It’s almost totally legal for designers and retailers to appropriate Navajo culture

According to the Navajo Nation, Urban Outfitters’ use of the Navajo name violated the Indian Arts and Crafts Act and federal trademark statutes. After their case took a hit, Judge Bruce D. Black denied Navajo Nation’s motion to dismiss Urban Outfitters’ trademark fair use defense. Urban Outfitters claims that “Navajo” is a fair use term citing a very problematic reason.

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oooooo. a hamlet / horatio western AU please!!!

i didn’t freak out at all when you sent me this nope this is SO GREAT holy fuck

  1. hamlet is the only son of an oil baron who moved to new mexico when the oil boom first occurred in the early (?) 1920s. he was about sixteen when they moved, and seventeen the first time he met horatio, son of the head of the navajo indian tribe which was located near where hamlet’s father had settled in. horatio’s mother was white and he was afforded an opportunity to go to school with hamlet, which he did
  2. mostly they saw each other on campus because horatio’s father didn’t approve of their friendship and neither did hamlet’s uncle. hamlet was an english major but was very much into art and would take his charcoals and his parchment over to horatio’s (first his dorm, then the room his mom rented for him in town) and draw with him for hours and help him study for philosophy
  3. shortly after the start of their sophomore year of college together hamlet’s father died on the rig. his uncle claudius took over immediately after and forbade hamlet to return to college nor to keep in contact with horatio, who claudius of course saw beneath him. horatio was by that point staying in the room in town a few miles south of where the oil field was located and hamlet started going to see him there more and more often, riding his father’s horse out after the sun went down and the chill of night had started to creep along in the air. hamlet dropped out and subsequently lost contact with nearly everyone from his college except horatio
  4. the first time they kissed they were half-lying on the floor of horatio’s room together with the radio on very low playing the latest jazz from nyc and hamlet was going off on a long rant about the unfairness of claudius taking over the oil company which somehow tied into the bleak tones of every single work ever by dostoevsky at which point horatio leaned over and gripped his hand by the wrist and kissed him. immediately after he started to sit up and apologize chagrined but hamlet took his jaw very gently and kissed him back before he really could
  5. they end up finding out that claudius killed hamlet sr. for the company and its money. feat. a lot of them riding into the desert on horseback together and horatio teaching hamlet about his culture and hamlet, unable to sleep, visiting the increasingly popular opium dens, while horatio (disapproving, worried, but in love maybe to a fault) stands guard outside

Mexíco is NOT A Spanish word- it is a Native Indigenous word and was the Original name of the most powerful and advanced Nation on the Continent when the Spanish arrived here. You know them as Aztecs, and that’s how they are identified in History books, but that’s only because the Spaniards wrote history after the Conquest in their own favor.

The Mexica Nation was toppled and her citizens were forced to change their language and religion to Christianity and Spanish- Those that converted were no longer identified as Indians and we’re now recognized as Latinos or Christians (Imitation Europeans), and we’re used as mercenaries against the unconquered still independent Native Nations of the New World.

Now speaking Spanish or being a Christian didn’t magically erase their Native Ancestory, nor did the repeated Rapes and infusion of White DNA into the Natives Brown bodies. La Raza remained a largely Brown Skinned Race even after 500 years of Colonization, largely because there were just TOO many Indians to absorb and Too few Spaniards, but what the Spanish were unable to Erase Racially there were able to erase culturally-

Make the Conquered Natives Speak Spanish and worship as Christians so they stop identifying with their Native Ancestors and believe that they are part of the Conquerors Lineage and use these converted Imitation Whites to Subdue even more Native peoples.

As Mexico advanced North into what is now known as the U.S. the Spaniards were Always accompanied by Indian Allies- Usually Aztecs, or Tlaxcalans from way down south who could be used as Translators when approaching previously unknown tribes- Another tactic of the Spaniards was to relocate large groups of converted Indians to recently Conquered regions so the newly Conquered could see the difference in treatment given to Latinized Indians as opposed to still wild Indians-

it was a successful starategy, so successful that by the Second or third generation the people stopped identifying with their Native past and began to believe that they were actually Latinos and the Wild Indians were of no Kin to them.

So what we had happening now was large groups of Latinized Mexican Indians were being placed in New Mexico, Texas Arizona etc as Settlers, and as a Buffer between the Still untamed Indians and the Spanish settlements- Many Apache, Navajo, Pueblo Indians and Plains Indians were absorbed and pacified this way-

Once they stopped practicing their religions and speaking Spanish they became known as simply Mexicans, oblivious to their Native ties and connections to the lands of their Ancestors.

