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Two Navajo Code Talkers died this past week, according to the tribal government and family members.
Guy Clauschee, 87, died early Thursday morning, September 11, 2014, in Fort Defiance. Services will be held at 10 a.m. on Monday at the Fort Defiance Presbyterian Church.

A Code Talker throughout most of World War II, Clauschee came back from the war and continued his education at the Ganado Mission. After graduating in 1950, he moved to Window Rock and started work with the Bureau of indian Affairs as a facilities management foreman. He retired after 40 years.

On Wednesday, September 10, 2014, tribal officials reported the death of another Navajo Code Talker, Robert Walley Sr., 93.

Walley served as a Code Talker from 1943 to 1945, during which he received a Purple Heart. He served in the 6th Marine Division and was a Marine Raider who fought in the Battle of Bougainville, Guam, Okinawa and the occupation of Emirau Island.

Both Walley and Clauschee received Congressional Silver Medals for their service as Navajo Code Talkers.

According to figures supplied by the Navajo Code Talkers Association, the number of Code Talkers has gone from more 400 to just 27.

Navajo Code Talker Guy Clauschee waits for the 68th annual Navajo Nation Fair parade to begin on Saturday morning, Sept. 6, 2014, in Tse Bonito, N.M. Clauschee passed away early Thursday morning of natural causes, according to his family. Funeral services will be on Monday.

Purple Heart recipient Navajo Code Talker Robert Walley Sr, 93, Chichiltah, N.M. According to his paternal granddaughter Tanya Walley, he lost his battle to cancer.

Silver Nez Perry (on FB):


M–Bii’ adeest'į́į́’

Ahxé'hée Shinálí, Shicheii, Shizhé'é … Yéego baa 'áhééh nisin.
Ahxé'ee lą́ą nihich'ą́ą́ nísinbaa’

(Source: Navajo Times)

Environmental group challenges Navajo sheep slaughtering

By Waylon Smith  

          The militant environmental group called, “Sheep Shepard,” with its charismatic and controversial leader Pete Wautsen, plans to challenge what it calls, “the senseless slaughter of sheep,” during the annual Miss Navajo contest this year.

           “Every year, scores of sheep die in what is a pointless ritual of brutality and cruelty to these defenseless cousins of ours,” Wautsen said. “Have you ever looked a sheep in the eye while it’s being butchered?!? It’s asking you, ‘why?’”

            During the Navajo Nation Fair in the fall, female contestants from throughout the reservation compete with each other in who can butcher a sheep and cook it best. Navajos consider butchered sheep a traditional staple food, but Sheep Shepard has called it and act of cruelty in a contest of vanity.

            “These people don’t need to butcher sheep, most of them buy their food at Wal-Mart anyway,” Wautsen exclaimed when asked about Navajo tradition.

            The group operates a van, called the “Eye, Eye Captain.” They said they plan to ram it into the ceremony in order to physically prevent the killing of Navajo sheep.

            Organizers of the Miss Navajo Contest said they are unaware of the group’s intent.

            “When did they call? I didn’t get a message” Samantha Todachine said. “Did they send it to the right email? It’s S-T-O-D-A-C-H-I-N-E, at ‘Navajo’ dash…I mean hyphen, dot N-S-N dot G-O-V. You have to wait for response and then reply to the response before it goes through.” When pressed, Todachine admitted, “I never check that email anyway. Send it to my ‘Yahoo’ account at ‘cowgirlflirt’ at ‘yahoo’ dot com….Or they can fax it. 928-871-9999.”

            Pete Wautsen was surprised to learn his email didn’t go through. He said he would check his Inbox and reply to the prompt.

            The Miss Navajo contest is scheduled in the fall during the annual Navajo Nation Fair.


Things that I did yesturday
  • Went to the Navajo Nation Fair
  • Ate frybread, mutton and stem corn stew
  • Tried Navajo Tea (which is pretty darn good. Tea lovers should definitely try it)
  • rode rides until my brother almost puked on the Zipper
  • Got new shoes (They’re little boys size 5 shoes. But  idgaf cause they’re wide and comfortable)
  • Got a sweet new shirt
  • Learn about some cool programs (but I really need my Tribal ID for these programs first soooo… it’ll be a minute before I go check em out again)
  • Felt really good
  • That is all.

KORN perform at 65th Annual Navajo Nation Fair.mp4 (by MaiiSaniFilms)

A metal concert full on NDN’s! HOKA!!


If you’re going to the Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock this week,

I'mma be camped out in front of the Churches Chicken with the posse, selling dem Navajo burgers, roast mutton sandwiches and frybread. And we’re probably going to be there all week, camping out, because we’re metal that way. 

So you should come and say hi, maybe, if you’re in the area. 


If you’re going to the Navajo Nation fair,

Make sure you use protection, alright, kiddies? And please dispose of that shit in the proper waste receptacles. 

Also, just a friendly reminder, be safe and wear bright colours. If you decide to wear all black while walking around the road at night, you’re pretty much just a lawsuit waiting to happen.  (◡‿◡✿)