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She’s my best friend…my soulmate…and the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine navigating this crazy life without her. I never understood what people meant when they said true love…but now I get it. I used to envy fairytales - now they envy me. 


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Texts & Other Imagines

Imagine you ask Loki to go on a road trip. He is reluctant and only agrees after Thor mentions going instead because he does not want you getting any closer to Thor (you two are besties). Cause he doesn’t know how to, you are the sole driver whilst he controls the music, snacks, navigation (pretty much everything else). During the trip, he causes many issues and annoyances (getting your least favourite chips, missing turnoffs, only playing classical music etc) At some point during the road trip, he causes a flat tyre, leaving you stranded and having to camp overnight in one tent. Being a bit pissed off, you leave him to set the tent whilst you get firewood. he realises you have been away for a while and goes to find you and sees you crying. He explains that he did everything to make things more interesting. He comforts you thereafter and eventually, he begins to want to do so more often.

Fluffy headcanon that the biggest issue Todd has when sharing the bed with Dirk Gently is that Dirk has the coldest feet in the world, it’s like sharing a doona with a block of ice sometimes, Todd’s sure that Dirk is some sort of secret lizard person because there’s no way that his limbs have warm blood pumping through them.

Doesn’t matter how many blankets are on the bed, and doesn’t matter how high they’ve got the heater set to. Dirk still accidentally wakes Todd up at 3am when he presses up against him in his sleep, gravitating subconsciously towards the closest source of heat and pressing his freezing-cold toes against Todd’s warm legs.

Road 2

I’ve played a little fast and loose with the rally’s timeline in this part; this year, it took the driving teams and the rest of the retinue two days to get from the actual finish to Essaouira, where they had the closing celebratory ceremonies. I plead lack-of-structural-imagination-regarding-what-to-use-those-two-days-for license, particularly how I left things at the end of part 1. Mostly, though, I just wanted to get them to lovely Essaouira. Because everyone should have some loveliness.

Road 2

“Et maintenant?” Driss asks. And now?  It is late in the day, this last day, and he and Myka are driving their last drive together, towards the finish. The finish at Essaouira: lovely breezy city by the sea.

“Quoi?” she asks back, as blank a What? as she can manage. He gives her a little tch, a don’t play dumb noise, so she says, “Je pas.”   I don’t know.  Another tch. “Je sais pas ce qu’elle veut.”  I don’t know what she wants.

“Toutes les meufs, elles veulent la même.”  All the girls, they want the same. He’s very confident; his take it easy tone is clear.

“Moi, ouais?”  Me, yeah?

That sends him into hysterics, as intended. He deserves some reward, however small, for having put up with Myka, and for being who he’s been about the whole thing. She grins at him and says, “Tous les mecs, ils veulent la même aussi.”  All the guys, they want the same thing too.  “Les détails.”  The details.

He laughs again and settles in to cajole her into divulging any and all details regarding what she has got up to with women.

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Title: Blending in (Part 4 Back to the Future(Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Tony finds out that Steve has become suspicious of the Reader and tries to convince them that blending in would be better

Word Count: 2285

Warnings: Fluff!!!

A/N: I love this part SO MUCH I might cry? Let me know if you like this series :) I also decided that I’m going to include songs that inspired a part/just fit with the story, I hope you enjoy and happy friday! song.


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* means smut.

** means trigger warning.


Panic! at the Disco:

Brendon Urie

- Pizza *

- Quickies *

Dallon Weekes

- Get Some Sleep

George Ryan Ross III

- You… Hi!

