KTM Xbow by Nikola Stojanovic
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Bud3 track day at Navak. 26.06.2016

REPOST    /   DO NOT REBLOG.   post ten characters you’d like to write as, have written as and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same  -  if you can’t think of ten characters , just write down however many you can.  feel free to go over ten, too.

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currently writing:  arthur cur.ry (, navak doqa (sw oc), lambert (modern twist on witcher) & various low activity side blogs like my vtm oc and merlin from kingsman

have written:  anders, cullen rutherford (dragon age), shades alvarez (marvel), onyx idocrase (hunger games career oc)… and i’m sure there were others but can’t think of them right now

might bring back:  i miss onyx but i have too many blogs already, shades might return eventually idk

want to write:  i am happy with things right now, i sometimes think about writing hikaru sulu, but again… too many blogs