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Just Thought I’d Check in on My Beloved - Pt 6b *Adult Content*

((If you do not wish to read adult content, please skip this part.  You will not miss any pertinent plot information, I promise!))

Benvolio reached forward with both hands to cradle her face, staring into her eyes for a long moment, and Rosaline was sure the skin where he touched her was aflame.  The longer he held her gaze, though, the more calm and sure she became.  Without closing her eyes, she lifted herself up onto her toes and gave him a sweet kiss.  His tongue darted out to taste her, and she slid her own out to meet it.  They lost themselves in the embrace for a moment, both pouring their emotions into the way they pushed and pulled, tongues dueling for dominance.  Rosaline clung to him, fingers digging into the bare skin of his back.

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This was originally going to be so much longer, but I found it EXTREMELY hard to write. I hope you enjoy! It’s set in the same house as Day 23. Please read that one first if you have not already :) Assume several years have passed since the end of ignite me.

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[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter Thirty Seven)

All Chapters “Home sweet home.” I beam as Mark and I step into his apartment. He chuckles and shakes his head in a mix of disbelief and adoration as he closes the door behind us.

“What do you want to do?” He asks me as he kicks his shoes off. I watch him, mesmerized. He looks really hot in a suit.

“Lay down.” I mutter as I take my heels off. Oh, sweet, sweet deliverance. I look up at him, and I can tell he’s wondering if he should say something or not.

“We’ll talk, Mark. Let me forget, for a moment.” I say, and he smiles to me. If there’s something I learnt about Mark, is that he wants me to talk to him, always.

“You don’t like talking, do you?” He runs his hand through his hair. I shrug.

“That’s going to be a problem.” He says.

“You’re the one making this a problem.” I snap, feeling witty. He grins

“So, you want to take a nap?” He says as he takes my hand, leading me to his bedroom.

“After, maybe.” I tease.

“After what?” He asks innocently as we step into his bedroom. I smirk and him, and then something catches my eye on his chest of drawers.

“What are these?” I ask, curious. There are three boxes on his chest of drawers. A large, rectangular box wrapped in blue paper and two other cute gift boxes with a ribbon.

“Damn! I should have hidden them.” Mark says from behind me. I turn and frown at him, and when he notices me, he pulls me in his arms.

“They are your graduation presents.” He says.

“Really?!” I beam at him, and he nods.

“Thank you!” I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek.

“You didn’t open them yet.” He says, amused, and I giggle. I don’t need to open them to feel grateful.

“When did you plan to give them to me?” I ask him.

“I would have hoped to get along with your dad first. Thought he wouldn’t appreciate.” He says. Oh. My spirit dies a little.

“For that one, at least.” He says, pointing at the largest box.

“So, I think we should wait for that one.” He says.

“Can I open these?” I point at the other two boxes.

“Yes.” He smiles to me. I whoop and take the two small boxes in my hands, and we sit in his bed. I open the first box, and there’s a red velvet box inside. Cartier. Oh my god. I look up at him, stunned.

“Cartier?” I breathe, and his face falls.

“You don’t like their jewels?” He asks, his voice filed with concern.

“I guess I do, but it’s expensive.” I explain to him. How much did he spend on this? He closes his eyes as if in pain, and when he opens it, they’re soft.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I have some unused money? I explained to you.” He says softly. Yes, he told me he was twenty when he finished his studies and that he worked as a private tutor for four years since he had to be twenty-four to start teaching. He said he only used half of his salary and saved the rest, but still, I’m scared he’s left penniless because of me.

“I know. You’re not going to spend all of this money on me, are you?” I reply, and when he smiles to me, I know we’re good.

“Why, Miss Kraige, I fully intend to.” He says, leaning in. My face small as he kisses me. He’s not serious, right? He pulls away and smiles to me. Oh, let’s not dwell on this today. I smile back at him.

“Open it.” He orders softly. I do as I’m told and open the box, and it’s a thin, golden chain with little golden stars dangling from it. It’s simple, and exquisite.

“Wow.” I breathe, tucking my hair behind my ears to see better. It’s so beautiful, and so simple, just what I love.

“It’s an ankle bracelet. Here.” He grabs my leg and pulls it on his lap. He takes the chain and dexterously attaches it to my angle. I raise my leg to look at it better.

“Wow.” I repeat, giggling with glee. Putting my leg down, I wrap my arms around his neck.

“It’s beautiful, thank you, Mark.” I say to him before kissing his cheek.

“You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it.” He says before kissing me.

“I love it.” I squeeze him in my arms.

“Open the other one.” He says, and I do. There’s black velvet box, but no brand name on it. Another jewel? I open the black box.

“A pen?” I look up at him, amused. What am I going to do with this? It’s so cool.

“Look what’s written on it.” He nods towards the box. I take the black and golden pen and hold it horizontally to see what’s engraved.