- Camping *

Fall Out Boy:

Pete Wentz

- Boo Boos

Solo Artists:

Ashley Frangipane (Halsey):

- Missed You *

- Missed You (Pt. 2) *

Jon Bellion:

- Of Course, Jon

Band Wives:

Jenna Joseph

- Heat

Sarah Urie

- Girls Day *


-in progress-

Svt as dads: seokmin

-oh geez
-a big cryer
-cries during everything
-the gender reveal
-the baby shower
-the birth
-oh boy the birth he’s a mess lol
-like the “that’s my child I made that can you believe they’re mine they’re so beautiful I’m so proud omg wow” sobbing uncontrollably kind
-literally the biggest ball of fluff around the kid
-holds them always and forever never gets tired of holding the baby
-they have matching clothes and hats and socks and shoes
-and sunglasses
-he’s such a cautious dad okay he never wants to do anything that’ll ever put his kids in harm’s way
-but he’s such a pushover lol
-teary puppy dog eyes get him he turns to putty
-let’s his kids do whatever they want to him
-like he goes to work with a full sleeve of marker tattoos and his boss is annoyed but seokmin doesn’t care he’s displaying his kid’s art
-he always plans the most extravagant outings for the kids
-like a full day of mini golf and then lunch and then ice cream and then a movie
-he’s the best dad all of his kid’s friends are super jealous
-always smiling he’s never not smiling and his kids inherit his smile so his s/o (me) suffers
-always happy he never gets angry or mad in front of the kids he’s really really good at keeping his cool
-is the BEST at making the best out of the worst situations
-his child is acting up in a restaurant?
-seokmin starts a skit right there in the middle of the room to distract his kid and turn the attention away from them
-but he can also be really serious when he needs to be
-like ;; he’s the best dad to go and talk to bc he gives the best advice and he asks all the right questions
-is never judgemental he loves his kids so much and he accepts everything about them
-no matter what they do he’s there to support them 110%
-hypes his kids up like dj khaled hypes asahd up
-he lets them play with his hair he always has ponytails sticking out
-the really creative dad like he’ll be at home doing some elaborate project with the kids
-like making a fairy house or something idk
-like he’s the project dad
-built a big ass swing set in the backyard
-builds all kinds of stuff for his kids
-the vacation dad that drives the RV and pushes mandatory family time but his kids don’t even care they love their dad so much
-he never gets tired with them an all-out kinda dad
-but he’d probably also be the dad that tries too hard to be ‘hip’
-using all the slang wrong and trying to be cool around his kid’s friends
-his kids are embarrassed but it’s the fond embarrassed
-just imagine him driving his kid to college and the whole way there he’s cracking jokes and lightening the mood and trying to be funny and it’s great until he drops the kid off and then just
-loses it
-he doesn’t care if anyone sees him cry
-and neither does his kid
-he’s just a big old softy for his kids
-sunshine title holds true when he’s a parent
-kids are clones of him they’re the most adorable pair
-one starts laughing and then the other starts and then they can’t stop they laugh together about everything
-basically seokmin would be the Best dad okay he’d be so soft and gentle and caring and happy and energetic and invested wow

I found this on Jack’s wiki page awhile ago:

According to William Joyce, there are several partners that Jack is drawn to. He does not realize it, but he is deeply lonely and he doesn’t want to stay alone. William also revealed that Jack is naive. And innocent. He doesn’t understand romantic love. But he’s starting to have feelings that confuse and confound him.

— Which I’ve never seen before, and it got me super excited because it matches with my own personal headcanons concerning Jack and love lolol. ( Although I’m really interested in the ‘several partners’ part. They’re not specified, but that might also help my headcanon that Jack is panromantic. )

Being alone for 300 years without really being able to interact with many people – and on top of that, not having any memories prior to the lake – would, of course, affect how he handles himself developing feelings; or his reactions to others expressing their romantic interest in him. Jack is pretty friendly and open generally, and I think that in a lot of cases whenever he mets someone he can interact with, one of his first goal is friendship. Because it’s obviously something he’s been lacking. ( I also have a small headcanon based off of some fiction I’ve read that Jack is kind of discriminated against by other spirits – especially other seasonal spirits – for being an ice spirit, because they get a crappy reputation. )

While he is lonely, and there is a part of him that craves a romantic relationship, he doesn’t exactly know what that feels like. When he develops a crush, there is a very good chance that he won’t know how to deal or even how he’s feeling because it ‘confuses’ him. And it’s different from the friendship that he was initially looking for.

