Even it’s a selfish love.. I also want you


Abide in the Wind 179

Sorry for post it quite late guys. My home internet connection was down form yesterday. Luckily, they fix it for me today so, I am back to life. Seriously, no internet in this era quite a tough life man. 

Back to the story, like I guessed, the Reana’s past lives flashback are short one. She committed suicide in all of them due to her sorrows. Poor Reana, her previous lives were horrible. This chapter was really touch my heart. It hurt to see Kairak tears when he met little Reana…aww..poor thing T.T How it turn out for their reunion after so many hardships, Reana found an insane and broken Kairak, a contaminated dragon stained with blood and sorrow. He couldn’t even recognize Reana and his own name when she called out to him. That’s what hurt Reana the most. She think that’s all her faults because of her bad choices affecting Kairak. 

She then activated the light fusion spell which Luna once taught her at the Akoom’s holy tree. Like how the spell can purify Reana not only in her current but also in all of her past and future lives. This spell is just right and may be the only solution for the current stage of Kairak now. Thru this spell Kairak can also be free from all of his past, current and future suffering. It’s the ultimate version of purify technique and only Reana is capable of using it. While reading the spell out loud, she recalled the moment she meet Kairak and being captured by his pure azure eyes. That’s the first time she standing in front of such a beautiful and pure creature and she was the one who ruined his life. She told him that she will hold on to him repeatedly just like to reassure with Kairak that this time she won’t let his efforts and suffering become wasted. Reana also said no matter how many times that moment may repeat, the choice she desire is just to be with him. The moment she is holding Kairak in her arms and embrace him is the most beautiful moment ever in this whole series. This is the moment of realization, affection and confession. I’m glad they are now together. I’m glad that Kairak will no longer suffer again. I’m glad that Reana finally found out the meaning of her life and that is devoting for Kairak. Overall, I’m very glad T.T T.T


Cheese in the Trap Season 4 - chap.1

New season starts with a new avatar. Sul’s uni life almost come to an end which mean now she will be more busy with graduation exam and looking for internship or employment. There’re a lot of changes happened with Sul and people around her too. Jung here shows a little insecure while he afraid that Sul will try to reduce the time they meet to focus more in her study. After Sul confirm there’s no need for her to do that then the mood is getting better. How silly they’re :). We also get a glimpse of Inho, not sure he’s tailing his sister Inha or he  hiding to see Sul without her notice. Anyway, he doesn’t want Sul to know his presence. InHa seem like getting a bit brighter but not much different. She might plan to do something to Sul though but we don’t know it yet. While Inha want to push Jeawoo to buy her an expensive bag, Sul break in and change the topic to study together. She said to Inha if she really want to know Sul better, then study is a way to do that. :) LOL