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Recently declassified UFO pictures.

These recently declassified photographs revealing bizarre USOs taken by a US Navy submarine crew in 1971 have been hailed as the best EVER evidence of extra-terrestrial visits to Earth. 

The incredible images of Unidentified Flying Objects in the Arctic originated from the USS Trepang, SSN-674, and its widely believe the black and white images  taken on board the USS Trepang SSN 674 submarine in March 1971 - are evidence of UFO activity in the Atlantic.

The pictures where taken between Iceland and Norway’s Jan Mayen island in the Atlantic. According to a US Naval archive, the USS Trepang was in the area at the time the photos where claimed to be taken.

Franklin D. Roosevelt to Winston Churchill.

Item From: Papers as President, Map Room File. (1933- 1945)

President Roosevelt wrote this letter for “The Former Naval Person” of London (Winston Churchill) to inform him that Congress had finally passed the Declaration of War. F.D.R. could not address Churchill directly due to the U.S.’s strong isolationist stance, and its previous fear of being drawn into another global conflict. He chose to refer to Churchill as a “Former Naval Person” because he first corresponded with Churchill when he was still First Lord of the Admiralty.


At the beginning of the First World War, the Royal Naval Division hastily constructed two armored trains out of existing flatcars, which were rushed to Antwerp in September of 1914 where they were crewed by a mix of Belgian soldiers, and the Naval Division, itself a mixture of Royal Marines and excess Naval personnel.

(US National Archives)