“Jungkookie is really innocent. He hasn’t changed one bit since debut. He’s still the same 15 year old Jungkookie that I met on the first day.” -Mr. Son (Bangtan’s choreographer)


There’s literally no point in buying their vapps. PLEASE DON’T DO IT.

1. This isn’t even promotion that would endear EXO to the public. It should have been a GIFT to FANS but SM is being greedy and robbing us

2. THIS HOLDS NO SIGNIFICANCE TO THEIR COMEBACK. If you have money to spend, spend it on BUYING THEIR ALBUMS and STREAMING THEIR SONGS, THIS is what EXO-ls need to concentrate on if we want wins and awards for them

3. All of this will be uploaded to dailymotion or youtube within 1-2 days with english subtitles by kind fans anyway, so don’t WASTE your money on something you can access for free 24 hours later.

4. You can bet all the money SM wants us to spend, that NOT A CENT will go to EXO, so if you think this is all for supporting EXO, THINK AGAIN. The only thing you’ll be supporting is SM’s wallet.