navi tattoo

Okay so while I was playing through ddadds the first time I noticed one of the Dad Tips was “Don’t ask people about their mysterious hand tattoos” and I remember thinking “Hm that’s oddly specific. It must be in there for a reason.” This was after I’d already met Robert but if forgotten about the option go compliment his hand tattoo in the bar because I didn’t think it was significant. But after finishing the game once through and getting Joseph’s bad ending I decided to play again and then I realized. Robert has hand tattoo. I hadn’t noticed in before because it’s so out of the way but then I remembered that Dad Tip™ and decided to compliment it which lead to dadsona asking what if meant and Robert is not at all happy with that and just says “It’s a reminder” so I look closer at the tattoo and it looks like…the wheel of a ship? And we find out later on that Joseph has an achor tattoo. You can probably see where I’m going with this? I’m not exactly certain what is going on between Robert and Joseph but there’s definitely something significant and I think Robert plays a role in unlocking Joseph’s good ending. How exactly? Well I don’t know because I haven’t unlocked it yet but I’m trying. Also, on Joseph’s third date you can search his yatch and dadsona finds an old picture of all their dads and Robert is in it and dadsona comments that he’s actually smiling for once and wearing a sweater. Then he notes that he recognizes the sweater. Who’s the only character who’s always wearing a fucking sweater?????? JOSEPH. And apparently if you take Robert’s route (which I wasn’t able to do because I stupidly hooked up with him after meeting him in the bar and got hook up zoned) he tells stories from The Good Ol Days™ and he mentions someone with a J name I think it was Johnnyboy or something like that, and I have a feeling that might be Joseph? Joseph also mentions on the third date that before he became a youth minister he used to get into all sorts of trouble when he was young and in love. Perhaps with Robert? My first theory was that maybe they were in the navy together (anchor tattoos are common with navy vets and Joseph loves boats and the water) But now I’m thinking maybe they were exes??? I really don’t know but there is SOMETHING there and I damn well intend on finding out wtf it is