Dear Abigail, so you can keep me on your mind throughout your studies.

I love you.

M x

Oh, wow…

“Oh, Mark, that’s such a beautiful gift.” I look up at my man. That’s so meaningful, and beautiful, and kind, and smart, just like him.

“You’re so thoughtful, thank you, I love you too.” I kiss my man, because he’s perfect, and I love him.

“You like it?” He smiles to me.

“Yes, I love it.” I murmur. Satisfied, he takes all of the boxes and gets up, dropping them on his chest of drawers.

“I think it’s time for your third present.” He says, walking back to me.

“You’re spoiling me.” I flush.

“Oh, Abby. You have no idea.” He growls close to my face. The bed dips as he places his knee between my thighs, and he kisses me, hard, making me fall back onto the bed. I moan into his mouth as his tongue meets mine, and he starts exploring me, aggressive and relentless. I tangle my fingers in his hair, tugging gently, and he groans. He pulls away, and I’m panting.

“My dear, dear miss Kraige.” He murmurs, running his nose along my jaw. His words travel deep down inside of me.

“You graduated with the honors. What shall I do to you to congratulate you?” He gazes down at me, his hands on either side of my head.

“I’m the one calling the shots?” I ask, breathless.

“Yes.” He breathes. Oh my. He’s going to do everything I ask him? So many possibilities… I can tell he likes that idea, and so do I.

Mark takes my chin between his thumb and forefinger and tugs until I release my lower lip from between my teeth.

“You like that idea, don’t you?” He says, seductively. It’s like he has access to a dark part of my psyche. A part only him has access to.

“Don’t enjoy this too much, it could backfire.” He warns, but I ignore him. Whatever.

“Undress me.” I command. Mark smirks and sits up. He takes my hands and pulls me off the bed so we’re standing. He walks around me so he’s behind my back and pulls the zipper of my dress down. Then he faces me and snakes his arms around me, unclasping my bra. His eyes never leaving mine, he pushes the straps off my shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. Then, crouching down, he hooks his fingers in the waistband of my panties and slide them down my legs, letting them pool on the floor with the rest of my clothes. As I stand naked before him, he gets back up and gazes at me.

“Now, what?” He asks, stifling his excitement. My eyes travel down his body. He’s still in his dark suit, except for his shoes. He looks yummy. Classy and very… very manly.

Grabbing him by his tie, I pull him to me and kiss him hard, because he’s smoking hot, and because I want him, and because right now he’s mine. Mine. Letting go of his tie, I grab the back of his head and my tongue greedily searches for his, and he groans, his tongue meeting mine. He takes his vest off, undoes his tie and makes a quick matter of his shirt. I trail my lips along his jaw, his throat, my tongue swirling on his sternum as I unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. Sliding my hand in his pants, I’m so excited to discover his erection. Mark moans softly into my mouth as I squeeze him and start to stoke him, feeling him harden under my touch.

“I want to touch you.” He pants against my lips. I briefly wonder why he’s saying this, and I understand it’s because I haven’t asked him to touch me yet. So, he’s really going to ask me what I want the whole time?

“Touch me.” I whisper. He buries his nose behind my ear and inhales deeply, his hands finding my hips.

“You smell heavenly.” He whispers, his hands sliding down to cup my behind. He caresses me, gently, slowly, and then his hands slide up my sides, and find my breasts. Ah…

I throw my head back in pleasure. I love feeling his hands on me. He cups my breasts, his thumbs caressing my nipples, and he briefly tugs, making me moan.

“You are so, so beautiful.” He murmurs, his hands sliding up my chest, my throat, my shoulders, my arms. He trails his nose along my jaw, down my throat, and slowly, he sinks onto his knees, his nose tracing a tortuous like between my breasts, down my stomach. His hands on my thighs, his nose tickles my navel, and then travels down. He gently runs his nose against my sex and inhales deeply. He’s sniffing me…down there! I look down at him

“I love this smell, of you, and sex.” He says to me, his eyes closed. Oh, this is so wrong, so… erotic. He gets up and kisses me, his hand cupping my sex. I gasp in his mouth, and his finger brush against me, barely touching me, teasing me. Then he bends and picks me up in his arms, his mouth on mine, his tongue possessing me, he lays me down on the bed. He’s towering over me, his hands on either side of my head.

“What do you want, now?” He asks, staring at me right in the eyes. His eyes are burning with lust, and it’s breathtaking.

“Your mouth.” I whisper.

“Where?” He asks me, and his eyes light up with something else, something… dark. Something erotic…

“Where, Abby?” He insists, his voice low and seductive. I can feel my face heat up, and I know I’m getting red in the face, because I don’t want to say it myself, and because these words, bouncing in my head, turn me on a lot

“You know where.” I reply.

“No, I don’t.”


