navel of earth


(May 2016)

a cluster of thoughts


Class: Kamikaze

Height: Ruby Sized

Gem Placement: Navel

Powers: Earth/dirt terraforming, burrowing

Weapon: Ball and chain, spikeless

Personality: Outgoing, personable, sensitive, calm

Other: Prefers the company of humans to other gems, reforms to have more human-like clothing. Spends a lot of time at the skate shop talking to human teens. Not very good at skating, but at least she is capable.

Homeworld Affiliation: Blue Diamond, discharged


Class: Kamikaze

Height: Ruby sized

Gem Placement: Back of left hand

Powers: Wind/air based powers, floating capability

Weapon: Throwing knives

Personality: Reserved, fun around friends. Opens up most around Sphalerite, Turquoise, and Red Banded Agate.

Other: Main tactic of escaping enemies is blasting herself a considerable distance away using wind. Keeps away from humans

Homeworld Affiliation: Blue Diamond, discharged

Bio is essentially the same as Sphalerite’s, as their stories are connected.

Iolite defends herself by blasting wind at an opponent to distance herself from it. Turquoise burrows to escape enemies and distracts them by throwing dirt.