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the way i see it, there’s three ways Ziva could leave.

1) She dies. Considering all the female deaths, i don’t believe the producers will do this to us. It would be too harsh. 

2) We have seen Ziva become softer and softer over the seasons, at one point saying “she can’t take it anymore.” She will find a new job, leaving platonic friends with the team (including Tony. Nothing romantic.).

3) BUT, the producers don’t have to worry about jumping the shark now. Ziva and Tony can get together with virtually no consequences. I won’t get my hopes up though - the producers have already been too cruel, teasing us with tidbits of Tiva. She’ll leave after getting with Tony, be on a new team so there’s no conflict of interest.

Cote de Pablo, please don’t die. Please come back at least once or twice so we can see you happily married to Tony. We’ve spent eight years of our lives waiting for you two idiots. 

PS. The Red Wedding didn’t even make me cry. But you did.