“Where, baby?” He asks again. His eyes persist, he won’t let go until he gets what he wants. Now, I understand. It turns him on. He wants to hear me say it because he knows I have difficulties to accept my carving for him. Me asking for his favors is something forbidden… something incredibly arousing, for him. And for me too

“I want you to lick me.” I whisper, holding his gaze, and I can see his pupils dilate. Oh my god… this is so hot.

“I want your mouth on me.” I murmur, and he bites his lip. I can feel my blood boiling. Why does this turn me on so much?

“There.” I caress myself where I want him the most. He looks down at my hand, and when he looks back at me, his eyes are shining with something incredibly sexy.

“Very good.” He murmurs, satisfied, and moves so his head is between my legs. He kisses me and unleashes his tongue, his expert, tortuous tongue.

“Ah…” I moan as he circles his tongue around my clitoris, round and round, again and again, and I groan. It’s a delicious sensation. He shows no mercy and devours me.

“Anh…” I ball my fists around the bed sheets, relishing his passion. He aggressive, showing no mercy, his mouth making dirty smacking sounds.

“Mark…” I plead, and he groans, loudly, is voice vibrating against my clitoris.

“Ah! More.” I beg, not sure myself what I’m asking for. Mark pushes his two middle fingers inside of me.

“Aaaah!” I moan, pulling on the bed sheets, my back arching off the bed. Mark starts to move his fingers inside of me, in and out, and his tongue works on me, round and round, again and again, and the mix is deliciously intense. Way too intense for me.

“Oh, god!” I cry out, tears springing to my eyes. It feels so good, I can’t handle this. No…

“Yes!” I moan, tangling my fingers in his hair once more. My hips sway, accompanying his movements, and I pull on his hair, pushing him closer to me. He circles fingers inside of me, hitting a certain stop on the front wall of my vagina.

“Fuck!” I scream, circling my hips against him. That’s fucking good. Mark groans, and in reverberates deep inside of me, and he shakes his head, the motion radiating against my clitoris. His fingers move in circles, round and round, again and again, until I detonate.

“Oh, fuck!” I writhe, staring to convulse as my orgasm washes over me, devastating me. Mark hums approvingly, his fingers still torturing me, his tongue still worshipping me, and I savor every single tingle, every single sensation, until my body comes back to peace. Jesus, it was so good that I almost cried.

Mark kisses his way up to me, on my stomach, on my breasts, on my throat, in my neck. When I convince my eyes open, he’s gazing down at me, his stare even hotter than before, and desire unravels inside of me once more.

“And now, baby?” He asks, watching me intently.

“Make love to me.” I whisper breathlessly.

“You want me?” Marks says, putting his whole weight on me. Yes, I want all of you. He circles his hips, and his raging erection runs against me. Aaaah… so hard.

“Yes.” I moan, his bludge pushing against my clitoris. This is so, so good.

“Say it.” He whispers, nibbling at my earlobe. Ah! The sensation mixes with the fire inside of me. My hands travel down, into his pants, and I grab his behind and pull him closer to me.

“I want you.” I moan.

“Like this, baby?” He asks, slowing down, decomposing his movements. Agonizingly slowly, his erection traces a big circle against me. I moan, relishing the sensation.

“Yes.” I whimper, and taking the signal, Mark picks up speed. Ah! It feels amazing.

“Oh, god.” I moan, throwing my head back against the pillow. Mark nibbles at my throat, his tongue running over my scars, his erection rubbing all the right places. And I start to build inside, feeling my imminent release. Mark changes his rhythm, slowly flexing his hips against me.

“Please…” I pant, my hands on his behind urging him. He goes faster, and I build and build, moaning, panting, my body bowing. He grunts and moans against my neck, and bites hard on my scar. Ah! And I feel it there, in my groin, I’m going to come. Mark slows down again, leaving me hanging. No!

“Ah…” I whimper, my fingernails digging into the flesh of his backside. I pull him closer to me and start to circle my hips against him, finding a delicious friction.

“Oh, Mark.” I moan as he accompanies my movements, meeting me thrust for thrust.

“Ah! Fuck…” I cry out, picking up pace. Oh, yes! Mark slows down, leaving me alone desperately racing towards my orgasm.

“Please!” I cry out, helpless.

“Please what, baby?” Mark groans, and I understand his game.

“Oh, please!” I beg, lifting my pelvis to tempt him. He keeps his sensual rhythm.

“What do you want?” He asks me. That’s what he meant by backfiring. He wants me to beg, but I don’t want to.

“Oh, god.” I whimper, imploring.

“Say it, baby. Come on.” He rasps in my ear. It’s embarrassing, but I want this too much.

“I want to come! Please, make me come.” I beg.

“That’s it, baby.” He says, and finally matches my rhythm, grinding against me, hard and fast, and it’s just what I need.