Basically, when it comes to relationships ( and potential ships ) Jack is a shy, awkward bean who is stumbling and learning about what that exactly entails. I mean, make no mistake, he’ll love the crap out of you and treat you like a king/princess, but he’ll stumble along the way. It’s only because he really wants to get it right. <3

Also, generally, I headcanon him to be pretty submissive overall. At least my Jack is XD. It might not be worth mentioning, but I notice that fanon Jack is a bit more dominant than I usually play him, so I’m throwing that out there haha.

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♡ selena gomez imagines

♡ perrie edwards imagines

♡ Leigh-anne pinnock imagines

♡ jesy nelson imagines 

♡ jade thirlwall imagines

♡ eleanor calder imagines

♡ danielle peazer imagines

♡ special quests 

♡ Forbidden Love fanfiction chapters

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Going on a road trip with Pete Dunne?? 😍

- near constant fights over who controls the radio
- when Pete is not actively flipping off other drivers, his hand is tracing nonsensical designs on your thigh
- long and complicated stories from the various events he’s worked
- stupid road games like I spy
- you have to physically force him to take resting breaks
- road head is totally his favorite thing
- if the car allows it, he wants you cuddled up under his arm while he drives
- Pete will ask you to feed him while drives
- he also refuses to let you drive, proclaiming you his co pilot and in charge of navigation

Nami Headcanon #3

General personality traits

Originally posted by 1piece-ace

thank you so much for your request, anon. enjoy!

• her tangerines are sacred.
• loves sunbathing with Robin.
• even though it’s obvious that Chopper’s stronger bond is with Zoro, she too gets along greatly with him.
• “oi, Chopper! remember to be careful when playing with the boys, you know how reckless they are”
• her cocktail of choice are daikiris.
• she doesn’t dislike Sanji as much as it seems.
• even if she hits and scolds Luffy constantly, she loves him to death and her loyalty to him is almost as strong as Zoro’s.
• “Luffy! stop that, you’re going to hurt yourself, you brute!”
• Usopp is totally her best friend, alongside with Robin.
• is always thinking about Bellemere and remembering happy moments with her.
• occasionally writes letters for Nojiko, to let her know she is alright.
• even if she might seem selfish sometimes, she has a heart of gold, all of her nakamas know that.

Seventeen vs. Spiders
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: [After killing it] "Oh you don't like them jagiya? But it's dead, it's totally harmless." He'd probably hold the dead spider to your face.
  • Jeonghan: Torches them
  • Joshua/Jisoo: "I'm going to take it outside. What? It's not going to come back, it's fine."
  • Jun: There are no spiders when you're with Jun. He kills them all before you even notice them as a problem.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: "OH MY GOSH SPIDER. Oh gosh it scared me for a second. Hey it's actually kind of cute... Why are you screaming?"
  • Wonwoo: "What? What is it? Why are you waking me up in the middle of my nap? Spider? Seriously?"
  • Woozi/Jihoon: Spider Hitler probably
  • DK/Seokmin: "Whoa! jagiya come look at this spider! It's so big! I don't wanna kill it, what if it haunts me in my dreams as revenge?"
  • Mingyu: "I think it's unfair of me to kill it. I'm so much bigger than it."
  • The8/Minghao: Spider Hitler #2
  • Vernon/Hansol: lololololololololol The minute you say "spider," you're basically starting a fun new game called "Where's Vernon?"
  • Dino/Chan: "WHY IS IT SO BIG OH MY GOSH GET THE LYSOL" in which you and Dino probably gas the spider with disinfectant.

