(via Visiting a Traditional Village in Viti Levu, Fiji)

My trip to Fiji was unplanned. To be honest, I had never really thought of going there before, so it was sort of by accident that I actually went. It just so happened that when my friends brought up travel plans to do an RV road trip across Aotearoa, the flight I priced flying from Hawaii to New Zealand made a scheduled layover in Fiji. Fortunately, I was smart enough to ask about an extended stay in the islands rather than just a quick stop off. That was to be one of the best unintentional decisions of my travel life. [Read More]

My friend wrote this beautiful piece on his experience with death and grief in Vanuatu. We learn so much more from the places we’re supposed to be serving to ever make development work a fair trade. All the health education, the condom demonstrations, the cultural lessons, even that little girl who spoke up for women’s rights - everything I left in Ethiopia can’t hold a candle to the deep and profound appreciation I have for every luxury in my life, for the types of pain and want and repression I will never know. The people I’ve met here I will carry with me forever. I learned to love and grieve in the Marshalls - how can I ever repay that gift? 

Navala Village, the last traditional village in Fiji, on Flickr.

In addition to being overwhelmingly beautiful, Navala also has the most adorable school known to man. The only church in the village is Catholic, yet I found this little gem in the science classroom. This is why I love apostrophes and copy editing. Or maybe this was intentional and it’s just more evidence of why Fiji is such a delightfully friendly place. Either way, a good lesson for the day.

The importance of grammar on Flickr.

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O idioma oficial de Fiji é o Inglês, já pensou treinar seu idioma em um local com estas paisagens? As Fiji contam com alguns dos mais luxuosos resorts do Mundo, sendo também o destino de férias perfeito para quem procura desportos radicais e atividades ao ar livre. No interior da ilha de Viti Levu encontrará fantásticas paisagens e as aldeias remotas das Nausori Highlands, sendo a de Navala, talvez, a mais pitoresca de todas as aldeias das Fiji. Enquanto a maior parte dos habitantes das ilhas prefere o cimento armado, quase todas as…