navajo pride

Okay I need to follow more natives so where are my black natives, my Latino natives, dark gorgeous natives, disconnected natives, struggling natives, gay natives, bi natives, trans natives, pan natives, depressed natives, suicidal natives, all beautiful wonderful natives!!! We need to be there for each other and love each other.

I’m so upset that Native Americans have been completely swept under the rug. We have been victims of genocide since 1492. I’m upset that native american women are sexually assaulted and abused and no one blinks an eye. I’m upset that we are supposedly “extinct” according to the history channel. I’m upset that I go to work and hear war stories about veterans killed in action in WW-II or who were Prisoners of War by widows or family members of those veterans and i see them cry and look up to the sky or a picture of their lost loved one only to log on to social media and see the people they got killed for and the country they died for turn their backs on us and destroy our land and shoot at us for protecting the land AND NO ONE SAYS A DAMN THING!

Why are Native Americans forgotten? Or a better question, why are we treated less than animals? Why aren’t we categorized as humans? Why are we mistreated? Why don’t our lives matter?

Native New York

At the Highline with some friends. Tsii'yeel and all! We should start a Native Hair Day, no? Braid It Out 2015. Detanglethon ‘15. 

…Though NGL the moment humidity hits I’m gonna bun up and pretend I meant it.