The Unsurprising, Unjust Conviction of Russia’s Opposition Leader

Aleksei Navalny woke up this morning knowing that he’d be found guilty of the crime of embezzlement. What he wasn’t absolutely sure of, though probably heavily suspected, was that he’d be given a lengthy jail sentence – five years, as it turns out, which is just one fewer than the prosecutor had asked for, along with a $15,400 fine. In one the last email exchange I had with him, a little over a week ago, he’d written back: “Will it happen before the 18th?” in response to a note alerting him something forthcoming that I knew would be of interest to him. He was under no illusions as to how little time he had left.There are four other “charges” pending against the Russian opposition leader and anti-corruption campaigner, and possibly more to come. Navalny had said recently that he’d lost count of the number of indictments being handed down by Vladimir Putin’s legal Thermidor, which is overseen by the Investigative Committee’s Alexander Bastrykin. Bastrykin is man who once threatened to to behead a journalist in a forest; he ordered his investigators, who initially turned up nothing, to turn up something related to Navalny’s theft.

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The Russian people ..lost one of the most ..eloquent defenders of their rights.

BARACK OBAMA on Putin’s critic Nemtsov, the critic of the Kremlin’s war who was gunned down.  

In 2009 Obama met Boris Nemtsov

Russian politics.

I know that usually tumblr doesn’t bothered about Russian politics, but today my country become step closer to autocratic mode.
Navalny have been arrested in the court, he has no fault, just arrested because he is oppose to Putin.
Some people go to protest now, but I promise my Mum to not take part in this dangerous actions.
So I stayed home.
Feel guilty, because I imagine myself in front of my future children, explaining why I wasn’t on Manezhnaya that day.
I don’t want a revolution, but oh my God, I just want my country back to my hands.
And nothing else.
I want my country being my, being Eupopean, with normal laws, with no corruption.
I want my friend married her girlfriend, because they deserved it.
I don’t want to be afraid, that somebody accuse me for being bisexual.
I want a normal country.
I want my country back to my hands.
Nothing else.

Navalny promise me to bring my country to me.
Now he is in the jail.
He was the leader I can believe, he is the men I trust.
But what now?
I got no answer.

I will pray for the revolution today.

Завтра!!! Завтраа!!!

Да, для меня уже завтра т.к на часах 2 часа ночи. Произойдёт марш Навального в честь фильма ФБК “Он вам не Димон”. Скажу честно, был бы в городе в котором проходил бы этот марш, вышел. Это важно в этот день выйти на улицу в поддержку Навального, да я не особо доверяю ему, но он по сути все что могла дать оппозиция за эти годы. Явлинский уже давно дохлый номер при всей моей любви к Яблоку, а Миша2Процента вообще"ну такое". То сколько выйдет людей будет показателем того скольким гражданам не плевать на судьбу своей страны! Передаю пламенный привет всем кто будет участвовать в марше, я в вас верю, вы молодцы!