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This was originally going to be so much longer, but I found it EXTREMELY hard to write. I hope you enjoy! It’s set in the same house as Day 23. Please read that one first if you have not already :) Assume several years have passed since the end of ignite me.

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Title: Needy

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Luhan

Genre: Smut

Notes: I need to stop with these feels because now I’m getting Kai feels so. I guess I have something to do all fall break instead of sleep for 12 hours.


Quickly, you slammed the car door shut and made sure it closed all the way. Checking your pockets, you felt your keys and your phone.

You stepped through the front door of Exo’s shared apartment and threw your bag to the ground. “I’m home!!” You sang, looking towards the couch and expecting to find Luhan. Although, you saw nobody.

“Baby?” No answer. There was a strange sound upstairs, like somebody was in pain. You scurried up the stairs and swung the bathroom door open only to find Luhan.

His shirt was nowhere to be found, his hair was ruffled, and the worst part was; his erect cock was hard and red, sticking out through the unzipped part of his skinny jeans. Luhan’s eyes were wide with guilt and his lips looked like they had been bitten for hours.

Startled, you slammed the door shut and gasped. “Babe..” He mumbled throatily, trying to open the door but you kept a strong grip on the knob. He was silent and you decided to run for it, darting into Luhan and Xiumin’s shared room and locking the door behind you.

Not even five seconds later, there was a soft knock on the outside. “Y/n.. I can explain.” He mumbled, his voice still full of sorrow. You creaked the door open an inch, staring out at him. His erection still stood up out of his jeans.

He was breathing heavily and sweat dripped down his neck. “Baby, I need you.”

It wasn’t the first time you’d seen his dick. It wouldn’t be the last time either. And it definitely wasn’t the first time it’d been inside you; whether it be your mouth, ass, or pussy.

You gulped. When Lu was horny, he didn’t give up. He would fight a war by himself to get off, and you know tonight wasn’t going to go down easy. All the boys were home and asleep, infact Xiumin was sleeping awfully loud behind you, so you knew he wouldn’t be waking up soon.

Luhan was stronger than you, so he pushed the door open further, enough for him to slide through. He quickly attached his lips to yours, laying his hands on your back so he could pull you closer. One of his hands slipped up the back of your shirt and warmed you body while the other held the back of you neck. You rested your hands on his shoulders as he trailed wet, sloppy, hot kisses down your jaw, neck and to your collarbone.

“Lu~..” You moaned awfully loud and gulped as Xiumin tossed in his bed. Luhan smirked against your collarbone and began to slide your shirt up and over your head. The cold air from the window hit your body and your were cascaded with goosebumps.

One of Luhan’s hands slide up the inside of your thigh, scooting your skirt up and sending pulses through your lower region. You wanted payback, and you then wrapped your slender fingers through the belt loops on his jeans. You pushed them to his ankles along with his boxers and he stepped out of them, kicking them aside.

“I’m so fucking hard it hurts..” He groaned, pushing you backwards until the back of your knees hit his bed and you fell onto the mattress. He crawled over you and spread your thighs, letting his head disappear within them.

You felt his teeth tickle your navel as they bit down on the fabric of your lace underwear. He slid them down your legs and spit them off his bed, then pulling your skirt off.

Without a second thought, he dove down and his tongue was flat against your folds. You whined out, glancing over to Xiumin and hoping he wouldn’t wake up anytime soon. Lu’s tongue flicked against your clit and sent a shiver up your spine. You gripped the sheets on either side of you as he slipped one finger inside you. He pumped it until he felt ready to add another.

Luhan scissored your, his thumb rubbing your clit as his fingers pumped in and out of you. A whine resonated in your throat and you bit down on your lip, your back arching into the air. Luhan grinned with heavy breath and began to pump faster. Your stomach began to twist and you bucked your hips Right as your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your stomach was about to release, he emptied you of his fingers. You groaned loudly in frustration, not caring anymore if Xiumin was to wake up at this second.

The latter tossed in his sleep again, mumbling something in his slumber. Your emptiness was suddenly filled up even more as Luhan launched his rock-hard cock inside you. He moaned innocently and let his forehead attach to yours, your sweat colliding with his.