“Yes!” I moan, racing towards my end. He thrusts on and on, and I circle my hips round on round, and I detonate, my orgasm washing over me. Oh, Jesus. This is so intense. Slowly coming back to peace, I run my hands on Mark’s back.

“Make love to me now.” I whisper as he trails little bites on my breasts.

“I am.” He says. Oh, he’s so frustrating.

“I want you inside of me.” I whimper, and he smirks, satisfied.

“And have me you will.” He says, his voice low. He’s so hot. He breaks away from me, stretches across me and opens the drawer of his nightstand. From there he proceeds a condom, and sits back on his heels. He slides his pants and boxers down enough to let his erection spring free. I can’t refrain myself from licking my lips. The animal carving I have for this man is incredible.

“Can’t wait to stop using these.” He mutters, tearing the foil packet open. I watch, mesmerized, and I feel tons of tingles in my center as he slides the condom down his erection. Why is this so hot? Leaning towards me again, his mouth claims mine, his tongue exploring as he eases himself inside of me.

“Ah…” I moan at the sensation, and he groans, soon starting to move in and out of me, his lips on mine.

“Oh, baby.” He moans against my lips, setting a sensual, agonizing rhythm.

“Yes.” I hiss, wrapping my legs around him. He circles his lips, and then withdraws from me, and enters me again, and circles his hips, and thrusts again and again, and I’m building inside.

“Ah!” I cry out, squeezing my eyes shut and relishing the pleasure.

“Open your eyes, baby. Let me look at you.” Mark pleads, his voice incredibly soft. I force my eyes open and gaze into his beautiful eyes, and he’s gazing down at me, panting against my lips, and the pleasure he’s feeling is written all over his face.

“Oh, Abby.” He moans, knotting his brows together, and an expression of awe flashes across his face, and visually see it, he’s losing it.

“Mark…” I gasp in an awe. He’s losing control, losing himself, thrusting on and on, again and again, enjoying this, savoring us. His overused words come back to me like a reminiscence. Don’t overthink this, Abby. Oh, Mark, my love. I lose myself with him, because I know we’re meant to be. I desire him and carve for him, aching for his touch, and it’s okay because it’s love. It doesn’t make me anything like Liam. I am crazy for this man, and so is my body. Submerged by this surge of emotion, I detonate around him, finding my exquisite release.

“Oh, baby! Fuck…” Mark cries out, thrusting sharply inside of me and squeezing his eyes shut as he finds his release.

“Oh, Abby.” He breathes, withdrawing himself from me

“Wow.” I whisper breathlessly. He kisses me chastely.

“Congratulations, miss Kraige.” He smiles, breathless, and my lips curl upwards.

“Thank you,” for the good sex. “for all your presents.” I pant, and he drops a soft kiss on my lips.

“We aim to please.” He says.

“And you do.” I reply, and he kisses me once more before rolling onto his back. He takes off his condom and throws it in the bin hidden under his bed, then zips his pants up.

“What?” He asks as he notices my smile.

“We never make it to your pants, do we?” I giggle, and he laughs.

“No, we don’t.” He says before kissing me. Geez, that was so intense. One of his oh so efficient sex therapy.

“Was it your point? Making me talk?” I ask him.

“It’s all about communication, baby. Love, and sex.” He says as he moves so he’s towering over me, one leg between mine.

“Especially sex, for you.” He says.

“I might hurt you if you don’t talk to me, and I don’t want to.” He adds, and I see a brief light of fear in his eyes.

“But you know what I like, and love that about you.” I argue, making him frown.

“So, you don’t like calling the shots?” He asks me.

“I obviously do.” I wriggle provocatively beneath him and make my eyebrows dance subjectively. He bursts out of laughter, and it’s a sound I love.

“But I’m happy with the way we have sex.” I add, my forefinger skimming over his bottom lip. He kisses my finger.

“I think if you can tell me what you want then you’ll be able to tell me what you don’t want.” He says, and kisses my hand.

“I’ll try.” I say.

“Good.” He replies before kissing me.

“Bath?” He proposes sweetly.


“Very good.” He kisses me once more and gracefully gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom. I stretch, feeling stiff. Oh, this man gives me amazing sex.

“Abby, baby.” Mark nibbles at my earlobe, and the tingles tear me away from sleep. I open my eyes, disoriented. I was sleeping?

“Don’t sleep naked, you’ll get cold.” Mark says softly, one knee on the edge of the bed.

“The bath.” I mumble as I sit up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes

“We can save that for later, I think you’re tired from all the sex.” He murmurs before kissing me. Then he walks around the bed and proceeds a black T shirt from his drawer.

“Can I sleep here tonight?” I ask him as he walls back to me.

“No, Abby. That’s not a good idea. Hands up.” He says, and I frown, raising my arms.

“Why?” I ask as he throws the T shirt over my head.

“Abby, trust me, that’s not the right thing to do. It’ll make things worse.” He says as he pulls on the fabric, covering me up. He kisses my forehead.

