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☆ Fresh out the oven, a new Check, Please website! ☆

GUYS. The new site for omgcp is hosted by Hiveworks and looks SO GOOD! While, Check, Please will still be cross-posted on Tumblr, this site has much-better navigation features and puts everything in one place. My fave feature?

Organized & searchable tweets woot-woot

If Tumblr navigation has been a major turn-off for friends and fam, and carrying around PDFs on your device ain’t your thing, this site might change things up. 

Have fun playing with it!

meg-is-studying  asked:

I just wanted to say I love your bullet journal and ask if you have any tips for starting a tumblr in general. I've seen your studyblr intro/advice post and it was so helpful to me, but I'm just starting my studyblr and already a bit lost as to how to navigate everything. Thanks in advance!

Hey there! (and omg you’re so sweet lskdjflk) I’m not the greatest when it comes to tumblr, but hopefully I can still help you out! I’ll share some navigation tips and some starting tumblr advice!

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translation of regret

I hold temptation against a wall and his 

breath is a warm stomach of the first 

time I tried whiskey.  Too fast. 

                      My body, then, on a 

mattress, pretending

the world was not spinning.

A boy with a fang tooth mind

                     said he still loved me. 

So, the wolves howled in

the sunlight and I

squinted at anything reflective

while looking for myself.

                        A ray of light

pierced where my mouth should

have been. All I could

see was another arm reaching out

                   to the dogs on chains losing

their teeth. They still bite, but 

their growl is lopsided and 

I decided that I had not felt enough pain. I fall asleep

                    and the world is spinning like the combination of

whiskey and his mind, shaken- 

not stirred. I take the 

teeth out of his mouth

                   and he steps closer.

Navigating Life

There is no destination.
There is no shorter route.
There are no checkpoints.
There are no preferred methods of traveling.
There are no warnings for the danger ahead.
And there’s not even a map to know where I am.
But that’s life, an unknown path to an unknown destination with hidden twists.
Live it or leave it to it.

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm the anon that asked for "how to add a page on Tumblr" and I'm so sorry I didn't make any sense but I meant how do you create a sideblog where you can reblog your gameplay posts!?for example you have a page of your gameplay where you rebloged your legacy posts to! Sorry if that's didn't make any sense either :( I'm really bad at explaining

AH I think I understand! Don’t worry, lovely, I’m very bad at explaining, too, haha. So it’s not actually a sideblog, and I don’t actually reblog my posts anywhere, but I tag them and create a link with those tags. I’m going to explain this as good as I can. So, I’m going to go with my own example here, for the sake of clarity. I tag my legacy posts as ‘ts4 gameplay’ and ‘ambrose legacy’. So all of my gameplay posts are tagged ‘ts4 gameplay’, and all the posts that are about the Ambrose family are tagged ‘ambrose legacy’. So when I make a post, I write those tags in the ‘tags’ section of the post:

And then publish it. Now, Tumblr automatically creates pages that only show posts under a certain tag, so when I posted the first posts tagged ‘ts4 gameplay’, Tumblr automatically created a page that gets constantly updated with posts tagged ‘ts4 gameplay’, and created a link for it too: The same thing happens to all of your tags, the url/link is always going to be So Tumblr does this job for you. Now all I had to do was to take this link, and link it from my theme. Your theme usually has an option to show links on a navigation, mine looks like this:

Something like this should be there when you click on your theme customization page. Where it says link 2, you just insert /tagged/yourtag, in my case it should be /tagged/ts4-gameplay. It isn’t, because I made a page to show links to my legacy, as you can see these links are: from the beginning, recent, and family tree. If you were wondering how I made this page, then just dismiss whatever I was talking about up to this point, haha - I’m sorry if it wasn’t what you asked for. Now I’ll explain how to make a page like that.

You just go to your theme customization page, by going to your blog and clicking ‘Edit theme’ in the right upper corner, next to ‘Dashboard’. Then you scroll all the way down on that grey sidebar, and just click on ‘+Add a page’.

This will bring up a screen with page settings.

