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Another eyewitness source for the events at #PearlHarbor comes from Record Group 181, Department of the Navy 14th Naval District, which contains copies of dispatches sent out and received by the signal tower and all ships, units, and commands. This dispatch documents the hunting and destruction of a Japanese sub in the harbor—-head over to National Archives at San Francisco to see the full series.

Image from the holdings of the National Archives at San Francisco.

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Musashi was looking around the naval district for Jun'you. Tge last placed she looked was the tavern. No doubt she would be there... hopefully sober though as Musahsi had something to discuss with her.

Jun’you was indeed at the tavern, calmly resting at one of the low sitting tables as she sipped away at a drink. The girl was far from drunk only having started to drink for the night. Soon she saw a searching Musashi and waved her down.

“Oh Musashi! Over here over here, are you looking for someone?”

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Infinity looked around in wonderment of the naval district. She was new, and was told others to the docks to have even more improvements added to her already bristling amount of weapons. She strolled into the docks and saw someone working on what appeared to be sheet metal. "Excuse me?"

(( sbyamato ))“Mmm?” Yuubari turned, not catching what was said but hearing words none the less, “mm can I help you?” She asked, setting the torch down and shaking the sheet a bit gently letting the one side separate from the other she cut.

Maybe the real reason USN ships haven’t appeared in KanColle is because all the US carriers were banned from the naval district for refusing to stop playing Highway to the Danger Zone on boom boxes every time they enter or leave


Explore photographs of the First Naval District online through a partnership with the Digital Commonwealth! 

The First Naval District, a now defunct district, existed from 1915 to 1976. It was located at the Boston Navy Yard and covered Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

The National Archives at Boston provides access to and preserves the permanently valuable historical records of Federal agencies based in the New England states. 

Explore the First Naval District!

Reassignment (closed rp with mechanicaldaughter)

After having managed to get himself more settled into his new role of vice-admiral of the Okinawan southern naval base, Lamont found himself getting more and more duties piled onto himself. Not that he minded, seeing as the young admiral liked to keep himself busy rather than having any sort of idle time aside from resting or eating.

Going over his paperwork he noted that there was a new ship being transferred to the naval district, glancing over the file he absorbed what he could information wise on the new ship being transferred to the base. “… USS Salem… Heavy Cruiser commissioned in 1945… Recently a museum ship… But returning to active duty…” He mouthed to himself feeling a wave of uncertainty about the fighting capabilities of the woman. “… Hm… I’ll have to make sure to set aside supplies to have her re-modernized unless the Allies had her restrengthened…” He mused to himself as he heard footsteps in the hallway outside his office causing the admiral to break his chain of thought as he glanced up to the doors of his office to await a possible knock.

And sure enough there was a knock at the door “Come in, the door is unlocked” Lamont called out to whomever was on the other side of the door.


USN ships are banned from the naval district for:

1.) Noise complaints (numerous, but most especially the CV insistence on playing Highway to the Danger Zone as entrance/exit music)

2.) Drunk and disorderly conduct (We still have yet to see any evidence that Kirishima gave Hiei’s curry to South Dakota, or that it was the cause of South Dakota vomiting all over Washington and the naval museum)

3.) Assault (We know Washington spiked that volleyball into Kirishima’s face on purpose because she uploaded a Vine of it and tagged “#rekt #fukkinnerd”)

4.) We don’t care if it was Independence Day, the entire fleet firing off all their guns in the middle of the night still counts as negligent discharging, and worse, you got Kongou and several of the destroyers to follow your bad example

5.) Unprofessional behavior, including:
     a. Wearing aviator shades indoors
     b. Sitting in chairs backwards
     c. Manspreading (why, just why)
     d. Incessantly reminding the everyone “who won the war.”

6.) Trespassing and covering Nagato with glowsticks while she slept just prior to offense #4

7.) The incident where Ryuujou was hit by a golf cart which was then abandoned and found full of empty liquor bottles is still under investigation.