Luhan pulled halfway out before slamming back in, repeating this and starting a smooth rhythm. He took your bottom lip between his teeth and sucked it, causing it to become swollen. Your stomach filled up again, and began to twist up. Your vision went blurry as you came, the release sliding onto his cock and making it easier to slide in and out.

To this, Luhan began to quicken the pace but pulled out. ‘Flip’ he mumbled and you did so, rolling over on all fours. He slide back in easily, continuing his pace. One of his hands held your hip as the other held your shoulder. He leaned foreword and his hot tongue slid over the shell of your ear. You let your head fall as you were out of breath, but you could feel your stomach coil up again.

Both of Luhan’s hands were now on your hips, and his back was straight his head rolled loosely on his neck and his jaw hung open. You could feel his hands slip with sweat and his hips began to buck at a quicker pace, although loosing rhythm.

His work became sloppy as he was nearing his edge. Quickly, he pulled out and replaced the you with his hand, quickly spurting his release onto your ass. It was hot, and you felt it drip off your back and down your legs.

Luhan fell beside you and you fell flat on your stomach. His mood had gone from sexual to cuddly in no time as he pulled you against his chest, his lips laying on your forehead.

“I love you.” He whispered, grabbing the blanket and pulling it over both of your bodies. “I love you, too.”

Privileges - Kirk/McCoy

Leonard is a doctor, so he can do things like this. 
Have Jim recover from the anaesthesia in their quarters, not sickbay. Jim hates sickbay, is his official rationale; when Spock pushes him on it, he argues that he is a doctor, god damnit, and that it’s better if the Captain isn’t seen in such a state. 
Not that Jim is in a bad state, because if Bones thought for even a second that there was so much as a cell out of place, he’d be back in sickbay to be fixed up. 

What he likes, though, is Jim just this side of conscious, all relaxed and boneless and the energy that burns under his skin leeched away. He can take him out of his medical gown and strip off his own clothes and kiss him from head to toe. 

Every inch of freckled skin goes under Leo’s lips, fingertips, wrist, the back of his ankle; the plane of his back and the soft skin of his ear lobe; the swell of his ass (always before Jim is there enough to remember Bones literally kissing his ass).

He rolls Jim, a little more awake now but no less pliant, onto his back and begins the process anew, peppering his toes and legs with tiny little kisses and then moving up each arm instead. He especially likes his inner elbow, all smooth and vulnerable. Up to the shoulder and along the clavicle, and then up his throat, because Jim’s eyes are opening now and he’ll kiss back. 

He tastes like sickbay, like antiseptic and artificial mint overlying a taste that is definitely Jim

Leo kisses his cheeks and his hair and his eyelids and Jim tries to speak, but it all slurs into the same unintelligible monosyllable, and Bones soothes it with another gentle kiss to the lips. 

“It’s okay sweetheart,” He says between dotting Jim’s chest and ribcage. “Just another half an hour and you’ll be back to your normal, irresponsible self.”

Jim laughs as Bones’ lips brush over his navel, tickled by his breaths, and groans as Leo kisses further down, over his hips, the insides of his thighs and back up along the line of his perineum, a kiss on each of those tight, perfect balls, tracing a path all the way to the tip peaking out through his foreskin. 

“Why’m'i not ‘ard?” Jim complains fuzzily. “I wanna… I wanna be…”

But it’s too late, because Bones is already kissing the corner of his mouth again. “Sorry 'bout that, beautiful,” And Jim is, beautiful, “But it’s a side effect of the anaesthetic. He’ll bounce back up with the rest of you in a couple hours.”

Jim grumbles in complaint and nuzzles into the crook of his neck. Jim’s weight is trapping one edge of the blanket, but it just about goes over them still if they snuggle close, and they do.

“Rest up darlin’, you’ve been in the wars lately.”

One last kiss, the one he almost forgot. He presses his lips to the tip of Jim’s nose and listens to the pleased noise he makes in response.

So yeah, there are certain perks to being a doctor.