For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to show you how my Ambrose legacy page looks like:

What I did there is that I wrote up my links and linked them like I just explained a little earlier. So the ‘recent’ link is ‘’, and if you click on it, you’ll only see posts tagged with ‘ambrose legacy’, so only posts about the Ambrose family. And, a useful tid-bit, if you want to show posts in the order they were uploaded, a.k.a. in chronological order, all you have to do is add ‘/chrono’ to the end. So the link ‘from the beginning’ is linked’’, but the idea is the same. Then you just save the page, and instead of linking ‘’ from the navigation, as explained earlier, you link ‘’.

You can even short-link these things by just linking either ‘/tagged/yourtag’, or ‘/yourpage’ from the navigation, as sometimes Tumblr is dumb and doesn’t like full links, but I still used them in this explanation, so you’d understand what is happening. Short links are just everything that comes after ‘…’.

GOD, I hope this was what you were asking about, and I hope I explained it OK, but if something isn’t clear, or you were curious about something else, please, write me again! 

Equipping Insects for Special Service

The smallest aerial drones mimic insects in many ways, but none can match the efficiency and maneuverability of the dragonfly. Now, engineers at Draper are creating a new kind of hybrid drone, DRAGONFLEYE,  by combining miniaturized navigation, synthetic biology and neurotechnology to guide dragonfly insects. 

A dragonfly modeling the full backpack

close up of the backpack board and components before being folded and fitted to the dragonfly 

follow us tumblr: @bioengr twitter :  @bioengr_ instagram :  bioengr_

credit : draper

Horse friend tips:

Very fragile. Keep the environment spotlessly clean or they will die in a matter of seconds.

Do hearts do anything? Possibly just a distraction. Further research required.

The minimize button is a lie. Don’t believe it. Your horse will die.

The camera button makes a photo post like this one.

If you don’t click the icon after navigating to a new tumblr page your horse will stay in suspended animation. This is the only way to leave them alone without them dying.


If your horse dies and you want another, click on the words “hatch a new one.”

Similarly, clicking “remember your dead” will take you to the graveyard.

anonymous asked:

Could you talk more about your polygamist relationship? Are your husband and boyfriend involved romantically with each other as well or is it just you having two relationships? I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude or judgmental, I'm just curious! Much love ♥️

Hi, no need to apologize! It’s something I love trying to normalize, especially when I don’t get to so much IRL, it’s weirder to navigate outside of tumblr.

My husband and BF are not involved, (which I’m pretty sure means we’re not a triad?? We’ve been called that a couple of times and we’re close, but they’re not romantic. More like dork friends.) My boyfriend lives with us, and my husband works out of state and comes home every six weeks. Husband and I have our room, boyfriend has his room, and we’re all very cool like.. my husband sets up his gaming station in the bf’s room when he comes home and often times I’ll go to sleep and they’ll be playing games together downstairs until 3 am or like during school I’ll be working on my computer to the dulcet tones of N cussing at Overwatch and D yelling about Halo. The most normal dynamic is me and N running the house together, trying to balance our interests around 3 kids, 2 kittens and a dog; and putting D on speaker for nightly phone calls so they can be nerds together.
Always feel free to ask questions, I’m really pleased with the way my polyamorous venture has worked out so far, I love talking about it lol.

I never expected so many people to reblog the character poll ask about Touka! I thought most people knew about the polls and how salty the NA fandom was about them already.

For those wondering: The nuance of Touka’s character comes across wayyyyy better to JP fans or in fan translations that included cultural notes etc. A lot the actions the NA fandom perceived as rude/abusive/cruel didn’t come across that way at all to JP fans. She’s very lonely and caring, but is trying not to reveal her weaknesses. Furthermore, she was struggling with work and school, burying her (perceived) identity as a ghoul in order to pursue success. It’s a life a lot of older fans can relate to!

There was a HUGE discussion about it back when :RE first began, but I can’t find it :( I checked Reddit since tbh subreddits are easier to navigate than tumblr, but their answer to Touka’s popularity was basically “waifu material” so…yeah.