“I don’t want to go home.” I murmur.

“I know. But you have to.” He says. I pout sulkily and flop back onto his bed, not impressing him. From the corner of my eye, I watch as he picks up my clothes and puts them on his chest of drawers. And then he proceeds his black sweatpants and clean boxers from his closet, completely ignoring my reaction. Why do I ‘have’ to go home? My dad is the one who’s wrong. Or is it me? When I’m done debating with myself, Mark has changed in just his sweatpants.

“Did I go too far?” I ask him.

“I think both you and your dad did.” He says. Oh, so even after what he said to Mark, I’m wrong?

“Abby, tell me honestly, do you really think that your dad could wish you stayed alone your whole life?” He asks. Well, if he puts it like that, then no, but he said I disappointed him.

“Abby, if he wanted you alone, he would have reported me. He’s in the army, he could send me in jail for getting a ticket.” He says, and the bed dips as he joins me on the bed. We both sit with our legs crossed in front of each other.

“I wanted to hurt him.” I mumble.

“Because he hurt you.” He says.

“He was harsh with you.”

“I’m a grown boy, Abby. But I appreciate that you defended me.” He kisses my forehead.

“You think I shouldn’t have said what I said?” I ask him.

“I think you had a lot of rancor. You should have talked it out with him.” He says, and then he frowns, realizing something.

“Or with me.” He adds, surprised.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was affecting you so much?” He tilts his head to the side. I shrug, clueless. With the burial, then cheering, and the showcase, I barely had time to think about it. It all came out when he cornered Mark.

“Abby, hatching your feelings is never good.” He scolds softly. I shrug apologetically. He sighs and enfolds me in his arms, making me fall back onto the bed. He gazes down at me, his eyes searching into mine.

“I’m sorry.” He murmurs, making me frown.

“What for?” I ask him.

“You know, If I was younger…” He shrugs, and my heart swells for him. This exactly what I didn’t want.

“Mark, your perfect the way you are. I wouldn’t have you any other way.” I reassure him. I don’t my dad to put these silly thoughts in his head, he worries too much already. Mark closes his eyes, drinking my words, and when opens them, they’re soft.

“You want to sleep?” He asks me.

“All we do is sleeping.” I reply, and he grins.

“I sleep so well when you’re with me.” He leans down and runs his nose along mine. Yes, because he has nightmares.

“You have nightmares because of me.” I murmur, feeling guilty. Mark pulls away from me, alerted by my tone.

“Abby, that’s just the way I am. I always worry.” He says, trying to reassure me.

“Were you always like this?” I ask him.


“Not even with Mrs. Cooper?”

“No, Abby.” He shakes his head, gazing down at me. I don’t understand him. If he loved his exes, if he loved Mrs. Cooper, why did he never worry?

“What are your plans for the summer?” Mark asks me, changing subjects.

“We could go on a trip together?” I propose.

“Where do you want to go?” He asks me.

“France.” I reply, and he frowns.

“I didn’t know you liked France.” He says, and I shrug. Well, we never talked about foreign countries.

“Do you speak French?” He asks me.


“Have you ever been in France?”


“And where in France do you want to go?”

“Anywhere but Paris.”


“Paris is too overrated.”

“I agree. France, it is then, I’ll see what I find.” He says. What? That’s it? Just like this?

“Really?” I frown at him as he rolls onto his back.

“Yes.” He says simply, tucking me under his arm. I gape at him, stunned.

“Abby, if you want to go to France, then as your boyfriend I shall take you. Isn’t that what boyfriends do?” He asks. Do they all do that? What do I know anyway? He’s my first real boyfriend. I’m not sure Andrew Jefferson would have taken me to France, but he used to give me all his candies in sixth grade… what a healthy relationship that was.

“Don’t ask me.” I shrug, clueless, and he laughs at me.

“Are you serious about France?” I ask, still unable to get my head around it. He sighs, clearly exasperated.

“Abby, do you want to go to France?” He asks once more, his tone wary.


“Then, yes, I’m serious.” He says.

“As simple as that?” I’m in an awe.

“Yes, Abby.” He rolls his eyes at me, but I don’t care. See? He’s the master of my universe, and he wants me happy. Mark’s phone buzzes because of a text and he grabs it on the nightstand. As he reads it, he knots his brow together.

“Who is it?” I ask, curious.

“My mom.” He says.

“She wants us to visit.” He looks up at me, and his eyes are unreadable. Yes! I want to see Dorice again. I want to bound with her

“You said we’d spend a weekend there.” I nudge him, excited by the idea. Mark smiles fondly.

“You’re very fond of my mom.” He says, his voice wrapped in awe.

“It’s new?” I ask, bewildered.

“Yes. My exes were all awkward around her.” He says. What?! Dorice is a universal mom, warm and loving, how can people feel awkward around her? What kind of women did he date?

