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Some sketches of my D&D campaign NPC’s. Stel Navari, Tiefling Leatherworker. Balxiros nul Sagar, Dragonborn Sorcerer and Big Bad of my campaign. Vynn Les Fairchild, Human Assassin, right hand of Balxiros.

Lot of great stuff happened this week with our DM’s final session before he’s off to join the Navy! So proud of that dude. He’s gonna be a fine sailor, I’m sure of it.

LawLu and ZoSan big fanfictions

Fanfiction rec list time!

Here I’m gonna list a few fanfictions I deeply loved and PLEASE if you do read them, leave the authors a comment, a kudo, a bookmark, anything because IT’S AMAZING. Thank you and enjoy your reading :D

Title: Poison All It Touches

Author: @kereeachan​ [Kereea]

Chapters: 2 (19 386 words – complete)

Ships: ZoSan, LawLu, MarcoAce, Saboala, Nami/Vivi

Rated: T

Summary: Boa Hancock summons the crew to deal with trouble in the form of Vinsmoke Reiju, and Sanji has to confront the fact that his family is definitely on the hunt for him and will hurt his friends and their friends to lure him out.

Tags: Angst, drama, comedy, team as family, family drama, assassination plot(s), hurt/comfort, friendship, Sanji’s family are jerks.

Review: A masterpiece. Ah no, really. I’m always weak for big plots and side ships (the latter’s a great bonus not to ignore alright). Great depiction of the fights and the story is amazing. Maybe divergence with Reiju’s behavior but hey, we barely knew anything about the Vinsmokes at that time. ZoSan is great, LawLu super cute… I read it a long time ago but I’m gonna read it again soon! Highly recommanded.

Title: Luffy-ya

Author: baosjk89

Chapters: 28 (55 877 words – complete)

Ships: LawLu, ZoSan

Rated: T

Summary: Law’s crew is stuck on an island which interferes with the communication signals. After Luffy learns about it, he could only think about what a great adventure lay ahead of them.

Review: What can I say? The plot is great, there are good description of the fights and the villains are so good? This one was of my first long-fic first reading, and still in progress when I started it, which was even more exciting and frustrating – lucky you, you can read everything in a row! Well, if you want some angst and fluff and good work, that’s one fic for you.

Title: Guardian

Author: @petite-neko​ [petiteneko]

Chapters: 14 (22 990 words – maybe more to come)

Ship: LawLu

Rated: T

Summary: Somebody had to protect their protector after all. (Zoro Perpestive)

Tags: Eventual relationships, friendship, nakama, post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD, nightmares, violence, canon-typical violence, grief/mourning, alcohol.

Review: One of the best “in universe” fic, too. Except that this fic is really following the plot with details and shows here and there hints of our favourite ship :D I don’t know what to say, if you don’t like AU, and love LawLu, first mate brotp ZoLu, then that’s the fic for you.

Title: Dissentient

Author: petiteneko

Chapters: 9 (20 695 words – in progress)

Ship: LawLu

Rated: T

Summary: Trafalgar Law wasn’t a lot of things. But the one thing he most definitely was, was a man in denial. But you’d never him say that. Instead, he’d just blame that damned Strawhat.

Tags: Eventual relationships, friendship, nakama, post-traumatic stress disorder – PTSD, nightmares, violence, canon-typical violence, grief/mourning, alcohol, implied/referenced suicide

Review: That’s a sort of following to Guardian – so you should read it first! We never get enough of this talented author’s work so not gonna complain.

Title: Expenditure

Author: petiteneko

Chapters: 2 (3 297 words – complete)

Ship: LawLu

Rated: T

Summary: As long as Luffy was safe, that was all that mattered.

Tags: Angst, drowning, trauma

Review: Want some angst? Here’s a fic perfect for ya. Shattering your heart. Because Nik likes to do that. You know it if you read his fics.

Title: Wrong Number

Author: @mel-writes-and-recs​ [Fafsernir]

Chapters: 7 (6 191 words – complete)

Ships: ZoSan, LawLu

Rated: T

Summary: “Sorry mate, wrong number.” Sanji stared at his phone and grunted. Seriously? All that hard work for a wrong number? At least the guy had answered, maybe he could keep the conversation going after all, if he ever was bored enough to talk to him again.

Tags: Fluff, Alternate Universe – Modern setting, Sanji texting the wrong number

Review: Very relaxing and enjoyable fic! The characters are in character – amen – and well, they are dorks. Sometimes I read it again~ Zoro’s pov!

Here’s another panel from my Zelda comic :D Yup, Navi and Guardians, they do not get along with each other :( / Acá hay otro panel de mi cómic de Zelda, Sip, Navi y los Guardianes no se llevan bien :(

Navy Blue ✩ Yoonmin

It was kinda dramatic to hear your breathing was so fast when you were all alone in your empty room.I tought loving someone who is having the darkest blue eyes would be nicer and prettier.These were my feeling when you were in your empty room.Park Jimin why your eyes are so navy blue?