navel tickling


When the world was young

Seven children were born and bound to live forever

They were fragile and imperfect

But they were precious, nonetheless

They were creation’s best 

They saw the world being made

Witnessing it with fresh bodies and beady eyes

They got curious, and they explored

But so soon they got bored 

And so they made some humans to play with 

Complete with arms and legs to move around

Ears and navel to tickle

A mind to trick and a face to tease

A jumpy heart and a mouth to kiss

Twenty fingers, two hands and two feet

It’s a cruel creation, indeed 

The children made more of them

Since they’re so adorable

None were the same

But they were all smart

And so spoiled the game 

Soon the children grew up

But not yet for the last born, Hamaliel 

The six grown-ups re-functioned the humans 

Making them competitive and critical

They weren’t up for playtime anymore

And Hamaliel, the last child, became sore 

Soon some of the humans malfunctioned

And some, to the point of self-destruction

It’s not in their system to terminate playtime 

Out of boredom, Hamaliel left the others

And rapelled down to earth

To search for a new set of brothers 

And then a human saw him descending;

A beautiful boy drenched in light

And he waited for the child

His creator; what a terrible sight 

What are you and where did you come from?

Asked the human 

My origin is complicated

Beyond time, beyond death, I was made

Do not judge me; we are not the same

Hamaliel the last child, my name 

Can you tell me who I am then? The human said,

And where did I come from? 

You came from our hands, Hamaliel said

To be our companion and amusement 

I am but a child

From which mind you were formed

Creation, I am your creator, you see

My demands are your purpose

And I demand you play with me 

The human hates this all-awaited truth

And so he’ll play with Hamaliel

In all the games that he sends,For whatever the outcome

He plans to kill the god-child in the end 

Their first game was hide and seek 

First, Hamaliel hid behind the clouds

The human made a plane and found him

Next, he hid on the moon

The human made rockets and space suites

And found him so soon

Then he hid underwater

The human made bathyspheres and submarines

And found him still

Everywhere he hid

From the deepest oceans to mountain tops

Behind fiery depths and hectares of crops

Even inside the earth’s core

The human eagerly pursued him more 

Finally, he hid amongst his creations

Meanwhile,The six grown-ups also searched for their last born

Hamaliel, who rappelled on a different path

And took on a different form

But playtime wouldn’t be over soon

And he’s not the one who spoils the fun

For only a child could be so contented

As to think happiness is absolute A child’s heart is no to be tamed

For if there’s a rule that they follow

It’d be the rule of a game The human haven’t found him since

However close he may be

And so it turned out to be an endless game

Played by his creations pursuing in vain

Those who didn’t pursue malfunctioned

Some, to the point of self-destruction

It’s not in our system to terminate playtime 

The grown-ups left him in his playground

And mingled less with the humans since

They fear him greatly, secretly

For a playful child is an unstoppable force

Who respects nothing but a good game

And of all the wild beasts,

They’re the hardest ones to tame 

A long time ago,Seven children were born and bound to live forever 

And they, too, have a playful creator

Who makes sure that they don’t spoil the game