“Dorice is an amazing woman. She’s so kind, and warm, and so sweet, and funny, and her cooking, and she-” Mark laughs, cutting me off. I raise my eyebrows at him, surprised by his hysterical, yet adorable laugh.

“Yeah. Yeah, she’s all of that.” He says before kissing me.

“How about next weekend?” He proposes, and I nod.

“I’ll have to go buy a swimsuit.” I mumble to myself.

“You have one.” He says, and I smirk.

“Yes. But it’s been long since I went shopping with my boyfriend.” I sigh as if nostalgic.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” He raises an amused eyebrow at me.

“No. I’m speaking to your credit card.” I tease, and he laughs again.


“Abby, you were sore. I wasn’t going to make love to you when your vagina was burning.” Mark laughs loudly. He’s been laughing so much today…because of me. We’ve eaten dinner and I’ve completed my post sex attire with my cotton shorts, the ones I forgot here after our first night together; now we’re sitting on the couch, the TV muted.

“It wasn’t burning. It felt like… jelly.” I explain, referring to the time he refused to touch me in the store in San Diego. Mark frowns, surprised and… shocked?

“Abby, do you know what ‘sore vagina’ means?” He asks warily. What? So… I wasn’t ‘sore’ after our first time? I can feel my face becoming red from embarrassment. Mark cracks up, holding his stomach.

“Don’t laugh at me.” I say seriously. This is so embarrassing.

“I can’t, you’re too funny.” He breathes, wiping invisible tears from his eyes. I huff and unmute the TV, crossing my arms over my chest. Mark stops laughing instantly.

“Oh, okay, I’ll stop. Don’t be mad at me.” He grabs the remote and mutes the TV, and starts kissing me everywhere on my face.

“It really isn’t funny. I know nothing about these stuffs, it’s not my fault.” I mutter, putting my hand on his nose and mouth and pushing him away.

“No, it’s mine.” He leers, and too aware of what he’s trying to say. No, I won’t let you make me sore. I narrow my eyes at him, and he sighs.

“Okay, I’ll stop.” He holds his palms in the hair in defeat. I snatch the remote from his hands and unmute the TV.

“Don’t be mad, please. I’m sorry.” He says as he scoots closer to me, but I ignore him deliberately.

“Motor boat!” He exclaims before burying his face between my breasts, and he shakes his hands, making loud motor sounds. His sudden assault makes me laugh.

“Stop! You fucker!” I giggle, pushing him away from me.

“Ah, she’s smiling!” He beams, pinching my cheek.

“I hate you.” I try to stifle my amusement and fail. He takes the remote from my hands and mutes the TV again. I pout, not wanting to give in yet. Mark takes my face in his hands and kisses me tenderly, making me fall onto the couch, and as his lips find mine, all my rancor is forgotten. He lays on top of me, one leg between mine, and kisses me softly. He pulls away and gazes down at me, his forearms on either side of my head.

“I’m sorry I laughed at you. It wasn’t in a mean way, I love that you’re inexperienced.” He says, making me frown.

“Why?” I ask him, and he smiles to me.

“Because It means I can be all your firsts.” He murmurs.

“You’re not all my firsts.” I tease, wanting to be a little bratty. He raises surprised eyebrows at me.

“Why so surprised, mr Tuan? I covered some bases.” I purse my lips proudly, and he smirks.

“I’ll need a name, and an address. So I can beat up whoever laid his hands on you.” He says, his voice low, and sexy… very sexy. Oh, fuck this. Just when I’m about to pull him closer and kiss him, my phone rings. I scowl at my phone on the coffee table, and Mark gets off me, telling me to take the call. I look at my phone and see it’s my mom.

She hasn’t called since the fight with daddy, I’m sure she wants news. I don’t really want to deal with what’s at home, but then my mom did nothing wrong to me.

“Hello?” I say as I take the call. I hear her sniffle, and I’m immediately alerted. What’s going on?

“Abigail, are you okay?” Her voice is weak, barely audible. I know she’s been crying.

“Yes, mom. I’m with Mark.” I reassure her.

“Can you come home, please?” Her voice cracks, and my scalp starts to prickle.

“What’s wrong?”

“Your dad. He left hours ago, and he’s not coming back.” She sobs, her voice wrapped in anguish and distress. Oh, no… Daddy!


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Title: Needy

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Luhan

Genre: Smut

Notes: I need to stop with these feels because now I’m getting Kai feels so. I guess I have something to do all fall break instead of sleep for 12 hours.


Quickly, you slammed the car door shut and made sure it closed all the way. Checking your pockets, you felt your keys and your phone.

You stepped through the front door of Exo’s shared apartment and threw your bag to the ground. “I’m home!!” You sang, looking towards the couch and expecting to find Luhan. Although, you saw nobody.

