseplants but you forget to water them and they all die and shrivel up do you both agreed to just have a ton of mini cactuses instead
  • DOGS!
  • You’re building technically doesn’t allow pets but both you and him have been sneaking dogs into your apartments for years, so why any different now that you live together??
  • You both share a love of Vat 69 (though you can live without it)
  • Lewis is the navigator and you’re the designated driver
  • Your apartment is full of polaroid pictures with captions of when/where they were taken and who with, bc I feel like that’s the right aesthetic for Nixon
  • If one of you has a bad day then you bring him home his favourite take out and he’ll bring you bath bombs
  • Dog walks in the park at sunset by the lake
  • BONUS: Okay but imagine, you find an engagement ring in the sock draw (original, i know) but you don’t say anything, but then it takes like three months for Lew to buck up the courage and propose. Of course during this time you’ve recruited the help of Dick to move the whole thing along. And when he does propose and you go out with your friends for drinks, Lewis goes up to the bar and Dick asks if you’ll ever tell him you’ve known for three months and the two of you agree it’s best if he doesn’t find out.


A/N- Hope you liked it! Requests are open <3


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Preface to The Traveler’s Guide to the Two Systems


I know, I have lots of other things to do. But I have been reading travel guides on account of some traveling I’m doing next year, and this needed to be out of my brain. I am posting it here in case it might amuse anyone. 

The Two Systems–the republic of a thousand eggs! Whether you believe its nickname comes from an ancient pre-Radchaai symbol associated with the spiritual and moving Genitalia Festival, or the Athoeki obsession with decorating, eating, or gifting eggs during their famous and picturesque Independence Day Concourse Picnic, there’s no denying the beauty and mystery to be found here.

 A lot of travelers find the idea of leaving Human space intimidating, but a visit to the Two Systems is probably the best (and safest) way to experience an alien culture. Athoek, the most populous of the Two Systems, was occupied by the Radchaai for several centuries, and their impact has been profound, though you’ll also find plenty of non-Radchaai Human cultures surviving–even thriving! And since quite a lot of the population of both systems is Human, you won’t need to worry too much about navigating habitats not designed for Human comfort or safety.


 The Two Systems was famously (or infamously, if you prefer) once part of Radch space. Consequently, until the Pel Gate (into Athoek System) is completed 75 years from now, or the Mosak Vight Gate (into the Ghost System) in about a hundred years, the only way to get here is through Radchaai (or former Radchaai) space. Your best bet is to travel from Hrad System, still part of Omaugh Radch, whose relations with the Two Systems is relatively friendly, and whose immigration officials are accustomed to Valskaayan travelers from Irei Radch.

 Avoid traveling from Kered System if at all possible. Formerly part of Omaugh Province, resentments toward Omaugh Radch and Tstur Radch over events during the civil war still run high, and the current government views their newly alien neighbors in the Two Systems with suspicion. Tourists will be under extra, and unfriendly, scrutiny.

 In any event, as always, when in Radchaai (or former Radchaai) space, travelers would be well-advised to obey any local laws or regulations punctiliously, even if your home government has treaties or agreements there. Radchaai officials rarely display much sense of humor, and the penalties for lawbreakers can be draconian. Be sure to do your research before traveling anywhere in Radch space.


 Athoek Station, through which nearly all extra-system travelers pass when they arrive, essentially closes down for the famous Genitalia Festival. If your ship arrives during the festival–or a month or so later, during Independence Day festivities–it won’t be able to dock until the holiday is over, leaving you stuck on board for up to a week, and you’ll miss the fun besides. Best to time your arrival before it starts–though this is a heavy travel time for Athoeki as well and you should be prepared to deal with delays and crowds. Be sure and consult a reliable timetable to determine when the festival is occurring, and how that matches with your own calendars, before you make any travel plans.