The Term “Latino” is one of the Biggest Lies of the Conquest, and one the most Powerful Tools the Spanish employed- it robbed the Conquered of their True Identity, and linked them to the Conquerors by Language and Religion, but one thing it Couldn’t do, is erase the Sangre de Indio in each Mestizo Face- the Lie of the “Latino” is so powerful that when we see a White Skinned person Speaking Spanish, we’re shocked! Ignorant of the fact that Spanish is a White European Language-

Latinos are people from Europe whose Nations speak Latin based Languages, Italians, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Moldova, Romania, Monarco, Vatican City, San Marino and Andorra- Mexicans are NOT Latinos simply because they speak Spanish just like Black Americans are not Anglos simply because they speak English-

Weve awoken from the Colonial Nightmare that robbed us of our History, our Legacy and our Native ties to this land- We won’t allow Europeans to Label us Anymore- We are descendents of the Mexica! The Apache, the Mayans, the Tzapotecas, The Huichol, the Navajo, the Chichimecas!!! 14 percent of the population of Mexico Still Speak an Indigenous Language! there are 68 indigenous languages spoken in Mexico Today! But again, Speaking Spanish doesn’t erase our Native Blood- our DNA proves it- and were rediscovering what 500 years of Colonialism Failed to erase!

Official Ethnicities Revealed

So with this amazing new quest, the official ethnicities of the main characters are revealed.

Julian- half-Mexican and half-Guatemalan
Payton- African-American
Ezra- Barbadian
Wes- Canadian
Autumn- Navajo Indian
Nishan- Indian
Sakura- Japanese
Mia- British

Was anyone surprised by these ethnicities? Personally I always thought Julian to be African-American, not Hispanic. And Ezra’s family being from Barbados was super cool.

Trump’s Meeting with Navajo Officials is recorded through Trump’s Twitter, #MeetingNavajos

Twitterverse- President Begaye and Speaker Lorenzo Bates met with Trump after his inaugural speech. The meeting was meant for the tribal officials to set the precedent for tribal relations between Trump’s administration and the Navajo Nation.

“I thought it went well. He gave us an American flag and a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. It didn’t fit too well” said President Begaye.

 What the officials didn’t know is that Trump was live tweeting the whole meeting with his commentary. Tlo’chi’iin screen grabbed all of his tweets before they were deleted from his account.

These tweets revealed another side of the meeting, the Trump side.

Trump noted that these Navajos were “brown and lived near the border but he trusted them”[see the first image]. Tlo’chi’iin did confirm that President Begaye did bring frybread to the meeting.

“It was a peace offering. We wanted to start things off on a good start. I poured the honey myself” said a sadden Begaye.

Trump mocked tribal sovereignty calling it something for “losers and suckers”. He went on to say that hiring Navajo muralist to paint his wall would be a good idea.

 “I am devastated by the tweets. I really thought it was going well. This does explain why his hands were always under the table and why he kept looking at it. I thought he was playing with the string I gave him. I was hoping he was doing the Navajo string game”, said the Speaker Lorenzo Bates.

 Trump was actually live tweeting the whole meeting. He mocked Lorenzo Bates for having a “tiny voice” and even made the hash tag #TinyHandsMeetsTinyVoice.

 Trump became irritated with his final tweet about the meeting. He called the Navajo officials “Indian givers” while ignoring the demands of the Navajo officials who only wanted to talk about sovereignty, Stateline, and free nights at Trump hotels.

 The official President of The United States twitter account, now under Trump control, tweeted something else.  Trump tweeted that he was excited to meet with the tribal officials and willing to do business with them.  

 If there is any sign of the relation between tribes and Trump, this is a good indication of what that relation will look like.

Dec. 1943: American Navajo Indians from Southwest United States, members of the 158th U.S. Infantry, are seen on a beach in the Solomon Islands. They are in their traditional dress for a tribal ceremony at Christmas time. From left to right are, Pfc. Dale Winney, Gallup, N.M; Pvt. Perry Toney, Holbrook, Ariz.; Pfc. Joe Gishi, Holbrook; and Pfc. Joe Taraha, Gallup. (AP Photo/U.S. Army Signal Corps)