“Baby?” No answer. There was a strange sound upstairs, like somebody was in pain. You scurried up the stairs and swung the bathroom door open only to find Luhan.

His shirt was nowhere to be found, his hair was ruffled, and the worst part was; his erect cock was hard and red, sticking out through the unzipped part of his skinny jeans. Luhan’s eyes were wide with guilt and his lips looked like they had been bitten for hours.

Startled, you slammed the door shut and gasped. “Babe..” He mumbled throatily, trying to open the door but you kept a strong grip on the knob. He was silent and you decided to run for it, darting into Luhan and Xiumin’s shared room and locking the door behind you.

Not even five seconds later, there was a soft knock on the outside. “Y/n.. I can explain.” He mumbled, his voice still full of sorrow. You creaked the door open an inch, staring out at him. His erection still stood up out of his jeans.

He was breathing heavily and sweat dripped down his neck. “Baby, I need you.”

It wasn’t the first time you’d seen his dick. It wouldn’t be the last time either. And it definitely wasn’t the first time it’d been inside you; whether it be your mouth, ass, or pussy.

You gulped. When Lu was horny, he didn’t give up. He would fight a war by himself to get off, and you know tonight wasn’t going to go down easy. All the boys were home and asleep, infact Xiumin was sleeping awfully loud behind you, so you knew he wouldn’t be waking up soon.

Luhan was stronger than you, so he pushed the door open further, enough for him to slide through. He quickly attached his lips to yours, laying his hands on your back so he could pull you closer. One of his hands slipped up the back of your shirt and warmed you body while the other held the back of you neck. You rested your hands on his shoulders as he trailed wet, sloppy, hot kisses down your jaw, neck and to your collarbone.

“Lu~..” You moaned awfully loud and gulped as Xiumin tossed in his bed. Luhan smirked against your collarbone and began to slide your shirt up and over your head. The cold air from the window hit your body and your were cascaded with goosebumps.

One of Luhan’s hands slide up the inside of your thigh, scooting your skirt up and sending pulses through your lower region. You wanted payback, and you then wrapped your slender fingers through the belt loops on his jeans. You pushed them to his ankles along with his boxers and he stepped out of them, kicking them aside.

“I’m so fucking hard it hurts..” He groaned, pushing you backwards until the back of your knees hit his bed and you fell onto the mattress. He crawled over you and spread your thighs, letting his head disappear within them.

You felt his teeth tickle your navel as they bit down on the fabric of your lace underwear. He slid them down your legs and spit them off his bed, then pulling your skirt off.

Without a second thought, he dove down and his tongue was flat against your folds. You whined out, glancing over to Xiumin and hoping he wouldn’t wake up anytime soon. Lu’s tongue flicked against your clit and sent a shiver up your spine. You gripped the sheets on either side of you as he slipped one finger inside you. He pumped it until he felt ready to add another.

Luhan scissored your, his thumb rubbing your clit as his fingers pumped in and out of you. A whine resonated in your throat and you bit down on your lip, your back arching into the air. Luhan grinned with heavy breath and began to pump faster. Your stomach began to twist and you bucked your hips Right as your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your stomach was about to release, he emptied you of his fingers. You groaned loudly in frustration, not caring anymore if Xiumin was to wake up at this second.

The latter tossed in his sleep again, mumbling something in his slumber. Your emptiness was suddenly filled up even more as Luhan launched his rock-hard cock inside you. He moaned innocently and let his forehead attach to yours, your sweat colliding with his.

Luhan pulled halfway out before slamming back in, repeating this and starting a smooth rhythm. He took your bottom lip between his teeth and sucked it, causing it to become swollen. Your stomach filled up again, and began to twist up. Your vision went blurry as you came, the release sliding onto his cock and making it easier to slide in and out.

To this, Luhan began to quicken the pace but pulled out. ‘Flip’ he mumbled and you did so, rolling over on all fours. He slide back in easily, continuing his pace. One of his hands held your hip as the other held your shoulder. He leaned foreword and his hot tongue slid over the shell of your ear. You let your head fall as you were out of breath, but you could feel your stomach coil up again.

Both of Luhan’s hands were now on your hips, and his back was straight his head rolled loosely on his neck and his jaw hung open. You could feel his hands slip with sweat and his hips began to buck at a quicker pace, although loosing rhythm.

His work became sloppy as he was nearing his edge. Quickly, he pulled out and replaced the you with his hand, quickly spurting his release onto your ass. It was hot, and you felt it drip off your back and down your legs.

Luhan fell beside you and you fell flat on your stomach. His mood had gone from sexual to cuddly in no time as he pulled you against his chest, his lips laying on your forehead.

“I love you.” He whispered, grabbing the blanket and pulling it over both of your bodies. “I love you, too.”

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How about wincestiel with a winner take all kind of showdown between the three of them, winner ends up getting a prize they didn't plan for

“That is not a word!” Dean exclaimed, staring down at the Scrabble board in dismay.

