Russian police reads a quote from the play “The Lower Depth” by Maxim Gorky - “Man ! That sounds … mighty,” - before tearing it off and arresting over 1,000  of protesters in a nationwide anti-corruption rally called by opposition leader Alexei Navalny as part of his long-shot bid to unseat President Vladi­mir Putin.

Попытка ослепить того, кто возвращает зрение целой стране.

Только они забыли, что есть люди, которых никогда не получится погрузить в кромешную тьму. Можно отключить им глаза, можно голову и тело – свет вокруг них не погаснет. Всех не перестреляете, не посадите, не обесточите. Вам пора понять, что у врага вашего режима, доводящего страну до судорог и потери сознания, миллионы глаз и сердец. Этот враг дышит глубоко, свободно и бесстрашно. Смотрит прямо в ваши испуганные мутные глазки, которые уже одолевает нервный тик. И от этого взгляда не избавиться ни зеленкой, ни кислотой, ни пулями.

Фото: Евгений Фельдман


Russians gathered in front of the Russian embassy in London to protest corruption and make Dmitry Medvedev respond.

Recently, it was discovered that Dmitry Medvedev has insane amounts of expensive luxury properties and he still hasn’t said a thing about that.

The Russian government tried it’s best to cover this mess up. Today we’re fighting them and trying to make them pay for stealing so much from us.

This is the reason why the salaries are so low, this is the reason why our healthcare is so shitty, this is the reason why old people aren’t paid enough to survive.



Hundreds arrested in anti-Putin protests in Moscow

  • The Russian government rounded up hundreds of protesters on Monday amid anti-corruption demonstrations in cities across the country.
  • Among those arrested was opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who was barred from running against Putin in the country’s 2018 elections.
  • The demonstrations, which coincided with Russia Day, were aimed at rattling the Putin administration. 
  • Similar demonstrations against Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, organized by Navalny in March, saw 60,000 Russians take to the streets across the country. Read more (6/12/17)

Guys, your tags in the last post regarding Russia are heart-melting… All your support and interest in what’s really going on here - it’s really important. Cause thanks to the government’ actions we feel isolated, the TV keeps saying we’re surrounded by foes and any protest will lead to blood, failure for the motherland and the triumph of the enemies… They keep silent about the real enemy within. 

Guess how many official channels talked about the nationwide protests the day they happened? About all the people who got beaten and arrested? Not. Any. One. I’m not kidding. The day after, press choicely started to mention ‘illegal protests in some towns, sponsored by provocators’.  

(What makes your demonstration ‘legal’ in Putin’s Russia: your meeting, its goals, slogans and placement must me officially approved by the  government agency beforehand. If you go to the street without their approval, you’re automatically counted as a perpetrator. Some activists were arrested in the cafe whilst just discussing the forthcoming meeting. The organizators are tracked by the social network chats and calls - when our only way of communication is the Internet, cause the opposition has no chance of being heard on TV or in the press. If you still dare to go to the demostration with a broadsheet and stay safe, there is a high chance of being fired at work or barred from the university. Those who bear anti-putin broadsheets are arrested in the first place).

Nevertheless, the government wants to make an illusion that there is no real opposition in Russia. And that the opposition leader who initiated the protests all-over the country, Alexei Navalny, is not trust-worthy and more is like a clown… 
A few days before the demonstrations, an unknown person splashed brilliant green dye in his face and ran away. Not talking about a damage for eyes it could cause, were they expecting he won’t show in public with a green face? 

Well, it only resulted in green becoming ‘the new black’ in the protests~ 

The government claims such ‘anti-patriots’ are dangerous and lead the country to the downfall and blood… It’s them, not us, who do this. 

Russian politics.

I know that usually tumblr doesn’t bothered about Russian politics, but today my country become step closer to autocratic mode.
Navalny have been arrested in the court, he has no fault, just arrested because he is oppose to Putin.
Some people go to protest now, but I promise my Mum to not take part in this dangerous actions.
So I stayed home.
Feel guilty, because I imagine myself in front of my future children, explaining why I wasn’t on Manezhnaya that day.
I don’t want a revolution, but oh my God, I just want my country back to my hands.
And nothing else.
I want my country being my, being Eupopean, with normal laws, with no corruption.
I want my friend married her girlfriend, because they deserved it.
I don’t want to be afraid, that somebody accuse me for being bisexual.
I want a normal country.
I want my country back to my hands.
Nothing else.

Navalny promise me to bring my country to me.
Now he is in the jail.
He was the leader I can believe, he is the men I trust.
But what now?
I got no answer.

I will pray for the revolution today.


Как же им мозг то промыли.. Даже не то, что промыли, такое ощущение, что им его вырезали просто.

P.S. Когда ж уже холодильник победит телевизор..