 Quite a few travelers never go any farther than Athoek Station. There’s plenty to do and see: feed the fish in the famous Gardens, try some Ychana food in the picturesque and labyrinthine Undergarden, visit the Tea Museum and the dozens of shrines and temples, or enjoy the spectacle of one of the vibrant and colorful festivals. The Choralia (check your local timetable for date equivalents), though less famous than the Genitalia Festival, is particularly delightful.  A straight week of flowers and feasting–more eggs, of course!–and public musical performances. Dozens of old favorites will be performed with gusto (and a surprising amount of skill, considering these are nearly all amateur performances). New works are regularly unveiled with great fanfare during the festival. Visitors are not only allowed, but encouraged to participate.

 And then there are the aliens. All the treaty signatories have embassies on Athoek Station. You’re most likely to see Rrrrrr or possibly one of their Human companions. The Geck embassy is little more than a single room, and their ambassador a semi-biological mech controlled from the Geck home system. It rarely leaves its embassy. The Presger, though nominally keeping an office at Athoek, are much more likely to be found in the Ghost System. Or their Translators are, at any rate. The Presger themselves, thankfully, have rarely, if ever, actually visited the Two Systems.


 The traveler familiar with Radchaai manners and customs can mostly get by with those in Athoek, with some minor exceptions. Gloves, for instance, while still part of formal dress, are not universally worn, nor is going barehanded the same faux pas it would be in most other Radchaai (or former Radchaai) territories. Questions of ritual purity are less of an issue when visiting temples and shrines in the Two Systems (but do note the rare exceptions, including the Temple of the Mysteries on the Athoek Station concourse, the inner chambers of which are only accessible to initiates).  

 The people of the Two Systems are hospitable and friendly, and often generous to a fault. They are quite used to visitors who don’t entirely understand their customs and will make allowances for the well-meaning traveler. There are, however, a few areas in which the unknowing might well cause offense. In particular, the traveler would do best not to call the Two Systems “the republic of a thousand eggs.” In Athoek System the nickname is generally considered amusing, or even mildly patriotic, but in the Ghost System it will be met with chilly disdain at best. The reasons for this aren’t clear, though they ultimately don’t matter much; a fair number of the people you meet may well be from the Ghost System, and it’s just better not to cause offense.

 One of the biggest causes for anxiety in travelers, though, is not knowing whether the person they’re talking to is human or not. Or even just who anyone is, of the people they meet. It’s commonplace to find that the Human-looking person one is dealing with is actually part of a ship or station, and sometimes a Human will be one person on one occasion and someone else on another, maybe even just a few minutes later. The people of the Two Systems are quite used to this, and seem to be able to tell effortlessly whether they’re talking to a human or an ancillary or a skillfully grown bio-mech, and have very little difficulty dealing with the idea of humans who are themselves one moment and a ship or station the next. This is understandably disturbing to visitors, at least at first, but the traveler will find that if one is polite to everyone they meet, any misunderstandings will be fairly easy to clear up.

Of course, Humans traveling in non-Human territory are to some degree protected by treaty. The wise traveler will not rely on such protections, however–it’s best not to find oneself in a situation that might require invoking them.

shiny ruby red apples and whipped cream
libra. dripping with sweet spring sugar and candied idealism. the cakemix of warmed words, intellectual fluidity, grace, and flair, everything is not what it seems. two chaotic worlds of opposites come together

“Libra’s must rectify what I call the mirror-on-the-wall complex. Snow White is a Libra. How do I know? Well, how many dwarfs did she live with? Seven. Her stepmother was also a Libra. How do I know? Well, who else would stand in front of the looking glass all day asking, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The stepmother committed myriad atrocities because she yearned to be the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. She was overly obsessed with superficial beauty. ..Libra constantly compares themselves to others, and this propensity causes them great pain. They obsess over what other people might think of them.”
Cosmic Navigator: Design Your Destiny With Astrology and Kabbalah

with libra we have the snow white pages. the innocent beauty who does not know the seduction of her aura, the distressed belle who waits for a prince to save her, despite easily outwitting and serving justice better than any man who takes their hand. and in the antithetical pole, the wretched self consciousness, after virgo has achieved personal perfection, she wants to be the fairest of them all. and libra is every character, the enchanting snow is the jewel in her heart and the melody in her love of people. and the witch, her voices of self resonance, the notes of empty comparison against others that wither her supple apple cheeks into dried roses and destroy every venus valley