“It is, actually,” Cas grumbled, narrowing his eyes at Sam, who was staring smugly back at the two of them. “’Quetzals’ are the national birds of Guatemala.”

Dean threw his hands up in the air. “Fine. Fine. It looks like after playing a series of words that I still don’t believe exist, Sam is our winner.”

“Jealously doesn’t look good on you, Dean,” Sam said primly.

Turning to Cas, Dean said, “You’re an angel - you really couldn’t have beaten us both at Scrabble?”

Cas shrugged. “I’ve been alive for millions of years longer than you. Would it not have been unfair to use my extensive lexical knowledge to beat you? Besides, I kept drawing useless letters.”

“Would it kill you both to admit I won, fair and square?” Ignoring Dean’s muttered, ‘Fair and square? Really Sammy?’ Sam added, “Honestly, I should get some kind of prize for this.”

With a sudden grin, Cas replied, “Yes, you should. Shouldn’t he Dean?”

Dean cocked his head, then started to smile as well, nodding in agreement. “Definitely. I have the perfect idea for one too.”

“What are you-” Sam flinched, then began to giggle as Cas and Dean both launched tickle attacks on his sides and stomach. “Hehehey, what’s gohohoing ohohon? Stohohop it!”

“But this is your prize for winning the game!” Cas protested. When Sam attempted to push him away, Cas grabbed his wrists in one hand and with the other wiggled his fingers over Sam’s ribs. “You earned it.”

“And since you beat us by- how much was it, Cas?”

“Sam beat me by forty-three points, and you seventy-one, so one hundred fourteen,” Cas answered.

“Right. Well Sammy, since you beat us by one hundred fourteen points, that means you’ve earned one hundred fourteen tickles!” Dean declared, grinning widely.

“Buhuhut you cahahan’t measure tihihickles!” Sam giggled, attempting to squirm away from the simultaneous tickle attacks, though Dean and Cas weren’t giving him any leeway for escape.

“Sure you can.” Dean wriggled his fingers underneath Sam’s navel. “See? One tickle.”

Cas smirked. “Only one hundred thirteen more to go!”

Privileges - Kirk/McCoy

Leonard is a doctor, so he can do things like this. 
Have Jim recover from the anaesthesia in their quarters, not sickbay. Jim hates sickbay, is his official rationale; when Spock pushes him on it, he argues that he is a doctor, god damnit, and that it’s better if the Captain isn’t seen in such a state. 
Not that Jim is in a bad state, because if Bones thought for even a second that there was so much as a cell out of place, he’d be back in sickbay to be fixed up. 

What he likes, though, is Jim just this side of conscious, all relaxed and boneless and the energy that burns under his skin leeched away. He can take him out of his medical gown and strip off his own clothes and kiss him from head to toe. 

Every inch of freckled skin goes under Leo’s lips, fingertips, wrist, the back of his ankle; the plane of his back and the soft skin of his ear lobe; the swell of his ass (always before Jim is there enough to remember Bones literally kissing his ass).

He rolls Jim, a little more awake now but no less pliant, onto his back and begins the process anew, peppering his toes and legs with tiny little kisses and then moving up each arm instead. He especially likes his inner elbow, all smooth and vulnerable. Up to the shoulder and along the clavicle, and then up his throat, because Jim’s eyes are opening now and he’ll kiss back. 

He tastes like sickbay, like antiseptic and artificial mint overlying a taste that is definitely Jim

Leo kisses his cheeks and his hair and his eyelids and Jim tries to speak, but it all slurs into the same unintelligible monosyllable, and Bones soothes it with another gentle kiss to the lips. 

“It’s okay sweetheart,” He says between dotting Jim’s chest and ribcage. “Just another half an hour and you’ll be back to your normal, irresponsible self.”

Jim laughs as Bones’ lips brush over his navel, tickled by his breaths, and groans as Leo kisses further down, over his hips, the insides of his thighs and back up along the line of his perineum, a kiss on each of those tight, perfect balls, tracing a path all the way to the tip peaking out through his foreskin. 

“Why’m'i not ‘ard?” Jim complains fuzzily. “I wanna… I wanna be…”

But it’s too late, because Bones is already kissing the corner of his mouth again. “Sorry 'bout that, beautiful,” And Jim is, beautiful, “But it’s a side effect of the anaesthetic. He’ll bounce back up with the rest of you in a couple hours.”

Jim grumbles in complaint and nuzzles into the crook of his neck. Jim’s weight is trapping one edge of the blanket, but it just about goes over them still if they snuggle close, and they do.

“Rest up darlin’, you’ve been in the wars lately.”

One last kiss, the one he almost forgot. He presses his lips to the tip of Jim’s nose and listens to the pleased noise he makes in response.

So yeah, there are certain perks to being a doctor.