Peter Pan


-a oneshot inspired by the song “Lost Boy” by Troye Sivan ;)

Silent Treatment

-Pan says something mean so you ignore him

Tasmanian Devil

-you have wild pet that reminds you of Pan

You Don’t Own Me

-song reference for “You don’t own me” by Grace ft. G-Eazy


-where when the shadow took rumple away he had a little sister (1 year younger then rumple) who ran of into the jungle and pan finds her and let’s her stay in Neverland with him.


-you blush like an idiot but Pan finds it cute

Bad Blood  [Part Two]

-song reference for “Bad Blood” by Taytay Swift


-Pan cheats on you with Wendy and you go cray cray


-you suffer from bipolar disorder and Pan finds out


-you have been taken by Rumble and your evil step mother because they want your powers and they try to kill you but Pan saves you

Gender Blender

-you are the leader of the lost girls and your group beat the lost boys’ asses


-you’re Regina’s daughter and Regina abandons you to become queen and when they go to find Henry she finds you

Too Late  [Part Two]

-Emma’s your mom and when they go to Neverland to find Henry, she finds you and tries to save the both of you but it was too late

Rumple’s Parents

-Rumple is your son and he tries to kill you because you and Pan left him


-you’re powerful like your mother, Regina and you convince Pan to not kidnap Henry and just kill rumple instead

Magic Box

-Pan gets frustrated with technology so you laugh at him


-Pan needs to accept that you died

Long Time No See

-you were in an orphanage and Emma knew you

Jealous Game

-your best friend makes Pan jealous by flirting with you because Pan was all over Wendy


-Pan finds out that you’re ticklish


-you’re crazy and you’re the queen of Wonderland

Better Than Wonderland

-Pan brings you somewhere better than Wonderland

Robbie Kay

coming soon

note: i have one on my page. idk if people see that so i just posted this lol. i hope this is useful

I have a question for you my lovelies!

Since I’m starting to develop quite a lot of content on my blog, would you guys prefer I make a master list and leave the link in the description at the top of my page? It might make it easier to navigate and find certain imagines that you prefer. Tell me what you guys think:)

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Person A is blind. Person B is deaf. prompts for this?

I gotchu anon!

Some imagines for blind Muse A and deaf Muse B

Imagine them always having to press their hands together in order to use sign language and communicate with each other

Imagine them working together to interact with other people and navigate to new places

Imagine A finding new ways to compliment B, since they can’t compliment their appearance (ex: I like the way you smell, your skin is very soft, I love how gentle you are with me)

Imagine B helping A pick out clothes to wear, and helping them style their hair and adjusting things for them so that they always look their best

Imagine them going on trips and dates together, finding things that both of them can enjoy together

Blast From The Past: Part 24

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.9K
Warnings: Fluff, 

A/N: Sorry this took so long to write/get out. I had a bit of writers block with it.

This is the second last part!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Y/M/N: Your Middle Name
Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Part 1 // Part 23

“Hey, what’s wrong?” you finally ask as you walk hand in hand with Bucky through Central Park. The sun was setting and it was beautiful, but you were concerned with his jittery body language.

Bucky hums questioningly, clearly lost in his own head, “Oh, nothing. Nothing,”

You knew he lying. Bucky had told you to dress up and he’s taken you to an expensive restaurant for dinner. But the whole time it was obvious something was playing on his mind. He had been distracted and nervous all afternoon.

Bucky suddenly stops, pulling you to face him. He looked even more nervous now, his eyes were darting all over.

“Bucky, you can tell-” you were starting to worry,

“Y/N, I love you,” he begins. You smile, but before you can reply he continues, “I have loved you since you risked your life to comfort me in my cell in Hydra. I loved you through everything we’ve been through. Hydra, your father, you almost killing me,” he laughs, putting you to ease a little, “You’re my home before I knew I needed one. You’re my reason to stay alive, to keep fighting, when I had absolutely no other reason to. I love you, and I will continue to love you for as long as our super solider enhanced lives allow us to,”

Bucky pauses, giving you a chance to speak, “Bucky-”

But you stop when you see him kneel onto the grass, on one knee. Your heart knew what was happening before your brain did.

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