naval fiction

Things I have noticed

about Naval fiction.

1: It’s never straight. Never. 

2: There is always a compulsory dead midshipman (or acting lieutenant but that’s basically a midshipman)

3: There’s always a little gang of ‘main character’s friends who go everywhere with him’

4: Historical compulsory heterosexuality

5: Historically accurate misogyny 


Naval Command

In its 11th season, NCIS continues to win the No. 1 spot on television

To get a sense of how long NCIS has been on the air, consider this: When the show premiered on CBS, a gallon of gas cost $1.64. NCIS has since risen through the ranks to earn the top spot, gaining millions of viewers along the way even as others aged and declined (as TV shows that aren’t NCIS do). It’s as though the longer the series airs, the more viewers it will have.

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