"Why Mordekaiser is Awesome" A short story by Naverse

 You literally come out onto the lane expecting to beat Mordekaiser? The moment he steps out it’s over. He can take almost any amount of damage and come out untouched. He can spread damage like a fucking boss and use your own friends against you. You are literally useless against his tanky, sheilded ass. You keep attacking but theres no point. Your hand starts to involuntarily click from fear and you start making countless mistakes. You thought it was safe but suddenly your hand starts bubbiling and  melting into the mouse. You  look at the screen as your vision darkens and focuses on that grey armor and those piercing red eyes… Suddenly you feel snake bites into the back of your eyeballs  and from your sockets emerge twin snakes carrying your eyes down your shoulders followed by millions of tiny spiders. A drop of oil escapes your quivering lips as it slides down and ignites your hairy nipples already warm with rage from uselessness. As the fire spreads across your body you are unable to move but feel the pain as your mouth is opened and against your will, from the bottom of your breath, the words arise from your lungs: “Mooooordeeeeeekaaaaiiiiseeeerrrr…”